Winner Takes All Chapter 1983

The voice was very soft.

As she spoke, blood continued to drip out of Ye Linglong’s mouth and nose.

Chen Dong’s heart was like a knife twisting, and in a flash his nasal cavity was sore and sore.

Kui Gang was right in one thing he said.

In a confrontation between Qigong powerhouses, even the aftershocks that escaped were equally devastating to martial artists below the Qigong level.

It might seem like he had saved Ye Linglong, but the blast with Kui Gang just now, and the Qi energy rippled out to Ye Linglong, was also deadly enough.

“Right, right no, up, I still couldn’t help you,.”

Ye Linglong lay in Chen Dong’s arms, tilting her head, looking at Chen Dong, her blood-covered face with a forlorn smile: “When Elder Xu saved me, I could have run away, but …… after I ran away, there was no way to a*sa*sinate Xixing, I… …I wanted to help you ……”

Word by word, it was permeated with self-blame.

But when it fell on Chen Dong’s ears, it was as if countless sharp knives were cutting viciously on the heart.

All the emotions, at this moment, came in a mountainous whirl.

His nostrils were sore and his chest was clogged.

There was no rock of a state of mind, but at this moment it was crumbling to pieces.

He hugged Ye Linglong and slowly squatted down and sat on the ground, letting Ye Linglong’s limp body lie in his arms.

Blood-coloured Qi energy was declared out, forming a barrier to protect him and Ye Linglong within it.

The sounds of shouting and killing on the battlefield around him, the explosions, were all dwindling to inaudible at this moment.

Ye Linglong continued, “Capture the thief, I thought, as long as I am around her, there will always be times when I can help you, but ……”

“Don’t say it, don’t say it ……”

Chen Dong shook his head and smiled slightly, “You’ve done a good job, there’s nothing to blame yourself for.”

“Am I, like, a waste?”

Ye Linglong’s sunken chest rose and fell violently, a ripping bellows-like breathing sound fiercely emitted from her mouth and nose, only for the blood in her mouth and nose to choke her and cause her to cough violently. 、


Chen Dong’s right hand hurriedly pressed on Ye Linglong’s back, and a wave of qi energy drilled into Ye Linglong’s body, directly helping her to force the blood to cough out.

After spitting out the blood, Ye Linglong’s condition was obviously much better again.

“Thank you, thank you ……”

Chen Dong frowned tightly as he looked at Ye Linglong in front of him, wanting to say something for a while, but the words that came to his mouth were swallowed back into his stomach again and again.

Ye Linglong’s state was very poor.

The aftermath of the qi that had hit her just now had not only caused her extremely heavy external injuries, but even her internal organs had been affected.

If it was before, he would have requested Master Kongkong to renew Ye Linglong’s life without hesitation.

However, after coming into contact with Huo Zhenxiao, he realised that Huo Zhenxiao’s ability to hold on to his breath was entirely dependent on his own mysterious power, and was not very much involved with Master Kongkong’s power.

All he could do now was to make Ye Linglong’s walk as easy as possible.

“Uncle Daojun knows, he came to me when I was in Xiongnu, and to test it out, he arranged that a*sa*sination, and it was that a*sa*sination that made me more determined to stay with Xixing, otherwise, Uncle Daojun could have taken me away ……”

Ye Linglong’s gaze grew laxer and laxer, her voice weak and low like a mosquito’s whisper.

She had a chance to escape!

The battle with Xu Qingfeng at the beginning was a chance!

When Chen Daogun sneaked into Xiong Nu alone, she was likewise given a chance.

But she, refused both!

She wanted to help Chen Dong, or at least to do something for him.

Since she had been in exile in Xiongnu, she had not been treated as a prisoner, but had instead always been by Xixing’s side.

Because of this closeness, when Xu Qingfeng came to rescue her, she hesitated and eventually gave up the chance to escape, because she knew that escaping would just keep her alive, but staying in Xiongnu, by Xixing’s side, was just like having more possibilities!

And when Chen Daojun went into Xiongnu alone, it was that a*sa*sination that reinforced Ye Linglong’s idea of staying by Xixing’s side.

That a*sa*sination was indeed an a*sa*sination, and if it had succeeded, all would have been well, but it turned out to be a failure.

But it was also that a*sa*sination that allowed Ye Linglong to see that Xixing was not wearing protective soft armour, and it also allowed her to see this heavenly opportunity!

If she could kill him at the critical moment, it would be a devastating blow to the whole plan of the Hundred Clans!

But she didn’t expect that that a*sa*sination was a deliberate trick by Shying Xing!

“How silly of me, she’s the Queen, how could she be unprotected?”

Ye Linglong laughed, blood couldn’t stop dripping out of her mouth and nose, and her entire anger was rapidly draining away.

“You are so silly.”

Chen Dong gently raised his hand and stroked a few strands of Ye Linglong’s blood-stained hair in front of his forehead behind his ears, “Why should you help me? I, am not worthy of your life to help, do you know that such a plan, fooling all of us, me and your grandfather, and Yuan Longtou are all worried about you?”

His voice was soft and gentle.

Xu recited, as much as he could, as a reproach.

But as he said these words, every syllable of Chen Dong’s voice was trembling.

After his mind metamorphosis, he was able to deal with everything openly, but now that he was facing Ye Linglong, it was setting off waves.

A …… silly girl!

A girl as silly as Gu Qing Ying!

“But I …… like you.”

Ye Linglong smiled more and more poignantly, her lax eyes curved into crescents, “I don’t know why, obviously when I first met you, I didn’t feel anything, I don’t know when it changed, it was overwhelming, I couldn’t help myself.”

Her voice suddenly became stronger, and the speed of her words coherently accelerated.

Such a shift, but Chen Dong’s lips could not help but tremble, his heart like a knife.

This …… was clearly a return to the light!

“I, Ye Linglong, like a person, should be righteous, regardless of everything, marriage well the heavens arranged the greatest right?”

Ye Linglong slowly raised her hand and caressed towards Chen Dong’s face: “I have never regretted, even if you don’t have me in your heart, even if I know that your heart has actually been filled by Gu Qingying long ago, there is no more half gap, but I …… just want to help you!”

She raised her hand very slowly, and even kept trembling.

It was clear that she was speaking in a hurry, but a movement like raising her hand seemed to use all her strength.


Just when the tip of Ye Linglong’s finger was about to touch Chen Dong’s face.

Ye Linglong’s chest suddenly rose and fell violently, her blood-stained lips opened wide and she took a deep breath.

Her beautiful eyes rounded up, as if the pain in this moment had reached the extreme.

But she continued, squeezing out a sentence with all her might.

“Chen Dong, I like you.”

These were the words she had brewed countless times and held in her heart for a long, long time.

Now, it was finally spilled out!

Seriously, without any scruples!

The moment these words were uttered, Ye Linglong’s uplifted chest sank down violently, and in her rounded eyes, her pupils rapidly dissipated and her anger faded.

The right hand that had touched Chen Dong’s face was only able to scratch his face with its fingertips, before falling towards the ground.

Chen Dong’s body shook, and a loud “boom” sounded in his head.

At that moment, everything around him seemed to have disappeared.

Only he and Ye Linglong were left in his arms.

Ye Linglong’s right hand fell to the ground, smashing into the blood-covered mud, but it sounded like a loud bell, making a loud, ear-splitting sound.

Chen Dong held his breath for a moment, his eyes widened and his entire body tensed up.

The next second.

His breathing suddenly became rapid, and his whole body seemed to panic as he hurriedly grabbed Ye Linglong’s right hand and dropped it onto his face, pressing it tightly.

In the silence, a crystal teardrop, quietly slipped down from the corner of Chen Dong’s eyes, falling down the drops and onto Ye Linglong’s forehead.

Immediately following.

An incomparably hoarse voice resounded through this heaven and earth, suddenly causing the temperature in this heaven and earth to freeze to a freezing point.

“Silly girl, sleep well, in your dreams …… you won’t be alone!”