Winner Takes All Chapter 1971

Ye Linglong frowned slightly and paused in her steps for a moment.

But soon, she lifted her feet and walked out of the camp.

In the distance, the fire was glowing.

The blazing heat waves rolled in, actually dispelling the coldness of the wind and snow in this part of the world.

Ye Linglong looked around at the shadows of people, and every face was filled with gloom and sorrow.

She didn’t go far, but stood at the entrance of the camp and waited quietly.

This process, waiting for about ten seconds.


The sound of something smashing came from within the camp.

Ye Linglong was startled for a moment and instinctively wanted to go in and take a look, but the right foot that she had just lifted, was put back on the ground again.

Immediately afterwards.

The sound of Shying Xing’s sad questioning voice came from within the camp.

“What the hell do you …… want?”

“You’re the Hunnu Heavenly Wolf, a hundred tribes believe in you, why are you doing this?”

“Believing in you for thousands of years, can’t you genuinely think about the people of the Hundred Tribes?”

“This extremely cruel vast snowy plain, we have struggled to survive for thousands of years, now we have managed to unite together, wanting a new home, is it that hard?”


The questioning was incomparably sad.

But when they fell on Ye Linglong’s ears, they left Ye Linglong completely dumbfounded.

Was this really the conversation between the Hun Queen and Skywolf?

A series of questioning questions set off huge waves in Ye Linglong’s mind.

Her entire body froze in place, the distant firelight imprinting on her face, bright and dim, while her face looked complex.

“Who are you talking to?”

Inside the camp, the hoarse voice of the black-robed Sky Wolf rang out, “Xixing, I am the one who believes in the Hundred Clans, then the Hundred Clans should be used for me, don’t reverse the order!”

“BullSh*t! You are shepherding on its behalf!”


Xixing slapped the table and scolded, “Do you really think that if you’re called Skywolf, you’re Skywolf?”

“If I’m herding on its behalf, I’m also herding the people of your hundred clans, including you, the high and mighty Queen!”

The black-robed Heavenly Wolf’s hoarse voice was tinged with anger, “Don’t forget that you were able to rally the Hundred Clans to join forces not only because of your sleight of hand verve, but also because I stood beside you, representing orthodoxy, without me, you wouldn’t even dream of the Hundred Clans joining forces!”

“Don’t think too highly of yourself, if you push too hard, I’ll make you no longer even have a shepherd!” Shying Xing rebuked angrily.

“Don’t think too highly of yourself either, a pawn is just a pawn, even if you are the Queen of the Huns, you are still just a slightly bigger pawn!”

The black-robed Skywolf spoke in a harsh tone, with the air of an aggressive man who would not give an inch.

From the initial questioning, the two men were moving towards a quarrel.

Ye Linglong was so shocked that her face changed and changed again.

Shock, panic, doubts ……

All sorts of emotions came to the fore.

She hadn’t been in Xiongnu for long, but because of Xixing’s blessing, she hadn’t suffered any hardships in Xiongnu, and had even followed Xixing and seen a lot of internal Xiongnu scenes.

But the conversation she heard now did not match her impression of Xixing and Tianwol at all!

Weren’t the two of them close?

Were they not a community of interest?

How could they have become like this?

Such an argument was clearly something that should only occur between two people with completely opposite stances!

For a while, Ye Linglong’s mind was overwhelmed, as if it was stuffed with rotten cotton wool, and she couldn’t make sense of it.

She even had no doubt that if word of this quarrel were to get out, it would definitely overturn the deep-rooted beliefs of the Hundred Tribes outside the domain for thousands of years.

If she hadn’t heard it with her own ears, she wouldn’t have believed it!

“Set your own position! It’s all for the benefit of each, don’t give me any moralizing about great righteousness!”

The black-robed Heavenly Wolf’s hoarse voice resounded once again, “The royal court is in decline, back then you were given seventy-two Heavenly Wolf martial bodies, you all couldn’t hold on to the glory of the royal court, the declining Hundred Clans didn’t even put you in their eyes anymore, after waiting for so long, finally something somewhat useful like you came out, this time is your chance and the Hundred Clans’ chance, it’s also my chance! ”

“Eight military forces, gathered in Zhenjiang City, a battle to determine the kingdom, success is your hundred clan’s chance, is also my chance, failure then the hundred clan and I no longer have a chance, the thing is I want to do so, how to fight this next battle, or you say the decision, remember, do not forget that you are only a slightly bigger pawn!”

The words fell.

In just two seconds, the curtain tent of the camp was lifted.

Ye Linglong, who was listening sideways, was so frightened that her delicate body trembled, and as soon as she saw the black-robed Wolf, her body tensed up and she even held her breath.

And the black-robed Skywolf gazed at her.

It was this glance that even made Ye Linglong feel as if her soul was on fire.

Previously, she thought that as long as Xixing sheltered her, even the black-robed Heavenly Wolf would have to give in.

But the argument she had just overheard showed that the relationship between the two was not what she had imagined!

If the Black-Robed Wolf really wanted to do anything to her, even Shying Xing would not be able to protect her!

However, the black-robed Skywolf merely snorted coldly before turning around and walking away.

It was until the black-robed Skywolf disappeared from sight.

Only then did Ye Linglong awaken from the great oppression of being locked in.

With just this glance at her, a layer of cold sweat seeped out from her back.

Her face turned blue and red as she glanced at the direction the black-robed Skywolf had left with a palpitating heart.

After a moment’s hesitation, she gritted her teeth, turned and lifted the curtain and walked in.

Inside the camp, the lights were bright and wrecked everywhere.

Xixing, dressed in a phoenix robe, was lying in front of a desk, her body trembling vaguely.

Although she was trying her best to suppress it.

But Ye Linglong could still faintly hear sobs!

She did not say anything, but carefully walked over to Xixing’s side, and her right hand fell onto Xixing’s back, gently rubbing it as a kind of comfort.

Just at the moment Ye Linglong’s right hand pressed on Xixing’s back.

Xixing’s body trembled violently.

She raised her head and looked towards Ye Linglong.

Under the light.

Where was the once majestic world of Xixing? Instead, tears were streaming down her face, like the helplessness and grief of a little girl.

Tears flowed down from the corners of her eyes like broken pearls.

When she saw that it was Ye Linglong, Xixing was clearly surprised, but only for a moment.

She did not blame, nor did she hide, nor did she duck away.

It was just that an unspeakable remorse was revealed on her stunning face, her red lips trembling as she murmured helplessly, “I was wrong, I was really wrong, my father and grandfathers may have been incapable of restoring the glory of the Xiongnu royal court, and even they were not sure why Xiongnu was in decline, but I understand now!”

“The ancestors deliberately let the royal court decline, they must have discovered the true meaning of the existence of the 72 Heavenly Wolf Martial Bodies after the horse trampled on the Hundred Clans and became the royal court, and then the generations afterwards deliberately let Xiongnu lose the glory of the royal court in order not to open this Pandora’s Box!”

“Although the Xiongnu and the Hundred Clans had to face extreme cruelty and struggle to survive outside the realm, they were still in a better position than the one they are facing now, at least they had the option to live!”

“But now, I have opened this Pandora’s Box with my own hands and let out the demons in it, in the hope of changing the living environment of the hundred tribes.”

Words plucked from the heart, grief and remorse!