Winner Takes All Chapter 1961

The cries and pleas resounded through the city.


In the distance, there was a loud explosion.

A terrifying wave of Qi swept across the city, turning all the barbarian allied troops in its path into a bloody mist!

The Second Golden Guard turned around and wept.

“Old Eight ……”

The mushroom cloud of qi that rose to the naked eye was the 8th Golden Guard’s death throes, detonating himself and exploding his qi to die together!

Looking at that mushroom cloud of qi, the second golden guard’s eyes were filled with tears and his lips were trembling.

He had really fought his way out!

Around him, there were less than a hundred survivors, along with the men brought by the Fourth and Fifth Golden Guards, and that was all of the Great Snow Dragon Riders.

“Defend, defend now!”

Looking at the tidal wave of the allied army of the Hundred Clans, the remaining Great Snow Dragon Riders still did not give up their resistance and raised their swords to meet them.

Before, it was Zhenjiang City, but now the five-clawed golden dragon battle flag behind them was their position!

The tide of the allied troops surged with killing intent.

Mixed in with them were two terrifying Qi pressures.

They were Cao Tianqin and the Sword Bearer!

And they were heading straight for the Fourth and Fifth Golden Guards!

“D*mn it, I’ll fight with you!”

The second Golden Guard with tears in his tiger eyes fiercely roared.


The majestic qi energy broke out of his body.

His lofty body was like a great mountain moving sideways, and he resolutely charged out of the Great Snow Dragon Riders, breaking through the tide of the Hundred Clans’ allied troops and heading straight for the Fourth Golden Guard!

At the same time.

The Fourth Golden Guard also sensed that the air had suddenly become fiery!

Death was descending!

“Come and fight!”

In a flash of lightning, the Fourth Golden Guard, however, had a crazed face, and the Dragon Rider’s battle sword, which had long since crumbled in his hand, blasted out in the direction of the diagonal slash, wrapped in sword Qi.

Boom ……

The flames swept out, but instantly engulfed the Great Snow Dragon Riders who were following around the Fourth Golden Guard.

With a wave of screams, each and every one of the Great Snow Dragon Riders were wrapped in flames and fell to the ground, wiped out!

Bang Teen!

At the same time, the Fourth Golden Guard’s Dragon Rider’s sword was caught in the air by Cao Tianqing’s burning hands.


Under the firelight, Cao Tianqin let out a fierce laugh.


The blazing qi flames, like maggots on the bone, instantly eroded up the Dragon Rider Battle Sword, rapidly sweeping towards the Fourth Golden Guard.

“Spill it!”

The Fourth Golden Guard’s face paled as his rigid Qi energy blasted into Cao Tianqin, trying to use it to shake his hands away.


A flash of cold light cut through the darkness.

At the same time, a sword chant rang out.

It was over!

The Fourth Golden Guard’s pupils suddenly tightened.

At this moment, he had even given up resisting and waited for death to come.

When he faced one Hidden World, he still had the will to fight.

But when he was facing two Hidden Ones at the same time, one attacking him head-on and the other sneaking up on him, this was already a certain death sentence!

The firelight shone in the air.

A long sword, flashing with a biting cold light, swept towards the neck of the Fourth Golden Guard like lightning.


Two streaks of sword energy broke through the air, overwhelming.

Almost simultaneously.

The swords roared.

The long sword that was originally cutting at the Fourth Golden Guard turned in the air and directly met the two sword qi.

There was a loud explosion.

Smoke and dust rolled.

The sword-bearer was shaken by the two sword qi and sent flying.

This was ……

The sudden change of events caused both the Fourth Golden Guard and Cao Tianqin to be shocked.

In the snap of a finger.

The second golden guard, who was holding two swords, was already close to the front.

“Old Fourth, protect the flag!”

The Second Golden Guard grabbed the Fourth Golden Guard’s shoulder with his big hand and yanked it backwards.

The Fourth Golden Guard was yanked by this huge force and immediately let go of his Dragon Rider Sword, stumbling backwards and narrowly avoiding the attack of the qi flames.

Without waiting for the Fourth Golden Guard to stand firm, the Second Golden Guard threw the Dragon Rider’s Sword in his hand at the Fourth Golden Guard.


The sword’s sound shook the ears.

The Second Golden Guard held the sword in one hand, but like a great mountain of fear, he stood directly between Cao Tianqiang and the Fourth Golden Guard, and the tip of the Dragon Rider’s sword landed on the ground.

At the same time, he shouted, “You, don’t go wild!”

“Second Golden Guard!”

The Fourth Golden Guard shouted and was about to carry his sword alongside the Second Golden Guard.

The Second Golden Guard, however, did not even look back and scolded, “This is a military order, the Dragon Head Guard is guarding the North City Gate, now this guard is in charge!”

The Fourth Golden Guard’s footsteps gave a screeching halt.

The next second.

The second Golden Guard’s feet swept up with a bitterly cold Qi.

He slowly lifted his Dragon Rider’s sword and held it up in front of his chest.


The overwhelming qi swept across the ground, shattering a layer of fragments.

The Second Golden Guard, however, rushed straight towards Cao Tianqing and the sword-bearer like a cannonball!

“Little Golden Guard, seeking death!”

Cao Tianqin shouted, and his flaming qi turned into a dragon scroll, burning everything and charging directly at the Second Golden Guard. .

The sword-bearer, however, fiercely swung his longsword, fluttering like a gossamer, actually trying to bypa*s the second Golden Guard and heading straight for the fourth Golden Guard.

“Your opponent is here!”

The lofty figure of the Second Golden Guard was like a great mountain moving across, wrapped in a majestic killing intent, and swept directly in front of the Sword Executioner’s path, slashing at him like a tarzan pressing down on him.


Sparks erupted as the swords clashed.

Qi fluctuations were visible to the naked eye, sweeping in all directions.

Before the Second Golden Guard could retract his sword, Cao Tianqiang rushed forward with a raging fire.

In an instant.

The three of them fought in a clash.

The Qi energy was so strong that it left a terrifying crack on the ground of the city wall.

The flames of qi raged in the sky, and the blazing heat seemed to be able to burn up everything!

The Fourth Golden Guard stood in place, looking at the Second Golden Guard who was fighting alone against the two Hidden Worlds, and his eyes were red with tears.

But he only paused for a moment before turning around and running towards the Five-Clawed Golden Dragon Banner.

This was an order given to him by the Second Golden Guard!

On the battlefield, military orders are like mountains!

Even though he was of the same rank as the Second Golden Guard, the custom in the Great Snow Dragon Riding Army was as the Second Golden Guard had said, that when the Lord was outside and the First Golden Guard could not take care of himself, then the Second Golden Guard had the right to give orders to the Great Snow Dragon Riding Army!


The moment the Fourth Golden Guard reached the Five-Clawed Golden Dragon’s flag, the fire behind him roared out, and a terrifying heat wave invaded.

“Lord Second Golden Guard!”

The Fifth Golden Guard roared up.

The Fourth Golden Guard’s tiger body shook as he turned around in a flash, and the fire and light qi instantly pounced and surged onto his body, only for it all to be parried by his qi.

As far as the eye could see, a raging sea of fire tumbled and rolled backwards.

The lofty figure of the Second Golden Guard stood in the centre of the sea of fire.

At that moment, his armour had all fallen apart and the Dragon Rider’s sword in his hand was only half left.

The flames were blazing, attacking his body, burning it fast.

But he, however, did not move a muscle!

“My lord ……”

The fourth golden guard’s lips mumbled as he wailed piteously.

It was he who should have been in the fire!

It was the second Golden Guard who took his place!

For no other reason than that he was the Second Golden Guard and he was the Fourth Golden Guard!

“Gnats shake the sky, they don’t know how to live or die!”

Cao Tianqiang stood not far from the Second Golden Guard, and the raging sea of fire was as docile as a kitten around him.

The Second Golden Guard in front of him, however, had his face cracked by the heat, falling off like a wall skin and turning into ashes.

With his last breath, the Second Golden Guard said, “I’m just …… guarding my soldiers!”