Winner Takes All Chapter 1975

The words were earnest.

The six dragons of the Jiang family glanced at each other, and all eventually dropped their gazes on Grand Master Jiang.


Grand Master Jiang, however, slowly closed his eyes and was silent.

This action was the best answer!

The remaining five members of the Jiang family, with different expressions, no longer responded to Chen Dong.

“So resolute?”

Chen Dong’s stretched brow frowned slightly.

He raised his eyes to look at the long Sea of Fire defence line, and with the dozen or so Hidden Worlds striking out, a dozen or so openings had already appeared on the Sea of Fire line.

These openings were scattered all over the Sea of Fire line, allowing the Hundred Clans’ allied troops to pour into this side of the battlefield without any problems.

As the strength of the Hundred Clans’ allied forces increased, the situation on the battlefield once again became complex and volatile.

The contrast in military strength was not of the same magnitude at all.

Even though all the reinforcements from all sides in the domain have arrived, they are still small compared to the number of troops of the Hundred Clans.

The number of millions was calculated at the beginning of the war.

At this point in the war, with the mercenaries of the Hundred Clans and the elites of the Hundred Clans joining them, this number has become extremely illusory.

The pressure on the reinforcements from all sides in the domain increased extremely.

Continued bad luck would be extremely detrimental to the domain.

Only by leading an army into Zhenjiang City as soon as possible, recapturing its defences and turning it into a god’s needle in the land once again, and continuing to attract and kill the allied forces of the Hundred Clans, could the pressure of the war on the rest of the domain reinforcements be relieved to the greatest extent.

The attrition patterns of the two modes of warfare are very different: offensive and defensive warfare and fighting in the field.

The commanders of the in-domain reinforcements also knew this, so from the moment they entered the battlefield, they had been charging furiously towards Zhenjiang City, with the aim of regaining control of Zhenjiang City once again and using it as an anchor to anchor the reinforcements of the other parties.

The Heavenly Dragon Legion was undoubtedly the closest to Zhenjiang City and the most likely to take it back.

On the contrary, it was only this one thousand metres away!

“Then may I ask the seniors of the Jiang Clan if they can temporarily hold the Northern City Gate for me?” Chen Dong asked once again.

This time.

Not only Grand Master Jiang, the remaining five members of the Jiang Family also closed their eyes and were silent.

A ripple finally rose in Chen Dong’s ancient wellless eyes at this moment.

However, it was only a flicker!

His eyes became calm again.

There was no resentment, no questioning, and no extravagant hope.

He simply swung his bladeless blade out again and again.

His cold eyes looked towards the waves of fire that rose hundreds of metres into the air from time to time on the sea of fire in the distance.

How good would it be if a few more Hidden World or Qi Power powerhouses could join to help the domain?

As long as someone could successfully lead the Heavenly Dragon Legion over, taking back Zhenjiang City would be as easy as pie.

With Zhenjiang City holding back the large number of allied troops of the Hundred Clans, it was only a matter of time before the battle was won and turned over!

The Jiang family’s six dragons closed their eyes in silence, completely ignoring the battle.

Even Chen Dong could only watch as the battle got worse and worse!

The battlefield where the Vermilion Bird Legion is located.

The Vermilion Bird banner waving in the wind was scarlet and blinding, as if it was a monstrous sea of fire.

On the battlefield.

“Call the sky troops to bombard this side of the battlefield!”

On the battlefield, a middle-aged man with an upright figure and a stern aura ordered loudly.

The sky troops in the domain were under the command of the Vermilion Bird Legion.

The air attack and the crashing planes turned into a sea of fire defensive line was personally ordered by the middle-aged man who was the commander of the Vermilion Bird Legion, one of the five admirals in the domain.

“Report! From the previous bombardment and death charge, most of the sky troops were lost, and only thirty percent were able to take off again!” A lieutenant general shouted back.

“Thirty percent? Then let them all go to the sky!”

There was a fierce gleam in the middle-aged man’s eyes, “What use is it to leave these 30% of the sky troops if we’ve lost our home? Tell them that even if they give me a way to crash their planes, they must blow up a road to Zhenjiang City for me!”

“Grand Marshal, every Rongwu of the Sky Force is one that we have spent countless amounts of money to train, if they all break ……”



Sword Qi stirred and cold light flashed.

The middle-aged man drew his sword and waved it: “Don’t you understand this marshal’s order? This battle is meritorious for a thousand years, the battle for the nation’s fortune, the battle for the homeland, anyone’s life can be sacrificed, the greater good is paramount, our Vermilion Bird Legion controls the sky troops in the domain, now that reinforcements from all sides are blocked, we are the only ones who can rely on the sky troops to break open a path to Zhenjiang City alive!”

“As ordered!”

The deputy general did not dare to disobey again.

The middle-aged man sat on his war horse, but a glance at the endless sea of people showed no sign of where the reinforcements from all sides of the domain were.

He wasn’t sure how far the rest of the reinforcements were from Zhenjiang City right now, and if there was a troupe closer to Zhenjiang City, he would have had the remaining 30% of the sky troops clear the way for them!

But just now the communication between the reinforcements from all sides had been cut off again!

Without being able to determine where the reinforcements from all sides were, and without knowing who of the reinforcements was actually closer to Zhenjiang City.

He had no choice but to bet on his own legions!

At least the sky troops were part of the Vermilion Bird Army, and with the link completely broken, it would be easier for the sky troops to catch them where the Vermilion Bird Army was than it would be for them to catch the other armies!

The Vermilion Bird Army’s way of fighting was already engraved in the bones and blood of every member of the Vermilion Bird Army, and they could even ignore the communication link and work together with the land and air!

The rear of the domain.

Near the Northern Domain and within the various airfields of the Northern Domain.

At this time, warplanes were all over the airfields, and military orders were being broadcast through the airports one after another.

These warplanes all belonged to the Vermilion Bird Corps!

“All troops rise into the air, clear the way for the legion, at any cost, we must let the legion reach Zhenjiang City!”

Over the radio, military orders rang out.

Inside the airfield, a tidal wave of weary Sky Force Rongwu ran towards their respective warplanes.

Soon, along with the sound of warplane engines, a warplane dragged a raging tail flame and shot up into the sky.

A corner of the airfield.

A man in a Sky Force combat uniform, with his hands behind his back, looked at the warplanes as they rose into the sky.

The man’s hair is white at the temples, and his burning eagle eyes are filled with hot tears.

Behind him, a girl, also wearing a Sky Force combat uniform, approached.

“Sensei, the Jubilee military order is here, all troops up in the air!”

“Yes, please help me prepare the fighters.” The man said.

The girl froze for a moment, “Teacher, the warplanes are all up in the air already, there are no spare planes!”

“Isn’t there a trainer plane?”

The man walked towards the airfield with his hands behind his back, “My students have all gone up, so it’s time for me, as a teacher, to go up too.”

“Teacher, trainer planes are not equipped to mount missiles and have no firearms, you ……” the girl was suddenly anxious.

“But at least it’s an aircraft.”

The man’s footsteps did not stop: “I, as a teacher, have watched these children with tender hairy mouths metamorphose into eagles soaring into the sky, and now it’s time to teach them one last lesson.”

He stopped in his tracks and looked up at the sky.

“The rise and fall of the world is the responsibility of every man, and those who offend our rivers and mountains will be punished in life and death!”