Winner Takes All Chapter 1949

“Ancient Cang Yue! Gu Cangyue! Ancient Cang Yue!”

The unmistakable hoarse roar of rage echoed from within the palace of the Xiongnu temporary city in the rear.

The firelight swayed.

It stretched the black-robed Skywolf’s figure long and long.

But his body was trembling violently, and his eyes under the hood were glowing with scarlet blood.

Behind the desk.

Xixing sat with his face as cold as frost, his expression sullen with rage.

Inside the palace, the two men’s anger was causing the temperature to plummet to freezing, oppressive and suffocating.

Ye Linglong was silent in response, feeling the extreme oppression, but her throat tightened.

“Why is he so stupid?!”

The black-robed Sky Wolf hissed again, his black robe on his body shook violently, and his majestic qi rushed in all directions with a blast, hardening the stone slabs paving the ground to shatter, forming pieces all over the ground.

“B*****d! What a fool! How could the ancient family have such a fool? How could the old lady teach such a thing?”

Repeatedly scolded, the anger was overwhelming.

Both Xixing and Ye Linglong stared at the black-robed Skywolf.

It was the first time they had seen the Black-Robed Skywolf so furious, even out of his mind!

Especially Xie Xing, whose face was as cold as frost as she stared at the Black-Robed Sky Wolf, the shock in her eyes was undisguised.

The Black-Robed Skywolf in front of her was a far cry from the Black-Robed Skywolf she knew!

“It’s the first time this king has seen you get so angry, it’s as if you’ve changed!” Xixing’s red lips mumbled.

The black-robed Heavenly Wolf’s eyes were bloodshot: “Aren’t you angry? What’s the report from the front line of battle? Chen Dong’s madness is imminent, yet Gu Cang Yue does not sacrifice the Great Cauldron, how good a time is this to compromise Chen Dong’s state? Aren’t so many old hidden monsters sent out just waiting for this one chance?”

“But what about him? He missed it! He missed it! Rigidly turning this matter into a chance for Chen Dong, do you know how strong the Heaven and Earth Heart Realm really is?”

“Chen Dong is the optimal seed created by Daoist Monarch Chen’s Pan Gu Plan, all of his conditions are already extreme, except for his heart state, this is something that even Daoist Monarch Chen cannot control to change, this heart state is also the only shortcoming in Chen Dong’s body!”

“But now, the last shortcoming has been made up!”

Every word was vomited with blood.

The hallowed Hun faith was now gnashing his teeth and spitting out like a grieving woman.

If this scene were to leak out, not to mention the hundred tribes, at least the entire Hun people would have to have their faith collapsed!

Xixing’s eyebrows were furrowed as she and the black-robed Heavenly Wolf were equally angry, but while she was angry, there was some confusion in her heart.

“It’s too perverse for someone like Gu Cang Yue to miss a battle opportunity, something like this shouldn’t be done by him!”

The black-robed Heavenly Wolf sneered, “Normally he really couldn’t do it, according to what we saw, he did perversely miss the battle opportunity, but he was afraid, he was afraid, he was afraid that after the Great Cauldron was sacrificed, it would be snatched by the Jiang Family’s Six Dragons, losing this bottom card would be more unbearable than his death, his old lady of the Gu Family, desperately died to leave the Great Cauldron to him!”

“The Great Tripod ……”

Xixing’s eyes flickered, “Is this Great Cauldron that important to him? If it was really that powerful, the Jiang Family’s Six Dragons could still snatch it away?”

The black-robed Heavenly Wolf flung his sleeve robe in indignation.

“Descendants of Yan and Huang, the Jiang family is a descendant of the Yan Emperor and is in the first generation, while his Gu family is a descendant of one of the descendants of the Yellow Emperor, the Ji surname, which was then changed to the Gu surname, and is in the second generation!”

“One of the eight ancient surnames has the surname Jiang, while the surname Gu is no longer among them, this difference in generation alone, a difference in surname, the Jiang family is far beyond the Gu family, it is really possible that they have the means to take away the Great Cauldron!”

Xixing pondered for a few seconds.

In a deep voice, he said, “But the matter has come to this, there is nothing we can do even if we are angry, missing it is missing it, Kui Gang should find a way to remedy the situation, just step through Zhenjiang City as soon as possible!”

The black-robed Heavenly Wolf turned around abruptly, his scarlet bloodshot eyes looked towards Xie Xing, but he fell straight into silence.

Rao Ye Linglong also looked at Xixing in dismay.

“How can she be so calm?”

This was the thought in Ye Linglong’s mind.

But her dismay was also a flash.

I don’t know why, but she always felt that there was something wrong between Shying Xing and the black-robed Heavenly Wolf!

This feeling did not come now, but she had felt it from the very beginning when Xie Xing had plotted his army’s journey south.

Although the changes were subtle, so subtle that ordinary people could not even notice them.

But she had not suffered any real bad luck in her exile in Xiongnu because of Xixing’s shelter; instead, she had lived in the Xiongnu king’s palace, and although she was under house arrest, she and Xixing had spent a lot of time together, even inseparable at times, more than even Xixing’s personal attendants had spent.

It was because of this way of spending time together that she felt more clearly what was going on between Qixing and the black-robed Heavenly Wolf.

“Yes, Kui Gang should find a way to remedy the situation, as long as we can stamp out Zhenjiang City, the Hundred Clans will be able to stamp out the domain.”

The black-robed Skywolf spoke once again, no longer as irritable and furious as he had been a moment ago, instead he was unusually calm, so calm that he was almost indifferent!

After saying that.

He then turned around and walked towards the outside of the palace.

Xixing raised her eyes to gaze at the black-robed Heavenly Wolf, her beautiful face only indifferent, unable to tell what she was actually thinking.

After the black-robed Heavenly Wolf had completely disappeared from sight.

Only then did Xie Xing order in a deep voice, “Ye Linglong, do you think that now that the battle has come to this state, should I go to the front line to supervise the battle?”

“Supervise the war?!”

Ye Linglong came back to her senses and was surprised by this idea from Xixing: “Isn’t the battle situation still under control? As the queen and the leader of the allied army, you should be sitting at the back, it’s too risky to go to the front line!”

“Where is the battle still under control?”

Once the reinforcements arrive, the dying Zhenjiang City and the Great Snow Dragon Riders are bound to revive. There is no army in the world that can be tough to this extent!”

“If that’s the case, this battle will be completely locked in Zhenjiang City, with Zhenjiang City as the centre, continuously strangling all military forces within and outside the domain!”

“But if we raze Zhenjiang City before the reinforcements arrive, then the battle can still return to the strategic plan we initially formulated, and everything will still be under our control!”

Ye Linglong pondered for a moment, “So you want to go to the front line just to supervise the battle and boost the army’s morale, so that they can overwhelm Zhenjiang City before the reinforcements arrive?”

“Yes, whether it works or not, this matter has to be done to find out!”

Xixing got up, her gaze determined, at this moment she no longer needed to ask anyone, but had already made up her mind.


Inside Zhenjiang City.

The Fifth Golden Guard had just led the Great Snow Dragon Riders to clear the allied troops from one of the city tops.

He was about to raise his sword and continue to lead the Great Snow Dragon Riders to reinforce another city when two communication soldiers rushed over, bloodied and ecstatic to the point of near frenzy.

“Lord Golden Guard! It’s restored! Hahahaha …… Our communication with the outside world has been restored and we have contacted the reinforcements!”