Winner Takes All Chapter 1948

The commander froze.

The military doctor in front of him, however, pulled out an envelope and handed it to the commander.

“This is a letter of request for orders signed by all of us, the military doctors, who wish to ascend to the city and fight the enemy to the death!”

“When did you sign this?”

The commander was stunned on the spot and looked at the envelope in front of him, hesitating for a moment whether he should take it or not.

“It was signed at the beginning of the war, but we all knew where we were supposed to be and what we were supposed to accomplish, so we never handed it to you, and we hoped that it would not be time to hand it to you.”

The medic slowly took off his mask and smiled bitterly: “But now, it’s our turn, because …… all the rescue drugs have been exhausted, and without outside help, our mission has been terminated, but we are the Great Snow Dragon Riders, and we are never willing to wait around, we have to do something. ,”

He said.

He slowly retreated two steps back, his right hand clenched into a fist and placed it where his heart was.

At the same time.

One by one, the military doctors also took off their masks, took off their hats, and made a fist with their right hands and placed it on their hearts.

“All military doctors of the Great Snow Dragon Riding Army, please fight!”

A unison shout resounded through the barracks.

The commander’s tiger eyes flushed red and held tears in his eyes as he slowly swept the room.

He did not expect the desperate situation to come so suddenly.

It was enough that the lone army had no chance.

So much for the isolated city.

Now, even all the resuscitation drugs had been exhausted, which meant that any more wounded soldiers would no longer be able to be resuscitated, and if they didn’t die in battle, they would have to lie in a pool of blood and die!

The commander took a deep breath and said, “You guys continue to resuscitate, I’ll go to the city!”


The head of Zhenjiang City.

“Charge! Give me a charge!”

“D*mn it, follow me and charge, push this group of barbarians off the city!”

“Set fire, set fire to the goods and burn these B*****ds!”


A hissing voice resounded through the city.

On the city’s head, heads swarmed like a tidal wave.

Blood splattered.

Limbs flew about.

Fire raged in the sky.

People were falling and being wounded all the time.

The close combat had turned into a state of desperation to inflict casualties on the allied army of the Hundred Clans.

All of them were so desperate that setting fire to protect themselves became the best way to stop the Hundred Clans’ forces from climbing the city.

The various Golden Guards, still leading the Great Snow Dragon Riders, were charging forward.

A stream of qi energy ravaged the city, dealing devastating blows to the Hundred Clans’ allied troops as they ascended the city.

It seemed invincible, but there were only eight Golden Guards in total, so they could only lead the Great Snow Dragon Riders in eight places at the same time, which was only a drop in the bucket compared to the length of the city!

In more places, the Great Snow Dragons were defending with their lives.

Even the corpses of their comrades were used as “sandbags” against the Hundred Clans, or as fuel for the fires they were setting!

“Where are the reinforcements, where the hell are they?”

The Second Golden Guard, holding two Dragon Rider swords in his hands, slashed out two slashes at the same time, emptying this corner of the city of allied troops.


A voice came out.

As soon as the Second Golden Guard saw the person coming, his tiger eyes widened: “You are not staying at the wounded soldiers’ camp, you have left your post without permission in the middle of a great battle, you will be executed by military law!”

“The last general is willing to receive military justice!”

The commander knelt on the ground, his eyes red with tears, “The wounded soldiers’ camp has run out of logistical rescue medicine, so all the military doctors have asked for orders to go to the city to fight!”


The Second Golden Guard’s tiger body shook and froze for a moment.

“Rescue medicine …… is depleted?”

The Second Golden Guard’s lips were noodling, and for a moment he looked blankly at the overcrowded and fiercely killed city head.

With his position and battlefield experience, how could he not know what such news, meant?

The loss of eligibility for salvage information meant that all the wounded soldiers that followed would have no choice but to wait for death!

If there were still wounded soldiers, as long as they could fight on, there was still the possibility of these wounded soldiers going into battle again and fighting to their last breath.

And now, there are none!

“About how many of us are left in ……?”

The Second Golden Guard inquired with a drifting gaze.

A commander beside him, covering the wound on his shoulder with one hand, reported back, “On the city head, the brothers who are still fighting are less than 20,000!”

“Less than …… twenty thousand?”

The Second Golden Guard laughed, a sad, sad smile.

He turned to look at the endless tide of allied men below and laughed louder and louder.

“Three hundred thousand people fierce battle to less than 20,000, but still holding on to Zhenjiang City unbroken, this less than 20,000 people, but to face millions of people, hahaha …… Laozi has never fought such a DD in his life!”

“The communication boarded the city, the caterers boarded the city, the logistics all boarded the city, now even the military doctor is going to board the city with a scalpel, this city, we have defended it long enough, where are the reinforcements, where are the reinforcements ah?”

“The Great Snow Dragon Riding Army is not a liability to the domain, Zhenjiang City is not a liability to the domain, but reinforcements from the domain, when exactly will they come?”

A single sentence, squeezed out from between his teeth, tore his heart out.

A city, an army, defending to this extent was already shocking enough.

Moreover, what they were defending was not these millions of troops, but half of the world, no, even half of the world!

In the battle of national fortunes, the world is on the line.

There were many bets placed by the four powers on the hundred tribes outside the realm, and all the bets, both explicit and implicit, were poured into these millions of troops.

But Zhenjiang City and the Great Snow Dragon Riders.

From beginning to end, there was only one city and one army!

From afar came the sound of a denunciation.

The Second Golden Guard took a deep breath and turned around expansively, “Pa*s on my order, military doctors to board the city, and any wounded soldiers who have the strength to fight, board the city!”


The commander rose and left.

The Second Golden Guard ordered again, “Pa*s on my order, block the gates in all four directions, stone and wood have been exhausted, then use corpses, another order, corpses to forge the city!”

Saying this, he raised his two Dragon Rider war swords.

“Old me wants to see how much more treacherous this battle can be!”

“Great Snow Dragon Rider Army, battle!”

A shout.

On top of the city, the Great Snow Dragon Riding Army scrambled to echo the shout, shouting to the skies.

At the same time.

At the back of the battlefield, in the main camp of the allied forces.


Kui Gang slapped the table into pieces.

He rose in anger, like an enraged lion, wanting to devour others.

“Rubbish, what a bunch of rubbish!”

“What is that group of hidden people doing? And what is he, Gu Cangyue, doing?”

“Such a good opportunity, that Chen Dong had clearly revealed himself, so why did he miss this heavenly opportunity?”

“He had already revealed his own flaw, yet it became an epiphany for him!”

Every word was a torrent of anger.

All the generals present were chilled to the bone, not daring to speak.

With the news coming from the front line, not only was Kui Gang’s liver furious, but even they, the generals and marshals, were also gnashing their teeth.

It was clear that this was a rare opportunity!

It was clear that a group of old monsters had rushed out just to wear out Chen Dong.

Clearly, the opportunity had been sent to them for nothing, but it had become a chance for Chen Dong.



“Give me the order to raze Zhenjiang City at any cost, and then let some of the old monsters go out in search of an opportunity to attrition Chen Dong!”