Winner Takes All Chapter 2000

The golden light Taiji Bagua sweeps out.

Splashes of golden light, roaring and shaking.

In an instant.

A long golden river was left behind wherever it pa*sed.

The roar was so loud that it silenced all the sounds from the surrounding battlefield.

As he saw the golden light Taiji Bagua approaching the Faith Totem army.

With a ripple of golden light, the huge Golden Light Taiji Bagua instantly split into countless one-meter diameter Golden Light Taiji Bagua, as bright as a river of stars, and directly scattered and waved into the Faith Totem army.

This is ……



The expected earth-shattering explosion did not appear.

When a one-meter diameter golden light Taiji Bagua came up against a head of faith totems, even the burning that had occurred before did not occur.

It was surprisingly calm!


When the golden light octagrams straddled a Faith Totem, it was as if a huge hand was pressing down on it, suppressing all the resonance from the Faith Totem.

The layers of blood-coloured resonance were instantly pressed to pause!

The next second.


Thousands of Faith Totems crashed onto the golden wall of Buddha light at the same time.

Without the blood-coloured resonance, this impact was merely a unison attack.

The attack was still ma*sive.

However, to Master Kongkong, who had prepared for the attack, the damage it could cause was minimal.

As the golden wall of Buddha light trembled and shook, countless swastika golden Buddha seals collapsed in the air.

This time, Jiang Qilin did not give me the opportunity to retreat from these faith totems. , and

At the moment of impact.

The golden light that towered outside the golden wall of Buddha’s light roared and swept through with a mountainous and hellish pressure as fast as it could.

Wails were heard everywhere.

Fires burned and smoke rolled. The fires burned, the smoke rolled.

Almost all of the faith totems that crashed in front of the golden wall of Buddha’s light fell to the ground, struggling and wailing in this wave of golden light.

Chen Dong was shocked beyond words by the scene before him.

More so, he was stunned by Jiang Qilin’s enlightenment.

To know.

Both of them were standing on the shoulders of giants and had comprehended part of the mysteries of the Eight Divine Ghost Formation Diagram.

But Jiang Qilin was different!

He had comprehended the Eight Divine Ghost Formation Diagram purely through his own heritage and enlightenment.

The difference between the two was a thousand miles!

Not to mention.

In the moment just now, Jiang Qilin had even developed another use of the Eight Divine Ghost Formation Diagrams.

It was no longer limited to sweeping across the Faith Totem with a descending strike.

Rather, it was splitting off a weak force that forcibly blocked the accumulation of the resonant power of the faith totems.

This was the truly frightening part!

At the same time.

Next to the formation eye of The Eight Formation Diagram of Gods and Ghosts.

Qin Ye, who had managed to survive, witnessed the scene that Jiang Qilin had just manipulated, and his obscure eyes couldn’t help but glow with a strange colour.

Even he was shocked by Jiang Qilin’s manipulation of the Eight Formation Diagram of Gods and Ghosts.

In a trance, a scene from the final battle of Yao Guangxiao suddenly came to his mind.

The corners of his mouth couldn’t help but turn upwards, smiling to himself.

“Senior Yao Guangxiao personally demonstrated to me with his Dao heritage, and I hadn’t even grasped it, yet Jiang Qilin had comprehended another means of using the Divine Ghost Eight Formation Diagram by himself alone.”

On the other side, Zhao Breru was also dumbfounded.

This was an operation that Xu Qingfeng hadn’t taught him!

In the face of absolutely crushing power, it was easy to manipulate this power to wreak havoc and sweep, but it was extremely difficult to refine and split this power!

He was also in control of the Divine Ghost Eight Formation Diagram, but Zhao Breru was only brutal and violent, while Jiang Qilin’s strike just now had gone so far as to refine and micro-divide it!

“Jiang Qilin ……”

Qin Ye suddenly spoke, his voice weak, but in his obscure eyes, there was a shining light at the moment.


In the eyes of the formation, Jiang Qilin, whose whole body was enveloped in golden light, let out a startled eek and looked towards Qin Ye through the golden light.

“I’ve seen …… the Eight Formation Diagram of Gods and Ghosts in its full glory!”

Qin Ye smiled gently, “Yao Guangxiao’s predecessor’s Daoist heritage was shown for me once, I couldn’t cast it, but I can tell you that with your enlightenment, you should ……”


Jiang Qilin spat out a word coldly.

The breeze brushed his face, blowing up Qin Ye’s hair.

His gaze drifted in a daze, recalling the majestic spectacle he had seen in that battle at the Wind Wave Ancient City.

“Dragon, tiger, bird and snake, the wind from the tiger, the clouds from the dragon, the sage makes and all things see, the last two formations are heaven and earth, heaven above, earth below, between heaven and earth, the words follow the law!”

“What’s this?”

Zhao Brocade was bewildered and couldn’t help scratching his head.

And inside the eye of the formation.

Jiang Qilin was frowning at this moment, his starry eyes deep in thought, looking down.

“Eight formations of gods and ghosts, dragons, tigers, birds and snakes, walking beasts and flying birds, scales and armor crawling, darkly combined with all spirits, wind and clouds, heaven and earth, darkly combined with space, this eight formations but constitute a world.”

“I am the controller and creator of the formations, what I do should not just be manipulated, moreover, my words should follow the law ……”

Xu murmured, coming out of Jiang Qilin’s mouth.

His expression was sometimes bright, sometimes complicated, and his eyes were even more bright and uncertain.

And in the process of this pondering.

The golden light emanating from the formation eye beneath his feet grew stronger and stronger.

The golden light around him was even about to turn into substance.


High in the sky, the seated Master Kongkong looked down in astonishment, “A breakthrough in enlightenment?!”

In his words, there was a sense of worry in his surprise.

If it were any other moment, Jiang Qilin would be able to make a breakthrough in enlightenment, for the elders to the juniors, they would naturally be happy to see it.

But now, it was on the battlefield!

And he was facing the legendary faith totem army of the Hundred Clans.

If Jiang Qilin were to fall into a breakthrough, it would mean that the Eight Divine Ghost Formation Diagram would be temporarily useless.

He would be facing thousands of Faith Totems alone, desperate to die!

If not for Jiang Qilin’s manipulation of the Eight Divine Ghost Formation Diagram, which had forcibly blocked the bloody resonance of the army of faith totems, even Grandmaster Kongkong did not think he would have been able to do so with complete certainty.

But now, he had to face it alone!

“Namo Amitabha Buddha!”

In a flash of lightning.

Instead, Master Empty Sky joined his hands in a solemn appearance and chanted a Buddhist hymn.

The Buddha’s light enveloped him.

A cluster of Buddha’s light suddenly lit up on his brow, but a swastika golden Buddha seal was quickly formed.

A golden swastika Buddha seal also protruded from his chest.

The robe of merit and virtue around him fluttered up at this time.

The sound of the Buddha’s voice was like a thunderous explosion in an instant.

I don’t know where it came from, but it came from all directions like rolling thunder.

In a trance.

A Buddha’s figure emerged from behind Master Khang Khong, quickly enlarging to the size of ten metres with golden light, looming like a mountain, the Buddha’s might was immense.

“Merit and virtue are added to the body, Buddha saves the world.”

Master Empty Sky suddenly sank his eyebrows and bit through the tip of his tongue, spewing out a mouthful of golden blood.

With his joined hands, he instantly grasped out, catching all the golden blood in his palm and waving it violently above his head.

Buzzing rumble ……

The heavens and earth trembled tremendously, and the golden light shone brightly.