Winner Takes All Chapter 2001

The Buddha’s might is vast.

It is like a mountain and a prison.

The sound of the Buddha’s voice resounded like thunder.

The moment Master Kongkong waved golden blood from his hands.

Above the vault of heaven, a vast golden light shone brightly like the blazing sun of the rising sun.

In the majestic golden light.

A giant wheel of swastika golden Buddha’s seal was presented above his and the Buddha’s imaginary head with a bang.

The Buddha was ten metres tall and as lofty as a mountain.

And this swastika golden light Buddha seal was tens of metres across the sky.

Rumble ……

Almost simultaneously.

The earth below rumbled and trembled.

The army of faith totems came back again.

This time, it was still the blood-coloured resonance that took the lead, carrying the waves of earth and blood with it, and blasted into the golden wall of Buddha’s light.

The only difference from earlier was that this time, without the help of Jiang Qilin, it was Master Kongkong who had to fight it with his own strength!

The blood resonance hit the golden wall of Buddha’s light and immediately shattered the countless swastika seals attached to the wall, followed by a large swathe of blood that was like a maggot on a bone, quickly climbing the golden wall of Buddha’s light.

The majestic and righteous Buddha’s light was at this moment rendered into a demonic blood colour.

Above the vault of heaven.

Master Empty Sky had a solemn appearance and a solemn look on his face.

Seeing the blood colour climbing the golden wall of Buddha’s light, his eyes suddenly glowed with golden light.

The Buddhist sutras he chanted were even more urgent and intense at this moment.

The Buddha’s shadow behind him, as well as the giant swastika golden Buddha seal above his head, were also in full blaze at this moment, like two blazing suns in the sky, shining brightly on Zhenjiang City.

Following closely behind.

The vast army of faith totems approached.

At the command of the Heavenly Wolves, the densely packed Faith Totems did not pause in the slightest as they rolled with a terrifying blood-coloured resonance and violently attacked in unison, ramming into the golden wall of Buddha’s light.


A terrifying sound drowned out all the murmurs of the entire battlefield.

The golden wall of Buddha’s light that enveloped Zhenjiang City trembled and twisted violently at this moment.

What was even more terrifying was this.

At the moment of the impact, the blood-coloured resonance of the long-established faith totem was transmitted to the golden wall of Buddha’s light in layers and layers.

It was as if a pair of invisible hands were wreaking havoc on the golden wall of Buddha’s light.

“Not good!”

Chen Dong’s expression gaped.

In his vision, the golden wall of Buddha’s light in front of him was clearly fading rapidly under the blood-coloured resonance, only that it was hidden by the blood-coloured climbing, so it was difficult to detect it without amazing eyesight.

The layers of blood resonance were like acid, eroding the golden wall of Buddha’s light, and although it was not as loud as the united attack of the Faith Totem army, the damage it caused was even more powerful than the united attack!

High in the sky.

Even though Master Kongkong had been prepared for the attack, he was still shaken by the resonance of the attack, causing his body to tremble violently.

His face sank, and while he grunted stifledly, a trickle of golden blood dripped from the corner of his mouth.

“Buddha? BullSh*t Buddha!”

The dim sky in the distance had long been rendered into a demonic blood red by the blood colour that the giant blood wolf had proclaimed.

At this moment, the black-robed Heavenly Wolf, who was at the head of the giant blood wolf, was curled up with a demonic and cold aura as he turned his head and snorted at Master Kongkong high in the sky.

A demonic blood colour.

As in the blood resonance climbed, at this time has almost covered the entire Zhenjiang City’s golden wall of Buddha light.

The Buddha light on the magnificent Zhenjiang City, where there was still half the majesty and grandeur of before, there was only the demonic and eerie coldness of the blood colour.

Almost as soon as the black-robed Heavenly Wolf snorted out a laugh.

Master Kong Kong, who was sitting in the air, suddenly spread his hands out and pressed down with his palms in the void to the left and right.

Buzzing rumble!

“Om Mani Padme Hum!”

Master Kongkong’s tongue burst into spring thunder.

His voice was as majestic and powerful as thunder.

As his hands pressed down, the Buddha’s shadow behind him moved in the same way as he did.

The giant swastika golden Buddha seal above his head even shone brightly, pressing down violently for some distance.

“Buddha’s Six Character True Words?!”

On the battlefield, Grand Master Jiang’s expression changed drastically, “He was actually able to truly use the power of these Six True Words of the Buddha Sect?!”

Almost simultaneously.

The remaining five members of the Jiang family also revealed their horror.

The northern city wall.

Chen Dong’s expression changed greatly, although he was not versed in the Buddha Sect and did not know exactly what these Six True Words meant.

But as Master Kongkong recited these six words with the Heavenly Constitution in his mouth.

He clearly felt that the blood in his body was agitated and boiling, especially the demonic nature that had been completely suppressed, which at this moment was not controlled by his mind and rippled in the flat lake.


The six words of truth, terrified like thunder, echoed through heaven and earth for a long time.

The golden wall of Buddha’s light, which had originally been eroded by the blood colour in a demonic and cold manner, shook violently and quickly stripped away the blood colour.

At first glance, the blood colour was like the skin of a wall, cracking inch by inch and peeling off from the golden wall of Buddha light.

A layer of golden light ripples visible to the naked eye was even more like a tidal wave, pushing across all directions.

Those faith totems that crashed into the golden wall of Buddha’s light all cried out in agony and flew backwards in the air the moment they were swept by the golden light.

“No! This can’t be!”

The black-robed Heavenly Wolf was completely dumbfounded, blood stirring in his eyes as he struggled to calm down.

He was well aware of how terrifying the power of this army of faith totems really was.

The charge just now, even if it could not break through the golden wall of Buddha’s light, was enough to weaken it to a precarious place, and one more charge would break through the defences completely.

He had never expected that Master Kongkong would be able to shake back the army of faith totems with his own strength!

At the same time as he was shaking back the army of faith totems, the golden wall of Buddha’s light that had been dimming was instantly golden and reinforced again!

“Amitabha Buddha, the power of merit and virtue, how dare you speak shamelessly?”

Master Empty Air’s voice came out.

The black-robed Heavenly Wolf’s body shook, and the blood around his body even fiercely surged, curling his black robes hunting.


This was clearly a mockery!

“If you can block once, can you block twice, three times, countless times?”

The black-robed Heavenly Wolf gritted his teeth and said.

The next second.

“Ow! ……”

The giant blood wolf that loomed like a mountain raised itself to the sky and let out a wolf whine that resounded through the heavens and the earth.

On the earth, the army of faith totems once again lowered their predecessors and took an attacking stance to build up their momentum.

The majestic blood colour from the giant blood wolf rolled backwards onto the blood moon, and rippled out through the blood moon, splashing down on the army of faith totems below.

The blood-colour was so vast, so demonic and cold, that it enveloped every Faith Totem above its head.


Zhenjiang City, within the eye of the Eight Formation Diagram of Gods and Ghosts formation.

Jiang Qilin stood majestically, his back straight, like a sheathed sword, his aura overwhelming.

The golden light around him flickered incessantly.

On his cold, evil face, he was sometimes calm and sometimes showed a look of puzzled difficulty.

The golden light was imprinted on his face, but it was a mysterious and ethereal aura that penetrated.

“How long does it take to enlighten this?”

Zhao Brocade clenched his hands into fists, cold sweat already seeping out of his palms, “I really can’t, let Jiang Qilin come out first, and I’ll take the lead?”

His worries were not unreasonable, just now, a rushing attack seemed to be easily defused by Master Kongkong.

But in reality, the moment Master Khong Khong recited the Six Words of Truth, even he had clearly sensed an indescribable fluctuation of power.

So much so, that the Human Emperor Qi within him reacted with it!

Although it was only for a moment, that feeling was incomparably strong and profound.

Therefore, he was all the more aware that Master Kongkong had already used certain levels of power that touched on the taboo of this world in order to protect Zhenjiang City.

If the stalemate continued, neither Master Kongkong nor Zhenjiang City would be able to last much longer!

“It won’t work, letting him out now will only break his epiphany, he’ll be able to sense it faster when he’s in the eye of the formation, fitting into the Eight Formation Diagram of Gods and Ghosts.” Qin Ye shook his head weakly.

“Faster is how fast?” Zhao Broke-Ru asked worriedly.

Qin Ye frowned.

There was no way for him to answer this question.

What was fused in his mind was only Yao Guangxiao’s Daoist heritage, but when it came to actually comprehending the Eight Formation Diagram of Gods and Ghosts, he hadn’t actually comprehended much.

A path that he knew how to follow.

But he had never walked it, and he only knew it, and could only be a guide.

Jiang Qilin, on the other hand, is the one who measures the earth with his feet.

When to walk, no one knows for sure!

Hoo ……

A breeze blew in.

But it blew gently into the golden light of the formation eye, blowing Jiang Qilin’s hair and blowing on his face.

Zhao Breru, who was anxious and worried, was suddenly startled: “Qin Ye, did Jiang Qilin’s eyes …… move a little?”