Winner Takes All Chapter 1972

It was hard to hide the grief.

Sobbing uncontrollably.

Xixing’s cries echoed through the tent.

Ye Linglong was completely confused.

Hearing the argument between Xixing and the black-robed Heavenly Wolf earlier had already caused her thoughts to be overwhelmed.

Now, Xixing’s cries had caused a huge wave to rise in her heart.

“Top secret of the Huns, what a laugh!”

Xixing was in tears and trembling all over, “Perhaps generations have changed and generations of ancestors of the Xiongnu royal court have thought that the top secret is the seventy-two Heavenly Wolf Martial Bodies and the Heavenly Wolves, but no, this is only an appearance, the real top secret is perhaps only known by the first few generations of the royal court ancestors, this is simply a Pandora’s Box with demons living inside! ”

“Once my Great Hun swept through the hundred tribes, casting the royal court ten thousand years of glory, there are still seventy-two heavenly wolf martial arts body as the base, if not artificial decline, I really can’t think of any other way, can make this royal court decline, even if out of a few generations of waste, but also can’t defeat the royal court at that time to build up the base!”

Ye Linglong did not ask.

Even after facing Xixing and hearing this from Xixing’s mouth herself, she was even more remorseful.

This had involved the highest secrets of the Xiongnu, but any talk of it could bring about a death sentence.

If she could do it all over again, she wouldn’t even set foot in the camp, but would do what the black-robed wolf did and turn around and leave!

Trembling with fear and trepidation.

Ye Linglong could no longer think about anything else, and could only gently rub Xixing’s back.

Other than that, she didn’t dare to think of anything else!

Her life …… was already hanging in Xixing’s hands!

Next, whether she would die or live, all depended on Xie Xing’s thought!

For a long time.

Only gradually did Xixing’s emotions calm down, and her sobs subsided.

Her eyes were red with tears, and she was wiping them off her face in an attempt to regain her former confidence and majesty, but no matter how she pretended, her face was not only remorseful, but also intensely scared.

The conversation she had just had with the black-robed Skywolf.

It was as if she had experienced an abuse that had stripped away her confident and untamed veneer!

“What do you think, what should I do now?” Xixing suddenly asked.

Ye Linglong was startled for a moment, but didn’t know how to answer.

“I’m in a mess in my head right now, you’re worrying if I’ll kill you, but I’m thinking of how to maximize their preservation and lead them to the domain in the meantime!”

As if he knew what was on Ye Linglong’s mind, Xixing said in a deep voice, “I don’t have the heart to kill you right now.”

Ye Linglong’s brow was furrowed and his eyes narrowed into slits as he gazed gloomily at Xie Xing under the lamplight.

“Can’t you not enter the domain?”

Xixing lowered her head, her hands clutching her hair, her elbows propped up on the case table, not noticing Ye Linglong’s change.

She said to herself, “No, it’s already like this, retreating is simply impossible, there’s no turning back, you are the jewel of the Hong Society, you shouldn’t say such a stupid and ignorant proposal.”

Ye Linglong’s face stretched out and said calmly, “Then we’ll just have to go along with it and gamble along.”


Shying Xing did not even raise her head and coldly responded.


Zhenjiang City battlefield.

With the five major legions and reinforcements from all sides arriving one after another, the battlefield, which was originally controlled by the allied army of the Hundred Clans, took a sharp turn for the worse.

Millions of troops had gathered together, but they were faced with enemies on all sides!

After experiencing the bombs of the inner sky troops, they continued to face the inner reinforcements without waiting for a respite.

Compared to the number of reinforcements from within the domain, the hundreds of millions of allied troops still had an absolute numerical advantage.

Facing the reinforcements from all sides, it was not difficult to divide and confront them!

What was really difficult was that, with millions of troops combined together, it was like an aircraft carrier, and now, in the face of the inland reinforcements sweeping in from all directions, it was extremely difficult to divide and attack them quickly, just by giving orders and shifting the army formation.

It was impossible to divide such a large number of legions in a short period of time to effectively defend against the reinforcements.

This created an extremely chaotic situation.

The outer Hundred Allied Forces, whether they were vanguards, mercenaries or elites, all met the incoming reinforcements at the first opportunity, while the middle Hundred Allied Forces were struggling to receive military orders to switch between attack and defence, while the innermost Hundred Allied Forces, even though they had received military orders to understand the situation on the battlefield, were wrapped up in the middle and had difficulty in using their battle power to meet the incoming reinforcements.

In other words, the legions that could form a living resistance at the first opportunity were only the outermost circle of the great battlefield!

And after experiencing the crash of the warplane just now, forming a sea of fire blockade, it even cut the millions of Hundred Clans United Army into two parts.

Even if the Hundred Clans United Army on the side near Zhenjiang City was still in such chaos, the Hundred Clans United Army on the other side, even if they had the intention to support them, were still overwhelmed by the raging sea of fire.

It was simply not practical to extinguish the sea of fire blockade created by the warplanes and break through it by force.

And to bypa*s the fire blockade would be even more time consuming!

“Charge me, charge into Zhenjiang City, take back our city, and no inch of land within the domain shall be allowed to escape!”

War Heavenly Dragon was in his old age, cloaked in armour, wielding his battle sword with a majestic killing intent.

He led the Heavenly Dragon Legion, the first to arrive on the battlefield and the first to take the allied army of the Hundred Tribes by surprise.

From the moment they appeared until now, the entire Heavenly Dragon Legion had maintained a razor-sharp momentum, reaping the lives of the Hundred Clans’ allied troops wherever they pa*sed.

Rolling under the iron hors*men.

Unless they were strong in qi, even those at the top of the mercenary battlefield could not hope to keep up with them, and could only grit their teeth to save their lives.

And the Heavenly Dragon Legion was the closest reinforcements to Zhenjiang City!


The northern gate of Zhenjiang City.

On the city’s top, the 4th and 5th Golden Guards and the remaining Great Snow Dragon Riders were sitting or lying on the city’s top in exhaustion, or leaning against the wall.

They were too tired!

The long battle had completely squeezed all their potential, and they had only managed to hold out so far because of their unparalleled and terrifying fighting faith.

Now that reinforcements were coming, the last breath of energy in their hearts was dissipated.

Even some of the severely wounded Great Snow Dragon Riders closed their eyes completely as soon as they sat down, lay down and leaned back, cut off their life!

They, burning their last ounce of life, held the city!

The Fourth and Fifth Golden Guards both noticed the Great Snow Dragon Riders who had left one after another, and were saddened, but there was nothing they could do.

The war was not yet over, but the mission of the Great Snow Dragon Riders had been accomplished!

Even the two of them, as the only two remaining Golden Guards, could not rise to fight again at this time, and they all ignored the allied troops of the Hundred Clans who were blocked by the ruins.

But with Master Kongkong high in the sky, as Cao Tianqin and the Sword Bearer retreated, the Hundred Alliance troops were more focused on fortifying other cities or blocking the reinforcements from the domain, while the Hundred Alliance troops attacking the Fourth and Fifth Golden Guards were swept away by Master Kongkong high in the sky as soon as they made a move.

In front of the city gate, Chen Dong was still blocking the allied troops with the Snowy Lion.

After a sword was swung out.

Chen Dong turned back and disdainfully glanced at the tightly closed Northern City Gate.

“Who can stop the gate?”

As soon as the words left his mouth, he directly chopped his sword towards the North City Gate.


Sword Qi cloaked the ground, ploughing a terrifying furrow as it slashed at the North City Gate with a bang.

In an instant, smoke and dust rose and debris rolled!