Winner Takes All Chapter 1962


The fourth golden guard leaned up to the sky and let out a long whistle.

Boom, boom, boom ……

The majestic qi energy was transformed into a trail of horses, like an anaconda dragon emerging from the abyss, rushing up to the sky.

The solid ground at the top of the city cracked inch by inch.

The fearful killing intent was released from the Fourth Golden Guard, which instantly filled the heaven and earth with the shadow of countless swords.

All the troops of the Hundred Clans who had come up to kill him were frightened by this aura and stopped in their tracks, trembling in fear.

Even Cao Tianqiang and the sword-bearer could not help but see the light of shock erupt in their eyes at this moment.

“The Fourth Golden Guard!”

The Fifth Golden Guard’s face changed greatly and immediately surged with Qi to stop the Fourth Golden Guard.

Bang Teen!

But as soon as he got close, he was shaken back by the Qi energy that the Fourth Golden Guard had declared.

“The Second Golden Guard Lord is dying on my behalf, are you still going to block me?”

The Fourth Golden Guard fiercely turned his head, hissing with fierce anger, “We have already come to this situation in battle, reinforcements have not yet arrived, we have done enough for the Great Snow Dragon Riders, now it is my turn to avenge the Second Golden Guard Lord!”

With every word, his killing intent was overwhelming.

The Fifth Golden Guard was stunned, his throat knotted and he was speechless for a moment.

The Great Snow Dragon Riders around him were all in a terrible state, their armour torn and bloodied.

Their faces, covered in blood and wounds, were all dark and desperate.

As the Fourth Golden Guard had said, the Great Snow Dragon Riders had done more than enough!

It had even done more than ever before!

Never before had an army been able to hold out to such an extent in the face of a war of such intensity!

But reinforcements?

They didn’t arrive!

How else could they hold out when they were fighting alone to such an extent?

“The wrath of ants is indeed interesting!”

Cao Tianqin’s right hand gently slid through the air in front of him, bringing up a wisp of flame across the sky as he joked and teased.

The words had just fallen.

The Fifth Golden Guard’s determined voice suddenly sounded out, “Fourth Golden Guard, have you forgotten what the military orders are?”

“I ……”

The fourth golden guard’s tiger eyes were red with tears, but he hesitated.

The fifth golden guard pointed his backhand at the five-clawed golden dragon flag erected on the city head, “Our mission is to guard this five-clawed golden dragon flag! The Second Golden Guard perished, also exercising his duty, a duty that the Great Snow Dragon Riders have followed since the Lord …… guarded his own soldiers! You are, in his eyes, his soldier, and he deserves to guard you!”

“And you should now, complete your task of guarding the Five-Clawed Golden Dragon!”

Boom, boom, boom ……

Qi rushed to the sky, killing intent soaring.

The Fourth Golden Guard’s gaze brightened and shifted.

“Soldiers, obedience is the natural duty, above the battlefield, there must not be the slightest personal feelings!”

The fifth gold guard’s right hand clenched his fist against his heart: “Then …… fourth gold guard, complete your mission task! This is your order, moreover your duty!”

One word, resounding like thunder!


The Fifth Golden Guard stood fiercely and stomped his right foot on the ground.

The Fourth Golden Guard looked up at the five-stroke Golden Dragon Banner waving in the wind, and then at the sea of fire that had yet to dissipate, and the remnants of ashes from the burning torso of the Second Golden Guard could still be faintly seen floating in the sea of fire.

His eyes were red and he could not help the tears from dripping down from the corners of his eyes at last.

But he continued to bite his lips tightly, not allowing himself to show too much expression!

“Amongst the Golden Guards, apart from Head Chen, only you and I are left, along with this remnant of no more than a hundred soldiers, our final mission is to guard this Five-Clawed Golden Dragon Flag!”

The Fifth Golden Guard’s tone eased down and his expression was serious and firm.

The terrified killing intent on the Fourth Golden Guard’s body was still there, and his qi was declaring, but the frantic deadly intent that he had just felt was rapidly receding.

“What’s the point?”

Cao Tianqiang snorted, “With this level of strength you have, what’s the point of fighting or not fighting to the death?”


The sword-bearer waved his longsword, and the cold light was bitterly cold.


One word was uttered.

The allied troops of the Hundred Clans, who had originally stopped moving forward, immediately shouted like thunder and surged towards where the Five-Clawed Golden Dragon Flag was.

Almost simultaneously.

Cao Tianqiang and the Sword Executioner both raged with their Qi energy, aiming straight at the Fourth and Fifth Golden Guards.

In their eyes, the Fourth and Fifth Golden Guards were no different from ants, even if they were Qigong powerhouses.

At this point, the situation had already been decided, and the two of them did not even have the slightest idea of being fancy, they just killed them head on!

“Great Snow Dragon Riders, fight!”

With a hiss, the Fourth Golden Guard took the lead and met Cao Tianqing.

And the Fifth Golden Guard also raised their Dragon Rider battle swords and charged at the sword-bearer.

The remaining Great Snow Dragon Riders did not hesitate in the slightest, and as the two Golden Guards charged, they also raised their swords in a determined manner and fanned out to meet the onrushing Hundred Clans Allied Army.

Determined to die!

Even if there are tens of thousands of people ahead, they will not be afraid to go!


The sea of fire rose into the air, the heat blazing.

It was like a small sun, lighting up this side of the city like daylight.

It was at the moment when the fire was so bright.

A sword qi, out of the blue and domineering, went across the sky.

It was at this moment.

There was a sudden change!

A buzzing rumble!

A dull humming sounded in the sky above, and the air was distorted.

A terrifying oppression, like a prison, descended from the sky.

Cao Tianqiang and the Sword Bearer’s faces changed dramatically, and their eyes instinctively turned upwards, when they saw a broad sword qi, more than ten metres long, descending towards them as if it were a titanic mountain.


Cao Tianqin’s Qi flame surged around his body and he drew back.

The sword-bearer, however, had a stern gaze and a raging battle intent.

“This sword is fierce, I dare to fight!”

With a shout, the Sword-bearer’s sword in his hand rose up, wrapped in a majestic sword Qi, and directly met the terrifying sword Qi descending from the sky.


The sword qi collided with each other and the qi impacted in all directions.

As the sword qi streaked across the room, with a “click”, the sword in the sword-bearer’s hand broke into countless pieces, flying in a tumultuous manner, and a few pieces even pierced directly into the sword-bearer’s body.

Blood splashed out.

As he staggered back, he threw back his head and spurted out a large mouthful of blood.

His whole body was dumbfounded, staring in fear at the terrifying sword Qi that hovered in the air, but did not fall or dissipate.

The sword blast had not only shattered his sword and caused him to vomit blood, it had also shaken the Qi in his body into chaos!

“I told you to act tough, now you know how powerful it is, right?” Cao Tianqing looked at the sword-bearer helplessly and couldn’t help but shake his head.

In front of the North City Gate.

Chen Dong was still standing in place like a statue, except that the bladeless in his right hand was pointing towards his back.

The bloody gale blew and danced with his hair.

He slowly turned his head and his eyes looked askance at the five-clawed golden dragon battle flag waving in the wind above the city.

Although the general situation had been decided, the five-clawed golden dragon flag was still waving in the firelight.

“Although the state of mind has broken through, the Second Golden Guard is right, I should still guard my soldiers!”

The soft voice murmured, but it was permeated with a bitter and piercing chill.


The sword qi that hovered in the long sky cut down with a bang.

Half of the city wall trembled, smoke and dust rolled, debris flew, and it swept straight up to a height of tens of metres.

And under this sword, hundreds of allied troops were killed.

Even the wall of the city, which had been so strong and imposing, collapsed with a roar!