Winner Takes All Chapter 1996

Qin Ye’s gaze had long been lax.

It was impossible to see Zhao Broke-Ru in front of him.

Hearing Zhao Broke-Ru’s words of certainty, he lightly pulled at the corner of his mouth.

The extreme feeling of emptiness within his body made him very clear about his situation.


From the moment he stood at the eye of this Divine Ghost Eight Formation Diagram formation at Zhenjiang City, he had never thought about living.

It was just that at this moment, he didn’t even have the strength to respond.

Zhao Broke-Ru smiled and suddenly lifted his left hand.

Golden light shone under the seal.

He was clearly holding a syringe in his hand, and then he stabbed it directly into Qin Ye’s arm, quickly pushing a tube of reagents all the way into Qin Ye’s body.

Qin Ye, who was caught off guard, jerked violently and a muffled grunt came out of his mouth and nose.

“This is the essence extract of the Pan Gu Project, after so many people in Black Prison had successfully tested it, this was injected into your body, it will definitely keep you alright!”

Zhao Broshi threw away the syringe and carefully flattened Qin Ye to the ground before taking two steps back.

After receiving the Pan Gu Project Essence injection, Qin Ye’s body had been trembling uncontrollably, only the magnitude was but faint.

And his face, which had long been so pale and bloodless, was now rapidly flushing red, and getting redder and redder, as if it was on fire.

In fact, Qin Ye’s feeling at this moment was indeed like fire.

He could clearly feel a blazing heat flowing through his body like a maniacal beast, following his blood vessels and meridians.

Everywhere it pa*sed, it was blazing.

The blood boiled, even the blood vessels and meridians, the skin and flesh were all being rapidly tempered by this blaze.

A quenching and metamorphosis from the inside out.

Qin Ye’s body trembled more and more, his body turning red.


He cried out in pain.

A pair of eyes, in this instant, fiercely opened round, scarlet like blood.

Zhao Brocade looked at what was happening in front of him, and his eyes showed intolerance.

But he had no other choice, this was the only way to possibly save Qin Ye’s life.

The process was painful for me, and even the outcome was an unknown.

After all, Qin Ye’s body was really being squeezed too much, it was not too much to say that it was completely emptied.

Under such circumstances, it was an unknown whether this injection could transform and to what extent it could transform.

There had never been a precedent for the Pan Gu Project’s experiments, and its use in the Black Prison, to continue injecting in this state!

Even the words just now were a lie told by Zhao Broke-Ru to comfort Qin Ye!

With this miserable cry from Qin Ye.

He then felt a raging fire burning up in all his limbs and bones.

The blazing, burning pain went straight to the depths of his soul.

He couldn’t even faint to death, and could only rely on his instincts to forcibly bear it.

His body convulsed and trembled violently, and the intense heat emanating from within quickly burned his clothes to ashes.

As the ashes slid away, the flesh that was revealed was red, the skin even turned transparent, the blood vessels within it were clearly visible, and even the tufts of capillaries were clearly visible.

And Zhao Brocade was already dumbstruck by Qin Ye’s change.

It was because Qin Ye’s change at this moment was simply completely different from those in Black Prison.

Or rather, more drastic and severe!

The burning and quenching continued.

Qin Ye’s consciousness, however, was at this moment, in a rare moment of clarity.

A moment ago, his consciousness was clearly fading fast, but now, it was pulled back by this indescribable pain.


It was blazing!

Rough gasping sounds kept coming out of Qin Ye’s mouth and nose, and he even spat out hot air visible to the naked eye.

It was at this moment.


The air around Qin Ye shook violently, rippling out in a circle visible to the naked eye.

“This is ……”

Zhao Breaker’s pupils tightened.

As if he had sensed it, his gaze locked onto Qin Ye’s forehead brow almost directly.

Almost simultaneously.

A cluster of golden light blossomed from Qin Ye’s forehead brow, and within the golden light, a swastika Buddha seal slowly appeared suspended.

Immediately following.

Amidst Qin Ye’s painful screams, a cluster of flames steamed up from the golden swastika Buddha seal, the flames growing larger and blazing.

Under the dumbfounded gaze of Zhao Baolu.

In the flames, a human head silhouette slowly coalesced and took shape.

“Qin Ye ……”

Yao Guangxiao’s head was completely condensed from the flames and looked down at Qin Ye.

“Senior Yao Sheng ……”

Qin Ye squeezed out a cry from his throat.

“You are worthy of my inherited dao!”

Yao Guangxiao’s tone was filled with relief.

Zhao Brocade was completely dumbfounded, looking at the flaming human head in front of him, the overwhelming pressure, as if a large invisible hand was choking him, causing him to suffocate somewhat.

While standing still, a dense layer of cold sweat soaked out all over his body.

What the hell is this?

It was at this moment.

In the flames, Yao Guangxiao’s head trembled, and a large hand made entirely of flames peeked out from the flames, slowly nodding at Qin Ye’s forehead and brow.


The air around him twisted and trembled violently.

It was as if it had pulled Qin Ye directly into another dimension.

Silence reigned.

Qin Ye lay on the ground, and Yao Guanghsiao’s great hand of flame, as if they were frozen to each other.

The flames on Yao Guangxiao’s head wavered silently, and the big flaming hand that was nodding at Qin Ye’s forehead and eyebrows also did not move at all.

It was as if there were no more other fluctuations.

But Qin Ye’s miserable screams were getting weaker and weaker.

The trembling of his body was also getting smaller and smaller.

It was as if this big hand, just pointing, contained infinite magical power.

In just a few seconds, Qin Ye was completely calm.

Even his incinerated red torso faded quickly, returning to a normal skin tone.

“Cheng, it worked?”

It was only at this moment that Zhao Breaking awoke with a jolt.

Buzzing rumble!

Almost simultaneously.

Yao Guangxiao’s face disappeared into the flames, and the large flaming hand also quickly returned to its flaming touch before all of it swooshed and rolled into Qin Ye’s brow.

“Phew ……”

Qin Ye’s chest first arched high, then he exhaled a long breath.

The next second.

He slowly sat up, his body still empty, and that extreme feeling of weakness was still present.

But he, just sat up!

In other words, the power he had frittered away and squeezed had not been restored, and his body was still in a weakened state at that moment, but like Huo Zhenxiao, he had froze and been lifted up to maintain the status quo, rather than losing his life in an instant.

Or rather, in an even better state than Huo Zhenxiao’s!

“Was it the joint effect of that injection, and the remnant soul of the previous generation?”

Qin Ye frowned and murmured.

After he accepted Yao Guangxiao’s inheritance, all of it was in his mind, little by little, being sorted out and fused for his enlightenment, while a wisp of Yao Guangxiao’s remnant soul also remained in his body.

In times of need, this remnant soul was his last card.

But Qin Ye had never thought that Yao Guangxiao’s remnant soul would have such a function!

After the injection just now, he clearly felt that his body was going to be burnt to ashes, that feeling of death, there could be no mistake.

But Yao Guangxiao’s remnant soul appeared and acted like a good neutraliser, striking an extremely perfect balance between him and the injection.

This was what helped him to carry through the intense pain of the genetic transformation process.

Forced him back into this state!