Winner Takes All Chapter 1964

“Reinforcements?! They’re, literally, here, I hear warplanes!”

“I heard it too, it’s coming from the south, it must be our reinforcements, the sky troops are coming first!”

“Hahahaha …… brothers, they’ve finally arrived, they’ve finally arrived!”


The Great Snow Dragon Riders, who had already given up, all had burning eyes and renewed hope.

But after a brief period of laughter and ecstasy, they were howling.

“Oh no! Why did they only come now, why did they only come now!”

One of the Great Snow Dragon Riders slammed his fist hard on the city wall, “They’ve all been fought out, we’re all that’s left of the Great Snow Dragon Riders!”

The atmosphere lingered with desolation and grief.

The Fifth Golden Guard, however, looked at the Five-Clawed Golden Dragon Flag, and with hot tears in his eyes, he smiled, “At least …… our Five-Clawed Golden Dragon is still there, our number is still there!”

In front of the northern city gate.

Chen Dong listened to the roar of warplanes and smiled as if he was relieved.

“Is it finally here?”


As he spoke, Chen Dong took a step forward and slashed down with a blast from his hand without a blade.

The sword Qi pitched, like a great mountain breaking across, instantly clearing a large gap in the tide of allied troops ahead.

The roar of the sudden attacking warplanes echoed in the sky, getting louder and louder.

The battlefield was magnificent.

Millions of allied troops were shaken and looked up at the sky.

The roar of warplanes pierced through the clouds, but now it swept down with a great sense of oppression.

The northern city wall.

Cao Tianqiang and the Sword Bearer, like the crowd of allied troops, were all staring up at the heavens.


“On guard!”

Cao Tianqiang bellowed.

“With a roar, the flames of his Qi suddenly rose up, turning into a tornado of flame that struck the sky above.

The light of the fire lit up the vault of the sky.

Under the attention of all the people.

The tornado of flames rose a hundred metres into the air, but wrapped itself around a bomb that fell from the sky.

Rumble ……

The bomb was instantly detonated by the flames, and the terrifying wave of fire swept across all directions in bright splendour.

“Air raid, air raid, air raid!”

On the battlefield, a shrill cry of alarm suddenly rang out from the millions of allied troops.

Everyone stirred.

Every single one of the hundred allied troops had panic and fear written all over their faces as they scurried around like headless flies.

In a ground war, air power is absolutely oppressive to the ground!

Due to the extremely cold and cruel weather in the North, neither the Snow Dragon Riders nor the Hundred Clans have deployed their warplanes until now.

The weather in the Northern Region in early spring is so extreme that not only is it bitterly cold and snowy, but countless cold air currents coalesce high in the sky, stirring up changes in the air that can greatly affect the flight of warplanes.

In a way, the war machine would have dominated the skies, and for both sides, instead the fruits of victory would not have been great, and other chaos might even have arisen.

But now, with reinforcements arriving and racing to reinforce Zhenjiang City regardless of everything, naturally not much thought is given to other factors, so much so that this sky is able to immediately strike a descending blow at ground troops the moment it is occupied with air control!

Boom, boom, boom ……

One by one, the bombs tore through the sky and fell at great speed in the darkness.

The battlefield was in chaos.

Crowds of people running in disarray.

Shouts of fear, fear, shouts ……

But the whole battlefield was filled with them.

The next second.

The bombs fell into the dense crowd, and with a roar, a mushroom cloud of flame rose up.

In an instant, the battlefield was as bright as daylight.

A sea of fire eroded countless allied troops.

Zhenjiang City itself had already been destroyed in name only, and apart from the resistance in front of the northern city gate, the rest of the allied troops of the Hundred Clans were all cheering and celebrating, unable to maintain even the most basic of formations.

Bombs fell on the crowd, causing a killing effect that far surpa*sed even the effects of bombing in normal warfare.

However, there were also some places where situations similar to Cao Tianqiang’s hand detonating bombs from space occurred.

Among the vast sea of people, there were some mercenaries who were at the top of their martial arts strength and only one step away from Qi Jin, but when they found the bombs being dropped, they used a means to detonate them in the air.

And this, too, was only a minority.

More places were receiving the baptism of bombs.

“It is truly magnificent, ten thousand fireworks rising up from the ground.”

Chen Dong looked at a flaming mushroom cloud on the battlefield and calmly murmured.

While the Fourth and Fifth Golden Guards and the Great Snow Dragon Riders, who were on top of the walls of the Northern City Gate, witnessed everything in the battlefield, they were illuminated by the mushroom cloud of flames, and their eyes were even brighter and brighter as the bombs exploded.

They had been waiting for this scene for a long time!

“If only this scene had come earlier, how good would it have been?”

“Yes, brothers, did you see that? Our reinforcements have finally arrived!”

“We didn’t disgrace the Great Snow Dragon Riding Army, we held out until reinforcements arrived, and Zhenjiang City is still standing, and the Five-Clawed Golden Dragon Banner hasn’t fallen yet!”


At this moment, both the Fourth and Fifth Golden Guards, as well as the remaining Great Snow Dragon Riding Army, were relieved, even before leaving behind Cao Tianqiang, the Sword Bearers and the great allied army.

Their mission had been accomplished!

Their mission had been accomplished!

In the sky, warplanes roared and whistled, resounding through the clouds with great force.

On the battlefield, countless bombs rained down, and mushroom clouds shot up one after another in spectacular fashion.

But the action of the Sky Force was much more than that!

As one fighter plane rained down shells, another swept behind the enemy lines.

But the planes that had finished raining down all their shells roared down towards the ground with a vengeance.


The first fighter to swoop down was like a huge mountain, smashing into the sea of allied troops, exploding into the air with smoke and fire, and then inertia pushed the fighter hundreds of metres in front of it as it hit the ground.

Destruction to the extreme!

A pure death raid!

With complete control of the airspace, the incoming reinforcements were in no man’s land!

The bombs, and the Hidden Worlds, were able to resist.

But when the planes hit the ground, there was no stopping them!

Millions of allied troops spread across the battlefield, and a warplane swooped down from the sky almost as fast as it could, filling the battlefield with a sea of fire, spreading the invasion, even in a row.

“They’re ……”

Chen Dong witnessed a warplane crashing to the ground and a sea of fire rising up, first he was shocked, then his pupils tightened, and he fiercely thought of something.

In the line of sight.

Although all the warplanes were rushing to the ground, raising a sea of fire in the sky.

But a glance across the distance, each warplane seemed to have been planned in advance for the crash site, and the sea of fire formed by the explosion between each other, but formed a line of fire cutting the battlefield.

The wreckage of one warplane was in the sea of fire, and the sea of fire was linked to each other in series ……

“Is it to cut the entire battlefield with this sea of fire turned into by one warplane?” Chen Dongming came to his senses.

It was also at this time.

A horn beating drum suddenly sounded in the distance, but it was …… coming from the south!

Ground reinforcements …… had arrived!