Winner Takes All Chapter 2002


Qin Ye was stunned for a moment.

He raised his eyes to look at Jiang Qilin in the eye of the formation.

The golden light was still the same.

The breeze was blowing Jiang Qilin’s hair, no different from before.

“It hasn’t moved, has it?”

Qin Ye was a little puzzled.

Zhao Broke-Ru rubbed his eyes and looked at Qin Ye in the golden light of the formation eye, and for a moment, he was also a little suspicious.

At the same time.


The Sky Wolf’s long whistle resounded through the heavens and the earth.

The giant blood wolf raised its head to look at the moon, and the blood light rolled backwards to attack the blood moon, and from the blood moon it poured down again, enveloping the vast army of faith totems on the battlefield below.

One by one, the faith totems let out a terrifying roar, converging together to shake the heavens and the earth.

The great battlefield was completely boiled over by this roar.

Compared to the Northern City Gate battlefield, the other battlefields were all eclipsed at this point.

“For the second time ……”

Chen Dong’s gaze was awe-inspiring as he looked at the agitated and roaring “beasts”, the layers of blood colour rippling in a circle, pa*sing around and merging with the other blood colours before continuing to expand and grow stronger.

It was difficult for Chen Dong to estimate how much power could be generated by such a terrifying impact in a single moment.

At the same time, he was shocked.

Chen Dong also felt a slight sense of luck.

These Faith Totems, after all, wanted to break through Zhenjiang City and had focused all their energy on it.

It was also thanks to Zhenjiang City that they were attracting their firepower.

Otherwise,…… really let this army of faith totems to face the legions of all parties in the domain, it would be a complete and utter sweeping crush.


Once Zhenjiang City was taken.

Without this worry.

Once the Faith Totem army emerges, it will be an absolute trump card on the battlefield, invincible and sweeping all the way through!

Even the Great Snow Dragon Riders in their heyday would be slaughtered in an avalanche when they faced the Faith Totem Army, not to mention the major legions on the battlefield now.

Qigong powerhouses were already scarce.

In the long history of the world, there has never been a legion that was made up entirely of Qigong practitioners!

In any other legion, a Qigong practitioner would be strong enough to be a general in armour, but in this Totem army, they were mere foot soldiers!

Rumble ……

The army of faith totems, still gathering momentum, launched a charge.

The earth shook and waves of earth tumbled.

Like a tsunami, waves of blood poured from the sky as the Faith Totem army charged, taking the lead in crashing into the golden wall of Buddha’s light.

Boom, boom, boom ……

The golden wall of Buddha’s light continued to tremble and shake.

The countless swastika golden Buddha seals attached to it were rapidly shattered by the impact.

And the majestic and endless blood colour, like maggots on the bone, once again climbed onto the golden wall of Buddha light, eroding madly.

The Buddha’s voice was vast.

It was like the sound of thunder from the ninth heaven.

High in the sky, Master Khang Khong looked down on the army of faith totems charging below him with a grave expression.

He was carrying the shadow of the Buddha on his back and the swastika Buddha seal on his head.

As he saw the army of faith totems about to crash into the golden wall of Buddha’s light.

He waved his hands out once more and pressed down violently.

At the same time, there was another six-character true saying.

“Om Mani Padme Hum!”

In an instant.

The heaven and earth were filled with Buddha’s light.

A terrifying, hell-like pressure came down with a bang.


The army of faith totems rolled with the colour of blood and crashed into the golden wall of Buddha’s light.

But it was the same as earlier.

The moment Master Khang Khong recited the Six Words of Truth, all the blood colour that had encroached on the golden wall of Buddha’s light peeled away and dissipated.

And the terrifying golden light was like a prairie fire, instantly blowing away the front-most faith totems.

Wailing and screaming were all over the battlefield.

“How strong!”

Chen Dong couldn’t help but exclaim in astonishment as he looked at the Faith Totems that flew backwards and were covered in thick smoke and fire.

But as soon as the words left his mouth.

His expression suddenly flinched.

In his vision.

As the front-running Faith Totems were blown away, the ones after them did not stop in their tracks.

It was as if all the Faith Totems had completely lost their minds, ignoring their companions who had tumbled out above their heads and continued to ram into the golden wall of Buddha’s light brutally.


There was a loud sound.

The golden wall of Buddha’s light shook violently.


High above the sky, Master Khangkong was caught off guard and forced himself to burst out once again with all the Buddha light.

The dazzling Buddha light instantly engulfed the faith totems that crashed against the golden wall of Buddha light.

But the moment they were knocked away, the faith totems at the back of the wall crashed directly into the golden wall of Buddha’s light.

One after another, one after another, one after another.

Explosions became the only sound on this vast battlefield.

All the faith totems were like walking corpses, carrying qi strength while at the same time being completely at the mercy of the black-robed Heavenly Wolf like puppets.

One impact, and the Buddha’s light blasted back.

Immediately after, there was a second and a third ……

Chen Dong’s ancient wellless face revealed fear and worry.

After his state of mind had broken through to Heaven and Earth Only, it was difficult for his face to show such a change.

However, what was happening in front of him was rippling his mind in layers.

He was standing at the northern city gate, just a stone’s throw away from the golden wall of Buddha’s light.

So he could observe the changes in the golden wall of Buddha’s light in greater detail.

With a single impact, Master Kongkong was able to handle it with ease.

But when faced with this succession of impacts, even Grandmaster Khong Khong was struggling to cope.

Even in these five short impacts.

He could clearly see that one of the impacts had occurred in the middle of the wall of Buddha’s light, when it was at its weakest, when the previous one had weakened the wall of Buddha’s light!

Luckily, Master Khung Khong still managed to hold on!

But this also showed that even though Master Khung Khong was able to withstand the armies of faith totems attacking the resonance in unison, he needed intervals and did not remain at the highest level of defence all the time.

Once the Faith Totem army caught a few more of these breakdowns, it would be difficult for Grandmaster Empty to hold on!





One after another, the armies of faith totems crashed into the golden wall of Buddha’s light.

The terrifying ramming, carrying the blood with it, surged in all directions like rippling tides.

The high density of the impact made it difficult to distinguish between the Buddha’s light and the blood, but rather it seemed to mingle and mix together.

As he was forcing himself to resist, two lines of golden blood flowed from his nose, unnoticed by himself.

And as the army of faith totems crashed into him.

Master Empty Sky’s face, which was illuminated by the Buddha’s light, quickly turned white.

But he still didn’t stop for a moment, chanting the six-letter words of truth again and again, urging the fearful Buddha’s might.

“Just how much longer can you resist?”

In the giant blood wolf’s head, the black-robed Heavenly Wolf snickered, “These faith totems are the result of thousands of years of faith from hundreds of clans. Even if your current power can harm them, they can still stand up and continue to pound again and again, not to mention that there are enough of them to form a wheel war against a mere old bald a*s like you!”

The words were sarcastic, untamed and confident.

Inside Zhenjiang City.

Both Qin Ye and Zhao Broken were anxiously watching the Jiang Qilin in the golden light of the formation eye.

The sound of a sky-rattling, cracking rushing sound from the outside world.

As far as the eye could see, the Buddha Light Golden Wall Bureau shook violently.

Even the two of them could feel the ground, with each impact, shaking violently as well.

“If Jiang Qilin doesn’t comprehend it again, Master Kongkong is afraid that ……”

Zhao Brocade was as anxious as an ant on a hot pot.

Only before he finished his sentence, Qin Ye raised his hand to interrupt.

Zhao Baolu was horrified.

Almost instinctively, he looked at Jiang Qilin in the golden light at the eye of the formation.

In the radiant golden light.

Jiang Qilin slowly opened his eyes, and a disdainful smile slowly appeared on his evil and handsome face.

“A faith totem? Let them see what is a faith totem, what is the faith totem of the human race in my domain!”