Winner Takes All Chapter 1990

“Ow-roar ……”

The startling lion’s roar of the snowy lion resonated across the battlefield.

Among animals, the roar was one of the ways to declare territory.

The overwhelmingly fierce might of the Fae Fierce Beast King, among the fierce beasts, was an absolute pyramid of bloodline suppression at the top of the pyramid.

A beast king among beast kings, a fae fierce beast among fae fierce beasts.

Otherwise, when he was in the Hunnish Beast Cage, the old Hunnish King would not have carved out a separate grade level for the Snowy Male Lion.


As this hissing sound rang out.

However, Chen Dong clearly saw that not a single beast in the vast and endless tide of beasts had stopped or had ever been afraid because of it.

Not to mention the beast kings among them, even the ordinary beasts were not the least bit abnormal!

“These are not fierce beasts!”

Chen Dong’s blood-coloured pupils tightened.

If the existences in this vast tide of beasts were truly grouped together by fierce beasts, then this lion’s roar of the Snowy Lion could not possibly be ineffective.

Even if it could not be suppressed in its entirety, it could at least make waves in this boiling tide of beasts.

Almost simultaneously.

Master Jiang Liu’s voice came out.

“Chen Dong, this is not a tide of beasts, but an army of totemic faith!”

The Totem Faith Army?!

Chen Dong stood in the air, shock suddenly surfacing on his face full of veins and veins, and the corners of his eyes even twitched violently a few times.

Master Jiang Liu’s voice was urgent.

“In the ancient times, tribes were birthed and scattered across the land, each with their own totem of faith, or the blazing sun, or the star and moon, or beasts of prey and birds of prey, scaled and armored beasts of prey.”

“The times have changed, the seas have changed, the beliefs within the domain have gradually evolved and been subsumed by Yan Huang, but the barbarism still exists in the snowy plains outside the domain, and the beliefs of the various tribes are very different.”

“And as the Xiongnu trampled on the hundred tribes and forged their royal courts, the Wolf gradually replaced the faith totems of the other tribal groups, but those faith totems never disappeared, only because the Wolf was so powerful that it was overshadowed.”

“The legend of the Totem Faith Army has been circulating among the hundred tribes outside the domain, and when the day comes when the Heavenly Wolf issues a call, it will be able to bring this army back to life, incorporating that one ancient era’s Faith Totem into its banner and forming a great army!”

Every word was spoken with indescribable scruples.

Even in the course of the hurried expression, each byte carried a frightening trembling sound.

Each word, as if a heavy hammer, ruthlessly blasted on Chen Dong’s eardrums.

He was in a trance.

He murmured softly, “This is like when senior brother and I forged our martial dao bodies, using senior brother as a template, senior brother could not even carry the impact of the dao collection on the Heavenly Wolf martial dao body, and only after it was finally replaced into the twelve zodiac signs was it successfully chiselled and completed, that too with the power of faith.”

“And now …… Sky Wolf is the ancient era, the faith of the various tribes outside the domain, until the long period of time before the Xiongnu forged the royal court to erect the Sky Wolf faith, all the faith totems in this long period of time, summoned out, embodied to form this army!”

“It seems to be a beast, but in reality it is a totem of faith offered by each tribe during the long history!”


The blood in Chen Dong’s eyes fluttered as he looked up at the giant blood wolf that stretched across the sky like a mountain.

It was the strongest totem of faith!

Back then, after the Huns forged the royal court and brought the hundred tribes under its wing, it had manifested its strength.

And now, it has become the commander of this army of faith totems, making this group of faith totems, resisting the earth!

“It is like this, the beast is only their appearance, but the core is the battle power that the power of faith has coalesced out, never to be underestimated, and truly measured by the strength of the beast!”

Master Jiang Liu’s voice rose in a low and solemn tone.

Chen Dong pulled at the corner of his mouth.

No wonder the Snowy Region Lion’s Beast King Lion Roar was useless against these fierce beasts.

No matter how powerful the Snowy Region Lion was, even if it was the only supreme fierce beast king under the universal heavens, and its fierce might could crush all fierce beasts and beast kings, it was never out of the realm of beasts!

These “beasts” in the Tide of Beasts are only beasts on the surface, but at their core they are the totems of faith of each tribe.

If they were tainted with the power of faith, any one of them would be enough to make the Snowy Lion look up to them!

“Snowy Lion, return to the city!”

Chen Dong immediately ordered in a stern voice.

Facing these Faith Totems, the Snowy Region Lion simply did not have the strength to put up a fight.

After the Snow Region Stallion let out a lion’s roar, it also sensed that something was wrong.

Faced with Chen Dong’s order, he did not disobey in the slightest and immediately turned around and charged towards the northern city gate, his huge body leaping up and following the ruins of a section of the city wall that had previously collapsed, stomping a few times before reaching the remaining Great Snow Dragon Riding Army.

Chen Dong looked back at the broken walls of Zhenjiang City.

At this moment, Master Khong Khong poured out Buddha’s light, enveloping the entire city in a golden glow.

And behind the Buddha’s light, there was also the golden light of the Eight Formation Diagram of Gods and Ghosts that Qin Ye had urged to hover.

Chen Dong knew very well that this lofty and towering city wall was more than enough to defend against the allied army of the Hundred Clans, but the only thing to rely on to defend against the Faith Totem army was Master Khongkong’s Buddha light and the Eight Formation Diagram of Gods and Ghosts promoted by Qin Ye.

And Qin Ye was at the end of his tether!

The only thing that really dominated the defence was Master Kongkong’s Buddha’s light!

No wonder Master Khong Khong had remained on the sidelines before, if he had not spared his strength from the start, his defensive power would have declined geometrically in the face of this army of faith totems as his only defense!

He had been prepared to defend against this legendary army from the very …… beginning!

“Chen Dong, you too return to the city!”

Grand Master Jiang’s voice came out of nowhere.

The wild wind pounded.

Stirring the long air.

The six dragons of the Jiang Family were but like meteors, rolling with majestic qi, arriving in front of Chen Dong.

The ten long rainbows of blood that had swept in before had long since disappeared.


Chen Dong’s expression sank.

Before he could finish his words, Grand Master Jiang said in a deep voice, “We will strike, you only need to preserve your strength, one incense stick of time together with Master Kongkong’s Buddhist teachings, you can still hold out, as long as the Vermillion Bird Legion rushes into Zhenjiang City within this incense stick of time and recaptures its defences, then there is still room to mediate everything.”

“You can only watch from the sidelines, whether it’s facing this army of faith totems or facing the battle for Zhenjiang City’s defenses!”

“But ……”

Chen Dong hesitated.

Master Empty Sky had just told him to make a move.

But now the Jiang Clan’s gentlemen were resolute, and this meant that they would go all out and no longer hide their clumsiness!

“There is no but.”

Grand Master Jiang raised his hand and pressed it on Chen Dong’s shoulder, yanking back hard, dragging Chen Dong behind himself.

Chen Dong subconsciously turned back.

On the dimly lit vault of the sky, the blood light rushed bitterly to the sky.

The six members of the Jiang family were lined up in a row, standing across the sky.

The wind and qi swept through their robes, making them dance wildly.

With their backs straightened, they were like six great and terrifying mountains, straddling the vault of the sky.

The aura of the six of them was rising like a rocket amidst the ten thousand “beasts” rushing in the distance ……