Winner Takes All Chapter 1973

Smoke and dust rose and debris rolled.

The tall and heavy North Gate was left with a hideous and terrifying hole in it.

Behind the gate, the rubble that had been built up was now also cut off by a sword!

“Come again!”

Chen Dong smiled coldly.




Two more swords in quick succession, the domineering sword qi chopped into the city gate, but it directly shattered the northern city gate, and all the rubble behind it shattered and flew backwards.

The aftermath of the sword qi did not stop there, but pa*sed through the broken stone wall and directly affected the soldiers behind the broken stone wall.

There were screams of misery.

The soldiers who were busy building the rubble to block the northern gate fell like the autumn wind sweeping away the wheat saplings.

“This guard is guarding the northern gate, who dares to stop it?”

Chen Dong’s qi-energy-driven voice resounded through this side of the North City Gate.

Inside Zhenjiang City.

All the densely packed troops of the allied army were frozen in their tracks.

Even from a distance away, facing Chen Dong directly, they could still feel the overwhelming sense of oppression that swept over them.

A mountain of corpses and a sea of blood, like falling into hell!

Even the commanders and generals among them were silent for a while, not daring to order them to continue blocking the northern gate!

Even some of the allied troops of the Hundred Clans immediately turned around and headed in other directions towards Zhenjiang City.

As the Hidden World retreated.

The Six Dragons of the Jiang Family also idled away, the six standing side by side as if they were two different worlds from this chaotic battlefield.

Grand Master Jiang smiled teasingly, “Chen Dong is holding down the northern gate, so it has become a living door for the domain’s reinforcements.”

“With such a killer god standing here, not to mention these ordinary Rongwu, even Qi Jin powerhouses would probably not be too realistic to block the door.” Master Jiang Liu folded his hands into his sleeves and shook his head with a smile.

The remaining four also laughed lightly.

Cloudy smiles and snickering tones.

It was as if this scene of purgatory on the endless battlefield didn’t even exist.

As far as they were concerned, any more deaths or injuries on the battlefield had nothing to do with them, as long as there was no more strikes from the Hidden World against Chen Dong and depleted his state.

As for Chen Dong guarding the northern gate, swinging his sword and blocking the allied army of the Hundred Clans, such consumption was not worth mentioning!

“Is the Daoist Monarch still not making a move?”

Second Master Jiang raised his eyes and looked to the north, “The battle has proceeded to this point, if he still doesn’t make a move, I’m afraid they can’t help but make a move!”

At those words.

The smiles on Grand Master Jiang’s and the others’ faces disappeared and became grave.

On the battlefield.

With reinforcements arriving from all sides, the scale of the war skyrocketed.

The ripple effect of this meat grinder was even wider, and the degree of misery was no less than the previous siege of Zhenjiang City by the allied armies of the Hundred Clans.

The only difference was that while the previous siege of Zhenjiang City was fought by millions of allied troops and the Great Snow Dragon Riders fought to the death, now the reinforcements from all sides were forming separate battlefields with Zhenjiang City as the centre, each fighting against millions of allied troops in a “meat grinder”.

The reinforcements from all sides seemed to form a cage between each other, imprisoning the Hundred Clans’ allied troops and killing and wounding them at an even more terrifying rate than before.

As the reinforcements from all sides advanced towards Zhenjiang City, they were slowly compressing the battle circle, making the killing and wounding rate more and more horrific.

Compared to the reinforcements from all sides in the domain, the situation of the allied army of the Hundred Tribes was in a dire state.

Millions of troops were under siege, the ship was too big to turn around, and there were too many constraints on each other.

The situation on the battlefield has taken a sharp turn for the worse.

This has left the commanders and generals of the Hundred Clans in a state of anxiety.

As the intensity of the battle continued to rise.

In the rear camp of the Hundred Clans United Army, a pot had already exploded.

“An emergency in the west, requesting support!”

“To the south, the Heavenly Dragon Legion is raging and difficult to reach, it is driving straight into Zhenjiang City, Chen Dong is guarding the northern gate and no one can stop it, once the Heavenly Dragon Legion arrives, it will be able to enter Zhenjiang City directly, this is the key to this battle, please also ask the commander to decide as soon as possible!”

“The enemy relies on the flaming defensive line formed by the crashed warplanes to cut the battlefield into two places, the intensity of the war is now rising sharply, but a large number of our troops are unable to really join the battle due to this flaming blockade line, Commander Kui Gang, it is a hundred thousand times more urgent!”


Inside the camp, the noise was unbearable.

The generals were like ants on a hot pan.

Kui Gang’s brow was furrowed as he listened to a pounding head.

He coughed lightly.

The noisy tent suddenly quietened down.

Kui Gang said in a deep voice, “All of you are veterans who have been in the battlefield for a long time, and the situation on the battlefield has changed, and this has caused confusion among yourselves?”

The generals bowed their heads, ashamed of themselves.

Kui Gang’s tiger eyes swept over the whole crowd, and he slowly spoke, “Ask the Hidden World to make a move and break the open sea defences, we are all on the same side, the little effort they have made is not enough!”

As a Qi powerhouse, he knew very well how terrifying an effect a Qi powerhouse could have on the battlefield.

The sea of fire defences that the army could not get through, if only a few Hidden Worlds made a move and combined their Qi energy, it would be enough to break through!

As long as a few openings were made to allow the allied forces of the Hundred Clans, who were unable to participate in the war, to join in, then the situation around Zhenjiang City now would be transformed a lot!

The generals looked up, and their expressions eased up a lot.

Suddenly, one of them spoke up, “Commander Kui Gang, do we need to release that Rongwu now?”

Kui Gang pondered for a few seconds and shook his head, “Not yet, with our strength we are absolutely capable of sweeping the battlefield, the current chaos is entirely due to the other side attacking too quickly and we have disorganised ourselves, once we stabilise our position, the situation will immediately improve, that unit is one of our cards when it comes to the critical moment!”

He said with a wave of his hand, “All go down, hold your ground, the army is still fighting on the battlefield, if you disorganise yourselves, what will they do then? At the moment of necessity, this marshal will order that rongwu to open up!”

When the group of generals and marshals had all left, Kui Gang’s face became helpless and despondent.

He sat down wearily in his chair, “Tian Wolf, Tian Wolf, if you hadn’t operated with this one order, this battle, I don’t know how many times easier it would have been!”

The words were filled with resentment.

As Kui Gang’s military order was issued.

Gu Cangyue, Zhang Du’er and the rest of the Hidden World also left the rear camp one after another.

On the battlefield.

The sound of shouting and killing rushed to the skies and split the sky.

The magnificent battlefield completely pulled the Infernal Hell into this side of the world.

In front of the northern city gate, Chen Dong was like a needle in the sea, standing still and holding fast.

It was true that Zhenjiang City was dead in name only, but as long as the Northern City Gate was in place, it would be countless times easier to retake it when reinforcements arrived.

Once they succeeded, together with the other reinforcements, they would have a huge advantage over the entire war situation!


Chen Dong’s gaze was awe-inspiring as he looked into the distance.

He calmly asked, “Seniors of the Jiang Clan, do you really want to remain on the sidelines and not make a move to sway the battlefield situation?”

As Chen Dong asked, the six dragons of the Jiang Family also looked into the distance, locking onto the blazing, sky-rushing flaming defensive line.

Grand Master Jiang spoke calmly, “If we were not to make a move against you, we would not have made a move, there is a destiny in the underworld, and we are only following it.”


Chen Dong smiled gently.

After his state of mind metamorphosis, his outlook on everything had changed a lot ……