Winner Takes All Chapter 1991

Boom, boom, boom ……

In the sky, the six dragons of the Jiang family, standing across the sky, had their Qi around them blast up into the sky as their aura soared.

The six trains of Qi energy connected to the sky and the earth and shot straight up to the ninth heaven.

The next second.

At the same time, the six dragons of the Jiang Clan rolled with their heavenly aura, just like six celestial dragons, and swooped down towards the tide of beasts that was approaching below.

The moment the six fell into the earth, the terrifying impact made the earth tremble, rolling smoke and dust rose to the sky, and the waves of earth were pushed out in all directions.

The six men lined up, but formed an impenetrable gulf.

In an instant, they were engaged in battle with the faith totems in front of them.

The Qi trains, like pythons, swept across the battlefield, destroying everything in their path.

The qi was so radiant that it was a great light.

From time to time, there were even great hands of golden light that swept across the battlefield.

There were obviously only six of them, but they formed an iron wall that was as solid as gold.

As Chen Dong looked at the Six Dragons of the Jiang Family who were killing the army of faith totems, he could not help but suck in a breath of cold air.

“Is this the true battle power of the Jiang Family’s Six Dragons?”

Even though he had already had a vague perception of the strength of the Jiang Family Six Dragons.

At this moment, when he saw the six of them strike, he still couldn’t help but be shocked.

Compared to now, the water that the Jiang Family Six Dragons had just released was comparable to the Pacific Ocean!

And at this moment, watching the Jiang Family Six Dragons block the Faith Totem army, Chen Dong also truly had a clear perception of the strength of the Faith Totem.

The power fluctuations that made his heart palpitate were formed by a head of Faith Totems converging together.

But this did not mean that the individual Faith Totems were weak, on the contrary, the strength of each Faith Totem was still extraordinarily strong!

The six dragons of the Jiang Family stretched across the battlefield, opening wide, charging left and right, seemingly striking out in a shocking manner, forming a line of defence and blocking the advance of the army of Faith Totems.


All the damage that fell on the Faith Totem was unable to form a devastating blow, merely blocking and repelling it, as the Faith Totem rolled over and climbed up, pausing for a moment before being able to continue to lunge and surge towards the Jiang Family’s Six Dragons.

One must know that the Jiang Family Six Dragons are undisputedly the pinnacle of martial arts in the world today.

If they were to strike with all their might, it is not certain that ordinary qi would be able to receive them as easily as these faith totems!

The Six Dragons of the Jiang Family were a symbol of strength.

The fact that these faith totems were able to resist the attacks of the Jiang Family’s Six Dragons without any problems was also a testament to their strength!

The battlefield was in turmoil.

The Jiang Family’s Six Dragons were blocking the advance of the Faith Totems with the strength of their six members, but they still looked a little weak against the vast army of Faith Totems.

A large number of the Faith Totems circled around the Jiang Family’s Six Dragons in advance and came towards Zhenjiang City with a terrifying and terrifying pressure.

It was boundless, and even more oppressive than the hundred clans attacking the city.

It was not so much the oppression in numbers, but the pressure released by each of the Faith Totems, which, when coalesced together, was like an invisible and terrifying mountain pushing across the city, rolling over Zhenjiang City.

Looking at the scene in front of him.

Chen Dong wanted to make a move several times, but he relied on his state of mind to suppress it several times.

The Jiang Family’s Six Dragons had no longer paddled as they had just done in order to suppress the Zhenjiang City, and the only explanation given to him was to preserve his strength.

After Chen Dong’s state of mind metamorphosed, he became even lighter in certain aspects, or in his attitude towards things.

He had even made a point of suppressing the Snowy Lion from stopping its demonstrative hissing sound.

To the Snowy Lion, a demonstrative roar is a declaration of territorial boundaries between animals.

But it was facing a totem of faith that had existed throughout history, and the rules between the beasts had no effect at all on these totems of faith.

Chen Dong slowly raised his head and looked towards Master Kongkong who was sitting loftily in the high sky.

At this moment, Master Kongkong was covered in Buddhist light, and his majesty was so fearful that he was able to subdue heaven and earth.

The sound of the Buddha echoed in the sky.

Chains of golden swastika Buddhist seals flew out of his mouth one after another, then snaked and circled in the air towards the golden curtain of light pouring down.

“Can Master Khang Khong alone really block it?”

Chen Dong could not help but be a little worried about Grandmaster Empty.

Even if Grandmaster Empty had discovered this legendary army of faith totems from the very beginning and was prepared to defend with all his might.

But after all, he was a one-man force.

Even if he had entered the realm of the Land Buddha.

But he was still facing a legendary faith totem!

The only help he had was Qin Ye, who had just rested and regained some form!

And the two of them, constructing this last line of defence for Zhenjiang City, were the last hope for the Vermilion Bird Legion to regain the defence of Zhenjiang City.

Grand Master Jiang said it was one incense stick, but this incense stick was the time to allow the Vermilion Bird Legion to enter Zhenjiang City, not the time to resist the Faith Totem army.

In other words, as long as the Faith Legion army was not completely wiped out, the entire war would continue to face this legendary legion!

Chen Dong turned back to look at where the Vermillion Bird Legion was.

The sky troops, still in a brazen stance, were descending from the sky and swooping down, using their last lives to clear the way for the entire army.

Explosions, a sea of fire.

Rendering the entire sky.

The Vermilion Bird army followed the route of the sea of fire opened up by the crashed warplanes and advanced towards Zhenjiang City.

The only difference from before was that it was at least not like they were stuck in a quagmire, unable to move forward!


There was a tremendous sound.

Chen Dong’s expression moved and he turned his head, but it was the Faith Totem at the front of the line, which had already arrived in front of Zhenjiang City.

The loud sound was clearly the result of several Faith Totems crashing headlong into the golden curtain of light.

Ripples of golden light rippled out.

Where the collision took place, several Faith Totems’ eyes instantly erupted with a demonic blood light.

The two forces fought against each other.

At this moment, the golden swastika Buddha seal originally attached to the golden curtain of light also spun up quickly, splashing golden light.

The next second.

Boom, boom, boom ……

Without the slightest hint of fancy, the faith totems all crashed headlong into the golden curtain of light in the most brutal and direct manner.

The explosion was deafening.

The seemingly faint golden curtain of light remained immovable and solid under the crush of the army of faith totems.

Chen Dong’s heart was lifted by this scene, and his hanging heart was put back into his stomach.

At least the first wave of attacks had been successfully blocked!

It was also just as the subsequent armies of faith totems came one after another.

Rumble ……

The beam of golden light that connected the sky and the earth suddenly roared and shook, wrapped in a vast and hellish pressure, sweeping directly along the golden curtain of light.

In an instant.

The fierce roar of the beast suddenly turned into a wailing scream.

Everywhere the golden light pa*sed, a head of faith totem that was swept by the golden light fell to the ground in agony, its body burning with fire and tumbling with smoke, struggling and tumbling.

Although it was not as shocking as the previous one, which had wiped out ashes everywhere.

However, when these faith totems were swept away by the golden light of the Eight Formations of Gods and Ghosts, they were indeed seriously injured.

Chen Dong’s pupils constricted, this was the first time that a Faith Totem had been seriously injured when it had mounted the battlefield, visible to the naked eye!

What the Jiang Family’s Six Dragons had failed to do, Qin Ye …… had done!