Winner Takes All Chapter 1988

“Oooh ……”

“Ow ……”

With the first sound of the wolf whistling in the long sky, it was followed by two more long wolf whistles.

The wolves whistled long into the sky and pressed across heaven and earth.

Even the rolling thunder of the gathering heavenly punishment thunder clouds was now dwarfed by the sound of this long wolf whistle.

The dusky dome of the sky.


The blood mist that poured out from the giant blood wolf, which loomed like a mountain, swept towards the exposed blood moon.

Strange, eerie ……

But it made this side of the battlefield, all become unpredictable.

Chen Dong’s body was still splashed with blood-colored qi, and the sinister and brutal aura of a mountain of corpses and a sea of blood was clearly distinguishable from that of the giant blood wolf.

He stood in the sky, the blood in his eyes dazzling, but he did not even look at the giant blood wolf, but gazed into the dark depths of the north.

The Daoist Heart Planting Demon, in his case, had become a variable.

After his heart state had transformed into Heaven and Earth Only Heart, the madness factor of the Dao Heart Seeding Demon no longer existed either, and the power of the Dao Heart Seeding Demon was completely reduced to his power.

Ye Linglong’s death had indeed caused his mind to ripple, but it could not yet cause him to go completely mad and lose his sanity.

At this moment, feeling the gloomy and eerie emanation from the Giant Heavenly Wolf, Chen Dong huffed as if he had thought of something and twisted his head to look at Master Khongkong high in the sky above Zhenjiang City.

With this look, the blood light in his eyes instantly became bright.

“So, what you have been guarding against is not the Hundred Clans elites, nor those Hidden Worlds, but this drastic change now?”

The golden light that poured out of the sky was brilliant and glorious.

At this moment, it all emanated from Master Kongkong’s body, turning into a giant shield buckling over Zhenjiang City, a golden and glorious curtain of light that looked like substance.

The golden and glorious curtain of light was like a substance.

Chen Dong turned his head once again and looked into the darkness of the deep north.

“So, what the hell is it?”

The appearance of the giant blood wolf had made him perceive something eerie and weird, and although a feeling that made his heart palpitate came from the depths of the north at this time, it was ultimately fading in and out and could not be captured clearly.

The reason for this was either that the distance was too great, or that the opponent’s momentum had not really built up enough to be captured by him!

Two possibilities.

Chen Dong would rather believe in the second one, after all, in a war like this, even if the Hundred Clans Allied Army had other deployments, it would be impossible to stretch the battle line too far, or even place a killer Rongwu to the great rear.

And if the second possibility were true, it would be terrifying!

To build up momentum in a minuscule way, which even he could not capture in the early stages, could only prove that this army was so minuscule that it did not deserve to be captured, but to become the last killer army of the Hundred Clans United Army, the more minuscule it was, the more terrifying the eventual buildup of momentum might be!

For a moment, Chen Dong’s mind was filled with thoughts.

Even as he looked at the fleeing Xixing and the others, he hesitated for a moment.

Almost simultaneously.

“Chen Dong, stop!”

Grand Master Jiang’s scolding voice suddenly came from behind him, “The blood moon is across the sky, the legendary Rongwu of the Hundred Tribes will soon arrive on earth, if you continue to chase after them, Zhenjiang City will soon collapse!”

Chen Dong’s brow was furrowed into a “Chuan” frown, but suddenly it unfolded again, his bloodshot eyes widening.

Deep in the darkness to the north, a trail of blood appeared in the dark sky without warning, turning into a long blood-coloured rainbow that tore through the night sky and shot towards this direction at great speed.

There were ten of them!

As these ten blood-coloured rays of rainbow shot across the sky, the dark earth in the distance also suddenly roared and shook.

Rolling waves of snow rose to the sky.

But the ten blood mangles shone scarlet and oozing.

Chen Dong’s face changed greatly.

A moment ago, he was only a little bit disturbed by the depths of the north, but now, looking at the sudden appearance of the ten blood mangles, his heart actually jumped with fear.

The momentary momentum had risen to a level that made it difficult for him to calm down.

And, it was still rising!

In a flash of lightning.

Chen Dong made a decision in an instant, and he bravely raised his Bladeless Blade and cut out his sword in the direction where Xixing and the others were fleeing.


The majestic sword qi ripped through the sky, directly cutting down with a fearful killing intent.

And Chen Dong was only cutting down this sword!

After the sword chopped out, he quickly turned around and shouted at Zhenjiang City, “Qin Ye, activate the Eight Formation Diagram of Gods and Ghosts!”

Qi energy urged the voice to resound through the heavens and the earth.

In his panic, Chen Dong even forgot to transmit his qi energy and yelled out instead.

At the same time as he roared, he was also like a meteor, coiling and carrying his qi energy as he quickly retreated.

Even the blood-coloured Qi that had been declared, as well as the insidious and brutal aura of the mountain of corpses and the sea of blood, also decayed down quickly.

The sky dome.

The rolling thunder sounds abruptly disappeared.

The thunder clouds of heavenly punishment that had been building up were now quietly dissipating in the dark and dreary dome of the sky.

Inside Zhenjiang City.

Qin Ye’s pale, paper-like face suddenly showed trepidation even as Chen Dong roared.

Without hesitation, the golden light around his body swooshed up and the golden light Taiji Eight Trigrams figure appeared under his feet.

Buzzing rumble!

The golden light that had disappeared from the battlefield for a long time was once again connected to the sky and the earth, displaying a terrifying and fierce might.

However, this time, Qin Ye’s face was as hard as it could be.

It was not because he was physically exhausted, but because he clearly felt that a vast might was pushing across the sea from the north.

That might was so powerful that even if he had activated the Eight Formation Diagram of Gods and Ghosts, he had no grasp of resisting it!

“North ……”

On the towering corpse mountain, Huo Zhenxiao stood like a statue, puzzled in his heart.

His eyes picked up with difficulty as he looked at the giant blood wolf figure that stretched across the long sky, and could vaguely see the blood moon hanging in the sky.

“When the blood moon is in the sky, all the beasts return to the sky, when the Heavenly Wolf calls, all the beasts run rampant …… The legend on the snowy plains is true?”

This was the thought in Huo Zhenxiao’s mind.

But at this time, he who was so shriveled and weakened that he only had one breath left, even though he understood in his heart, he could not open his mouth to remind Chen Dong and the others.

Rumble ……

The earth began to tremble.

The tremors coming from the depths of the north far surpa*sed even the tremulous roar of the allied armies of the Hundred Clans that had marched together earlier.

Rolling waves of snow were as lofty as mountains.

The blood-coloured, insidious Qi, mountains and seas pushed across the coldness of the north to take the lead in sweeping this battlefield.

Not to mention Chen Dong and the reinforcements from all sides of the domain.

Even the allied troops of the Hundred Tribes were frightened by this vast and majestic aura at this time, their bodies were like sieve chaff.

“Big brother, we can’t stand by and watch any longer!”

Jiang Sixth Master said eagerly at this moment, “At least …… we must at least help Zhenjiang City last until the time the Vermillion Bird Legion arrives!”

As he said this, the rest of the Jiang family members also looked at Grand Master Jiang with solemn expressions.

The howling gale.

Grand Master Jiang was thoughtful.

His robe danced up.


He slowly raised his head, gazed at the snowy waves splashing in the distance to the north, and exhaled two words in a deep, stony voice: “Strike!”

Boom, boom, boom ……

In an instant.

Six tornadoes of qi energy, like mountains being pulled up from the flat earth, blasted into the air at the northern gate of Zhenjiang City.

Chen Dong, who was returning to Zhenjiang City at great speed, saw that all six dragons of the Jiang Family had already struck, and added another three points to the scare in his heart!


Out of the corner of his eye, Chen Dong glanced at the dome of the sky to his right, which suddenly rendered into a blood colour.

Without waiting for him to turn his head sideways, a long blood-coloured rainbow had already surpa*sed his speed and appeared directly in front of him, like ten blood dragons, crashing into the golden light that Master Khongkong had splashed down to shelter Zhenjiang City ……