Winner Takes All Chapter 1986

A word was spoken.

Shy Star and the Hidden World people all had a bad chill in their hearts.

Even the black-robed Skywolf could not help but give Gu Cangyue an extra glance, completely surprised by Gu Cangyue’s cool and sinister nature.

Rumble ……

Zhang Du’er was slashed by the sword and crashed to the ground, the tremendous impact causing the earth to violently rise up and then quickly sink, with layers of earth waves spreading out in all directions.

The terrifying impact even raised the astral wind and waves of earth, directly ramming into the surrounding Hundred Clans United Army who were kneeling on the ground.

Each and every one of them died on the spot without even being able to scream, spilling blood all over the ground.


Zhang Du’er’s face was full of veins, and the veins on his neck were like earthworms.

The tremendous impact made his face red and his internal organs were reeling.

Just by falling to the ground, his iron tower-like body was already trembling.

The Xuan Iron Stick in his hand was even bent to the naked eye.

This was still the result of his full output of Qi energy and hard resistance.

If he had hesitated or held back half of his strength, the consequences would have been even worse than now.

Under the tremendous pressure, Zhang Du’er clenched his cheeks and frantically released his Qi, but to his dismay, the giant sword Qi that was blocked by the Xuan Iron Rod did not dissipate at this moment.

The sword qi that escaped from the impact of the fall just now had left two huge gaps in the ground in front of and behind his figure.

Anger, resentment, chagrin ……

All kinds of emotions, at this moment, came in a flurry.

Even for a being of Zhang Du’er’s state of mind, Chen Dong’s sword had shattered and collapsed him!

Not waiting for him to make the slightest move.

Without waiting for him to make a single move, a death-like blood-coloured figure had already reached the giant sword qi and stood in the air right above Zhang Du’er’s head!

Chen Dong stood in the air as the boundless sea of blood rolled over.

He slowly lowered his head.

His blood eyes looked down at Zhang Du’er below.


A single word was uttered, as if it was a holy voice from the ninth heaven.

Chen Dong’s figure sank down violently, while the bladeless in his hand casually swung downwards.

The sword aura looked out of the corner of his eye.

It was unparalleled in its dominance.

A bang!

Zhang Du’er was instantly decapitated into a cloud of blood mist by the sword qi.

From beginning to end, not even a single word was uttered!

This scene was incomparably frightening.

Even the six dragons of the Jiang Family in front of the city gate were stunned into silence and dumbfounded.

Two swords before and after, killing Zhang Du’er!

Such a feat would be difficult to achieve even for the Jiang Family’s Six Dragons.

One must know that Zhang Du’er was not an ordinary Qi powerhouse, nor was he an ordinary recluse, but an old monster of almost a thousand years!

An existence with a lifespan of almost a thousand years, the strength of his heritage accumulated over time alone was terrifying.

In the great battlefield, Zhang Du’er could be the pinnacle among all the others.

Otherwise, Zhang Du’er would not have been able to casually talk with Gu Cang Yue and the black-robed Heavenly Wolf, confidence bottom strength is never brought by profound strength.

Of course, there was also the reason why Chen Dong had broken through the threshold of Heavenly Punishment, and there was also the reason why Zhang Du’er had been secretly attacked by Gu Cang Yue and had difficulty in dealing with it at full strength for a while, and could only block it with brute force.

If Chen Dong had fought Zhang Du’er head-on, he might have had to use his good offices for many more rounds!

“The Heavenly Punishment Thunderclouds are gathering!”

Master Jiang Liu raised his head to look above the dome of the sky.

The already dim dome of the sky, after being baptized by Chen Dong’s blood-coloured Qi, had now become dark and black, and an invisible and terrifying sense of oppression was climbing like a rocket.

The sound of rolling thunder grew louder and louder.

It was as if the heavens above were drinking, and as if …… were pronouncing a verdict!

“Big brother, make a decision quickly!”

The third master Jiang hurriedly urged, but as he said this, he blushed again.

The current situation, how to settle it, would end up winding up in a dead end!

Their Jiang Family’s Six Dragons had shown up because they didn’t want Chen Dong to lose his state to the Hidden World, but now, whether they let Chen Dong strike, or they struck out to stop it, they would all lose Chen Dong’s state.

And I am afraid that the only thing that can hold Chen Dong back is Zhenjiang City.

But if Zhenjiang City could not be retaken, the plan would change drastically!

Either way, it would be a loss!

Grand Master Jiang’s brow was furrowed, but he was silent, raising his head, looking out over the distant mountain of corpses that towered loftily above him, locking onto Huo Zhenxiao who was still standing on it.

“Keep waiting.”

After two seconds of silence, Grand Master Jiang helplessly spat out the words.

The five members of the Jiang family were speechless, wanting to say something, but unable to change the situation at hand.

With Grand Master Jiang’s words, it was as if he wanted to wait for Chen Daojun’s plan!

But …… could Chen Daogun, no matter how talented he was in the heavens and the earth, really plan to such an extent?

At the same time.

Chen Dong rolled with a sea of blood and majestic killing intent, like a god of death, chasing with his sword, quickly closing the distance with Xixing and the others.

“Do it!”

Shying’s beautiful eyes flashed with fury as she shouted at the black-robed Heavenly Wolf and Gu Cangyue.

But, no one responded!

Whether it was the black-robed Heavenly Wolf, Gu Cang Yue, or the other Hidden Worlds.

They were all stifled and fleeing.

The killing of Zhang Du’er with two swords not only shocked the Jiang Family’s six dragons, but also made their hearts beat wildly and sent chills down their backs.

The strength of Zhang Du’er was clearer to those present than anyone else.

Even if Gu Cangyue asked himself, if he didn’t sacrifice the Great Cauldron, the best he could do against Zhang Du’er would be a 50/50 situation at best, and maybe not even 50/50!

In other words, if it wasn’t Zhang Du’er who had gone out just now, but Gu Cangyue, it would have been a matter of two swords without the Great Cauldron!

Now turn around and fight Chen Dong?

They were hermits, not fools!

Under the threat of death, they were able to maintain their sanity and choose to escape, and they were escorting Xixing to escape, this was already the best solution.

Seeing no response from the others, the resentment in Xixing’s heart grew even stronger.

The resentment in Xixing’s heart grew even stronger, burning like a blazing fire, like a volcano desperate to erupt.

Just now, Ye Linglong’s death was like a sharp knife stabbing at her heart, leaving her with mixed feelings.

And now the overwhelmingly fierce power Chen Dong displayed, which made a group of hidden worlds chill, and even the Huns’ faith in the Sky Wolves chose to be silenced, was more like a nuclear bomb that blasted in her mind.

This man …… used to be the man she looked up to the most!

This man …… used to be the man she admired the most and belonged to the most!

She had given everything to this man, never more pa*sionate, never more glorious, even if at first this man just nodded his head, she would even herself fall into his arms on a good day with a good moon.

But this man, with a single turn, had erased all that she had given!

Now even more so, on the battlefield, cutting across the army and raising his long sword against her!

Xixing even had a moment of envy for Ye Linglong, and it was just that moment.

She thought that she and Ye Linglong were kindred spirits, but in that moment just now, she realized that she and Ye Linglong were not kindred spirits at all.

Ye Linglong’s death could provoke Chen Dong to draw his sword.

She, on the other hand, could only meet Chen Dong’s sword after he had been angered!

How cold was her heart?


Chen Dong’s incomparably hoarse voice, wrapped in endless killing intent, suddenly sounded out as if he was pronouncing a verdict from hell.

The simple word caused the crowd to change their expressions, their backs to turn cold and their sweat to stand on end!