Winner Takes All Chapter 1958

“Me too?”

Chen Dong was dumbfounded on the spot.

His thoughts flew around and he struggled to find out what his qi had transformed into!

Was this …… sure it wasn’t a joke?

The other party wouldn’t be able to make fun of him on such an occasion!

The sixth master Jiang’s voice came again.

Even though the other party was in the midst of a fierce battle, it did not affect his communication with Chen Dong in the slightest.

“In the ancient mythological era, myths were pa*sed down, but I can tell you that the natural conditions in the ancient era were far, far more favourable than now, and bloodlines were even created and pa*sed down back then.”

“As time pa*sed, the seas and oceans changed, the stars and the moon changed, and the bloodline gradually faded out of sight, and the possibility of the human race was repeatedly reduced.”

“Throughout history, the human race has tried countless times to change this dilemma, all of which ended in failure, until the appearance of Chen Daojun, until he embarked on the Pan Gu Project.”

“And as the chosen one of the Pan Gu Plan, everything about you has been completely changed, going back to the ancient times and regenerating your bloodline, so you also have the possibility to match the ancient bloodline… When I say this, you should be able to understand how terrifying Chen Daogun’s Pan Gu Plan really is, right?”

A series of words were poured out to Chen Dong as if he was pouring beans out of a bamboo tube.

For a moment, Chen Dong froze in place.

Not waiting for him to inquire.

Sixth Master Jiang’s voice rang out in his ears again.

“To tread the Heavenly Path is also to trace back to the ancient times and discard the present-day dilemma of all things being ruminants, after all that I have said, you should understand the importance of this one, right? What you are doing is not for a certain individual, but for the whole of everything under heaven!”

Chen Dong’s lips mouthed, but he did not respond.

This was not the first time he had heard the same words.

Heaven and earth were unkind, and they treated all things as ruminants.

But going back to the ancient times, what exactly was the ancient times like?

“But then, isn’t that a return to the ancestors?”

Chen Dong clenched his fist, holding his sword in his right hand, he casually chopped out with a sword aura out of the corner of his eye, destroying and wiping out the group of allied troops of a hundred tribes that swarmed in front of him.

“Do you know how radiant the glory of your ancestors was? The myths of the ancient times, the three emperors, the five emperors, the human emperor Haotian, are they really just myths? In the ancient times, man and god lived together, this was true equality, and now it has become a ruminant, many things do not push through with time, time may erase some of the once and can also erase some of the untamed ……”

The voice of the Sixth Master Jiang was hurried, and even as he said these words, he was clearly straining a little, as if something was suppressing him from saying them, but he spat them out in a rush.

Chen Dong looked down in contemplation.

“Is this all you can hope for?”

He murmured softly, and Chen Daojun came to mind.

And on the city walls.

Boom, boom, boom ……

Cao Tianqin waved his hands, splashing out majestic flames, annihilating all the trails of golden light that descended from the sky.

The seemingly easy annihilation was actually trapped in place by the golden light, unable to move!

“Old villain, let’s see how long you can last!”

Cao Tianqian’s white hair was dancing about, and the red locks of hair were rising with a curl of fire: “Aren’t you worried, then look, how many people are standing against Chen Daojun this time, everyone wants to step into the sky, everyone wants to fight for this qualification, you are all making slogans, but who are you fattening in the end? How ridiculous!”

“Namo Amitabha Buddha!”

On the vault of the sky, Master Kongkong pointed out several golden lights with both hands one after another, and then he put his hands together and chanted a Buddhist hymn.


In the void, a bell suddenly rang out.

Ripples of Buddhist light rippled out from Master Kongkong’s body.

A golden swastika Buddha seal then condensed on Master Kongkong’s clasped hands, and quickly expanded to five meters in diameter, flattened in the air, splashed with golden light, and rotated like a great mountain as it pressed down on Cao Tianqin’s head.

“Hahahaha …… Good, good, old baldy, you are just like those people in the past, worthy of being a false-faced Bodhisattva, a land Buddha!

Cao Tianqin’s white hair waved about, looking like a madman as he laughed uncontrollably.

As he saw the swastika Buddha seal come crashing down.

Cao Tianqin’s body pressed down fiercely, his robes rattling and flames sweeping out, actually forming a tornado of flame that rose up from the sky with him at its centre.


There was a loud sound.

The flaming tornado collided with the Swastika Buddha Seal, and layers and layers of flames and Buddha light spread out in all directions, but the two were frozen in mid-air, entangled.

“What the hell kind of war is this?”

In the distance, the Second Golden Guard wielded his sword and killed several of the allied soldiers, and when he turned around, he saw the flaming dragon scroll and the swastika Buddha seal frozen in the air, he could not help but curse.

He was a Qi powerhouse and the number four man in the Great Snow Dragon Riders’ army.

With his strength and experience, he had never seen such a battle before!

He had personally witnessed the spectacle of Huo Zhenxiao destroying a city with one man, one spear and one horse, and had also witnessed Master Kongkong’s Buddha’s shadow shaking the Heavenly Calamity, but now that he saw Master Kongkong and Cao Tianqin’s battle again, he still could not help but feel his heart leap with fear.

This was completely beyond his perception of the martial arts!

It was like a miracle, a god descending into the world!

And in the midst of this onslaught, he was deeply impressed by how small he really was!

Screams, shouts and roars of rage ……

converged from all directions, deafening the ears.

The Second Golden Guard wiped a handful of blood from his face and looked around, his jaws splitting.

As far as the eye could see, there were the rude faces of the barbarians and the fierce faces of the mercenaries.

But interspersed with them were the few faces of the Great Snow Dragon Riders, and it took a lot of searching to find them!

The Great Snow Dragon Riders …… are really going to be finished!

“Reinforcements, how long until they arrive?”

The Second Golden Guard asked loudly with a shudder in his tiger’s body.


A communicator loudly reported back.



Not waiting for him to finish his sentence, a cold light swept by, the correspondent’s body abruptly stopped, and a human head fee up into the sky as a fountain of blood gushed out.

“Hehehe ……”

The Second Golden Guard sneered, a cold light glinting in his narrowed tiger eyes.

Through the corpse that was gushing blood, he could see a middle-aged man in a white tunic, holding a long sword, resembling an ancient gentry, standing there with a cold, frosty look on his face.

The aura on the middle-aged man’s body caused the Second Golden Guard’s heart to palpitate!

Another Hidden World!

“No need to ask, haha …… come and fight!”

With a roar, the Second Golden Guard brandished his two Dragon Rider battle swords and charged determinedly at the sword-bearing middle-aged man.

In front of the northern city gate.

Chen Dong lifted his head and looked worriedly towards where the Second Golden Guard was.

“One by one, the Hidden Worlds are jumping out one after another, just how many Hidden Worlds are still hiding on the Hun Hundred’s side?”

Chen Dong’s voice was somewhat astonished, the Hidden Worlds that had jumped out one after another were one after another terrifyingly strong.

In the past, he would not have believed it.

Under the universal sky, there were countless strong people.

However, in the martial world that could be seen, the hierarchy of strength was always according to the pyramid structure.

All these hidden people had long since disappeared, but now they were popping up one after another, and the number of them coming together was truly mind-boggling!