Winner Takes All Chapter 1959

Inside the camp of the Hundred Clans’ marching army.

Kui Gang’s face was sullen as he and a group of generals and marshals were looking at the sand table and analyzing the battlefield situation.

“Your Highness, the nearest reinforcement army to Zhenjiang City is led by one of the five great generals of the domain, Zhan Tianlong, and is now ten miles away from Zhenjiang City!”

A deputy marshal clasped his fist and reported back.

Kui Gang frowned slightly and waved his hand, “I don’t want to know this, I just want to know how much longer it will take to push Zhenjiang City!”

The deputy marshal was busy saying, “With the army pouring out, regardless of the cost, and sending out a part of the Hidden World, we will definitely be able to wipe out the Great Snow Dragon Riding Army and push down Zhenjiang City before the reinforcements arrive.”

“Good! If you can’t do it, I’ll see you with my head!”

Kui Gang’s eyes were bitterly cold.

Following closely behind, another deputy marshal clasped his fist and said, “In addition, the one who gave the secret order of the Heavenly Wolf is only known to have issued the secret order directly from within the temporary city palace.”


A word was spoken.

A chorus of cold breaths rang out from within the camp.

Everyone’s faces changed dramatically and were incomparably complicated.

Even Kui Gang narrowed the corners of his eyes, his face as black as charcoal.

The Temporary City Palace, that was the office of Queen Xixing!

Issued from within the Temporary City Palace, it meant that …… was a secret order from the Queen!

“Let’s ignore it for now, let’s discuss this matter later, first push to level Zhenjiang City.”

Kui Gang waved his hand and immediately ordered, “Each of you go out and take command of all the troops, after leveling Zhenjiang City, we still have to meet the reinforcements from all sides in the domain, this battle will not be easy yet, when we get through, the plains and fertile fields in the domain will be leveled!”

“Yes, sir!”

The generals of all sides retreated at the same time with orders.

Inside the camp, only Kui Gang was left alone in the blink of an eye.

He stopped in front of the sand table, his expression was sunken to the extreme, but he was thoughtful, his gaze bright and uncertain.

“What exactly do you …… mean?”

Kui Gang murmured softly.

It was also at this time.

A Rongwu rushed into the camp and knelt down on one knee, “Report! Marshal Kui Gang, the Queen has set off for the front line and is going to be on an imperial expedition, please make arrangements in advance, Marshal.”



Kui Gang’s tiger eyes were fierce and his qi surged, and his palm directly smashed the sand table to pieces.

Wood chips and gravel flew about.

Under the light, Kui Gang’s features were twisted, and his lofty and upright body was trembling.

This scene frightened the Rong Wu who was reporting to him, almost burying his body on the ground, not daring to breathe out.

“What the hell do you mean? What’s all this nonsense about the imperial guard?”

Kui Gang clenched his teeth and squeezed out a sentence from between them, “Do you think you know everything because you do everything yourself? Or is it that you still don’t feel at ease with the fact that you have personally appointed the Marshal of the Hundred Clans to lead the Hundred Clans’ army southwards, and that this Marshal is so weak and incompetent in your mind?”

Every word, resentment and depression.

Kui Gang’s body trembled more and more.

He clenched his teeth and his eyes were covered with red blood.

The secret order of the Heavenly Wolf, issued from within the palace, was something he had contained.

But how could he have imagined that Xixing would decide to go on an imperial expedition!

“I would have compared my heart to the bright moon, but why is the bright moon shining in the ditch?” Kui Gang closed his eyes and lamented.


The sound of shouting and killing that rushed to the sky.

The ripples of qi energy washing the long sky.

The flames rising everywhere on the city head.

All this, Huo Zhenxiao saw in his eyes.

He was like a statue, standing on top of the mountain of corpses, looking out in the direction of Zhenjiang City.

The smell of blood was so thick that it made people sick to their stomachs, and it kept pouring into his nostrils.

But to him, having been through hundreds of battles and walking in purgatory, the smell of blood was nothing.

He didn’t know how he had survived.

Even at first he thought it was because Master Khongkong had helped him put on the robe of merit and dispel the heavenly calamity that he had managed to hang on to his breath and survive.

But the moment Chen Dong touched him, he sensed that something was not right!

Only compared to Chen Dong’s ignorant guesses, he felt it more clearly!

This breath, it was not Master Khong Khong who had kept it suspended, or rather, Master Khong Khong’s power, was only a secondary effect!

The one who really retained this breath was himself!

The mountain of corpses trampling beneath his feet, piled high on the mountain, gave Huo Zhenxiao a very good line of sight, allowing him a clear view of what was happening on Zhenjiang City.

The endless tide of the allied troops, the mountainous waves of people, surged towards Zhenjiang City.

At the head of Zhenjiang City, the Great Snow Dragon Riders were defending the city to the death.

The shouts, the screams, the hisses of desperation …… were all from the sons and daughters of the Great Snow Dragon Riders.

They have never retreated!

They have never been cowardly!

Looking at the endless enemy army, there was only one thought, to charge and die!

Gradually, Huo Zhenxiao’s eyes grew hazy and moist.

These were the soldiers he had trained!

This was the army he had trained to be the best in the world!

The soldiers had not failed him, and they had not dishonoured the name of the Great Snow Dragon Riders.

Great Snow, Dragon Riders!

Bred in the snow, all the men are true dragons, and they will go forward!

This was his ambition when he first named the army.

Now, it has finally come true!

On the contrary, looking at the bloody purgatory of Zhenjiang City, Huo Zhenxiao’s heart was filled with a strong sense of guilt.

As a master, he should have led his army into battle.

But now, he could only stand atop this mountain of corpses like a statue, watching his generals die.

This feeling was like death by a thousand cuts.

Even though the army of the hundred tribes around him had given him the greatest respect of a strong man.

But this respect was even harder to bear than his death!

As he looked at the endless stream of hidden worlds around Zhenjiang City, Huo Zhenxiao’s heart trembled for a moment.

“Master, what do you call scheming, while the Hundred Tribes outside the domain have the help of countless hidden people, and us, what do we have?”

Huo Zhenxiao wailed inwardly.

As Master, he was the parent of the 300,000 Great Snow Dragon Rider Army, and who parent would be willing to see their children fight to the death and shed blood?

Who parent, again, would be willing to see their child fighting alone?

Who would want to see their children fighting alone while the enemy has an endless supply of helpers?

Huo Zhenxiao’s body trembled, and he felt a stirring in his body.

But this stirring was limited to his own perception.

To the outside world, he was still like a corpse, a statue, standing motionless on top of the mountain of corpses!

“Retreat, retreat! Guard the flag, guard the flag!”

The Second Golden Guard, seeing that the momentum was gone, shouted with ripples in his scarlet eyes.

In the distance.

There were also Golden Guards making the same decision and shouting orders.

But the Second Golden Guard could clearly sense that the number of Golden Guards giving military orders had diminished on the chaotic battlefield!

He wasn’t surprised.

Since there were hidden men attacking him, there must also be hidden men attacking other Golden Guards for the purpose of beheading them.

The difference was simply that when he faced Cao Tianqiang, he had Chen Dong and Master Kongkong to shelter him.

When he faced the middle-aged man with the sword, he fought and retreated, barely stabilising the situation.

The outcome for the other Golden Guards would have been unbearable!

There were only a dozen Great Snow Dragon riders left around.

Elsewhere, he was not sure how many Golden Guards and how many Great Snow Dragons were left.

At this moment, his only obsession was the five-clawed golden dragon battle flag erected at the northern gate of Zhenjiang City!

That was the symbol of the …… Great Snow Dragon Riding Army!

It was also the place he intended to use as his last resistance defence!

Or it could be said that it was …… the last struggle of the Great Snow Dragon Riders!