Winner Takes All Chapter 1977

The army marched on towards the battlefield.

As Shyuk Sing said, the imperial army really boosted morale!

The soldiers, who had been downhearted by the destruction of the sky troops in the rear, were now all excited by the advance.

But it was also because of the fact that the Emperor was on his own that the Kui Gang and the generals followed with extra caution.

It was a long and swelling procession, full of elite Huns!

Even Kui Gang abandoned the idea of escorting the elite of other tribes.


Not only Kui Gang and the generals, but even the black-robed Skywolf, Gu Cang Yue and the rest of the Hidden People were recalled to escort them, while the remaining half of the Hidden People remained on the battlefield to continue pushing across the gap in the sea of fire.

If the enemy carried out a decapitation operation, it would be a great blow to the allied army of the Hundred Clans, so such a protective trip was felt to be necessary by both Xie Xing and Kui Gang.

Be careful!

The Rongwu marched on.

The black-robed Celestial Wolf followed closely beside Xie Xing’s phoenix driver and said in a deep voice, “When you arrive at the battlefield, you must not act recklessly, if anything changes, I will protect you from leaving.”

“Lord Skywolf, why should this king bother you so much?”

Xixing sat on the phoenix harness, her eyes clear and cold, looking askance at the black-robed Celestial Wolf.

It was just a bigger pawn, why would you do that?

How hypocritical!

But the black-robed Heavenly Wolf was not angry and said in a deep voice, “I should be!”

Immediately, his bloodshot eyes glanced over the phoenix driver at Ye Linglong on the other side, and the red light of his bloodshot eyes flickered for a moment before converging back.

Ye Linglong felt a chill run through her body.

She subconsciously looked at the black-robed Heavenly Wolf, but saw that the black-robed Heavenly Wolf was looking ahead.

At the same time.

Behind the Phoenix Driver.

Gu Cangyue and Zhang Du’er and several other Hidden Worlds followed close behind.

What the black-robed Heavenly Wolf said to Xixing was only said in a low voice, but the low voice was only so low that ordinary people could not hear it, but it could not be hidden from their ears.

“Why do I feel that the two of them have an unusual relationship?” Zhang Du’er frowned and spoke in a deep voice.

Gu Cangyue thought of the black-robed Heavenly Wolf’s disobedient operation against Xixing before, and a pang went through her head.

If they had disobeyed to such an extent, it was strange that they could be on good terms!

However, he digressed, “Let’s all be careful, once the opposite side launches a decapitation operation, this war is over, the Jiang Family’s six dragons are all on the battlefield, if they strike together, they are still very threatening.”

The Jiang family, as a family clan, is a noble family.

Even in the long history, it has been unobtrusive, but the several times it has struck, it has been a big deal, helping the building to fall, and no one in the world is competing for glory.

According to the Jiang family heritage.

It is not too much to say that the Jiang family’s six dragons are the best in the world today.

No one dares to underestimate them!

This kind of existence, standing on the battlefield but staying out of it, does not move, but moves to shock the sky!

“You’d better think about whether you should sacrifice the Great Cauldron or not when the time really comes?”

Zhang Du’er’s eyebrows were crossed as he sneered at Gu Cangyue.

Gu Cang Yue’s eyes narrowed, and the blue veins at the corners of his eyes jumped a few times.


Boom, boom, boom ……

On the battlefield, the hidden people of the fallen hundred clans were still sparing no effort to blast open a gap in the sea of fire defense line.

The sea of fire defensive line that originally stretched out across the battlefield was reduced to patchy pa*sages.

The Allied troops who had been stopped by the sea of fire line found a flooding outlet as a gap was opened, and swept across the sea of fire line to support the smaller battlefields.

As more and more allied troops poured onto this side of the battlefield, it became more difficult for reinforcements from all sides of the domain to storm Zhenjiang City!

Every supporting legion was stuck in a quagmire, unable to advance an inch!

This was true of the five legions led by the five great generals, and it was also true of the rest of the reinforcements!

Even the rest of the army was quickly put at a disadvantage against the inexhaustible army of the Hundred Clans, which was rapidly being eaten up by the tide of troops coming from all directions!

“One thousand metres, just this one thousand metres away, give this marshal a charge!”

War Heavenly Dragon was already red-eyed, looking at the majestic Zhenjiang City a thousand metres away, even for a veteran like him, a sense of powerlessness had arisen in his heart.

This was the first time he had ever encountered such an intense battle in his entire life!

To the legion, this mere thousand metres was really close at hand!

But this is the end of the world!

No matter how much he changed his army formation, no matter how much the Heavenly Dragon army charged, they could not advance, and even if they advanced a bit, they were soon pressed back to their previous position by the tide of the Hundred Clans’ allied army!

In the back and forth tug of war, the death toll of the Heavenly Dragon Legion was less than the death toll of the Hundred Clans’ allied army, though.

However, this was still more than the Heavenly Dragon Army could bear!

And in terms of time, it could not afford to delay!

If we could retake Zhenjiang City, with the help of the city’s rift valley, we would be able to expand the ratio of casualties on both sides again.

On the battlefield, the best solution is to infinitely increase the ratio of casualties with minimal losses.

But it was impossible to get through!

The same scene was seen on every small battlefield.

The five great generals and all the generals were powerless with rage and could only look at Zhenjiang City and sigh.

Rumble ……

In the sky, the dense roar of warplanes resounded again, like rolling thunder raging in the long sky.

As soon as this dense sound of warplanes appeared, it immediately lifted the hearts and minds of the armies in the domain.

“Perhaps …… the only variable is the sky troops!”

In War Heavenly Dragon’s tiger eyes, a brilliant aura burst out.

The communication system had been destroyed once again, and he didn’t have the luxury of expecting the Sky Troopers coming in support to be able to pinpoint his Heavenly Dragon army in the vast battlefield.

He did not even know the specifics of the rest of the friendly troops.

However, according to the order of entry into the battlefield, his Sky Dragon Corps should be the corps that is close to Zhenjiang City.

The best solution was for the Sky Troops to find the Sky Dragon Legion directly and then use dense artillery shells like rain to blast a direct path for the Sky Dragon Legion to Zhenjiang City.

But, with the current situation on the battlefield, any Sky Troop that could clear the way for any of the legions led by the five admirals would have hope of breaking the game!

“Vermilion Bird Legion, all troops …… charge!”

As the sky troops arrived over the battlefield, the admiral of the Vermilion Bird Legion hissed brazenly.

The military order was like thunder.


The entire Vermilion Bird Legion moved in unison.


The unison shout shot up to the sky.

Everyone was ready for the charging movement at this moment.

The long period of suppression had caused all the Rongwu to hold a breath in their hearts.

And now, the arrival of the Sky Troopers gave everyone a chance to vent that anger!

A dense sound of breaking air came from the heavens.

In the midst of the chaotic battle.

As soon as the allied troops of the Hundred Tribes were defenceless, a bomb that fell from the sky had landed on the ground.

Boom, boom, boom ……

A mushroom cloud rose into the air, spreading rapidly towards Zhenjiang City in a spectacular manner!

The flames rushed into the sky.

It lit up the Vermillion Bird Legion.


The general of the Vermilion Bird Legion hissed.

Like a fierce beast, the legions of the Vermilion Sparrow army accelerated along the blank, scorched area of the bombing!