Winner Takes All Chapter 1947

Boom, boom, boom ……

In Zhenjiang City, the clamour rushed to the sky.

There were shouts, hisses, and even faint cries mixed in.

Endless waves of people were coming towards Zhenjiang City, layer upon layer.

Round after round, endlessly.

If it had been any other army, it might have collapsed under the endless despair.

But from the beginning of the battle until now, the Great Snow Dragon Riders have always stood firm.

With their faith, with their lives, they have shown the whole world the bloodiness of the Great Snow Dragon Riders, showing the world what it means to be the true number one in the world!

The Northern City Gate was as solid as gold under the defence of Chen Dong and the Snowy Lions.

Chen Dong stationed himself at the North City Gate, swinging out his bladeless, overwhelming sword Qi time and again.

The Snowy Lion streaked across the battlefield, slaughtering with abandon.

Whether it was the Allied vanguard, the Allied elite, or the mercenaries with greater individual strength, they were never able to break through the defences of this man and beast.

On the other hand, on several battlefields in the sky, there were loud roars and rampant qi.

From time to time, there were also waves of Qi energy escaping to the ground battlefield, causing even more fierce casualties to the Hundred Clans’ allied troops.

However, Chen Dong did not care.

He was even indifferent to the state of defence of the other parts of Zhenjiang City.

After the transformation of his state of mind, it was as if his entire person had completely changed from the inside out.

He was no longer as deeply involved in battlefield sacrifice as before, and even the thoughts of madness had disappeared.

He did not do anything, but went with the flow.

These eight simple words are the most apt description of Chen Dong at this moment.

Even Chen Dong himself was a little confused as to why there was such a big difference between himself and his surroundings.

He had clearly become so demonically charged just now because of the battle!

He had even needed Master Khongkong to summon the Sea of Bitterness to suppress it.

But when the obsession had pa*sed, everything just dropped so abruptly.

All he cared about was the defence of the Northern City Gate.

There was nothing else to worry about!

He no longer even cared about the casualties of the Great Snow Dragon Riders.

He was as numb and indifferent as a log!

At the head of Zhenjiang City, blood was flowing and mountains of corpses were piled up.

The long and fierce battle had already wiped out the infrastructure of Zhenjiang City, which now still looked like a majestic city from the outside, but was already in shambles inside.

The only thing still intact is the wounded soldiers’ camp!

The torches waved a dim light, illuminating the camp as bright as day.

The camp was overcrowded with wounded soldiers as far as the eye could see, and there was no empty corner to be found.

The screams of the wounded soldiers and the orders of the doctors were no quieter than outside.

A steady stream of wounded soldiers were brought into the barracks, and a steady stream of bodies were brought out.

Every now and then there were shrieks from the crowd, and there were military doctors who could not survive physically and simply pa*sed out.

“Commander, let me go up to the city, I’ve only received two stabs, I can fight again!”

“D*mn, these barbarians, I’ll fight them to the end even if I die!”

“Commander, I won’t heal, my brothers have all died in battle on the city, I should go up to the city again, if I stay here in the wounded soldiers’ camp, they will laugh at me on the road to the Yellow Spring!”


The wounded soldiers who were bandaged up, prayed to the commander in charge of the wounded soldiers’ camp.

To them.

Zhenjiang City was in danger, and the Great Snow Dragon Riders were fighting to the death.

And yet they were in the wounded camp because of their wounds, it was a disgrace!

When a man joins the army, he should die on the battlefield!

They are not afraid of dying!

They were more afraid of being humiliated!

“Shut up, shut up!”

The commander, covered in blood, scolded in a stern voice, “You are wounded soldiers, if you are wounded, you should treat me properly.

A scolding made the emotionally charged wounded soldiers quiet down.

But a face covered in blood or wounds was still resigned and angry.

“All of you get well, don’t F**king glare at me with bull’s eyes now!”

The commander gritted his teeth and said, “You are all wounded soldiers and you feel ashamed, but I am a F**king commander and I can’t even go up to the city to fight, I am even more ashamed than you. If any of you don’t go up and P*ss your trousers in fear, I’ll cut you down with my sword!”

The rhetoric was clear, but it revealed the perilous state of Zhenjiang City at the moment.

In any war, the wounded battalion is already considered the rear of the battlefield, and if the wounded soldiers are really needed to go into battle, then it is really the end of everything!

You know, the intensity of the war in Zhenjiang City, minor internal wounds from stab wounds would not enter the casualty camp, but still persist in fighting at the city head.

Those who really made it into the wounded soldiers’ camp were the ones who had slipped in front of the ghost gate and saved their lives!

Their wounds were not light at all!

But they, all of them, were no longer afraid!

“Commander, aren’t the reinforcements coming? Contact them, what do they say?”

A wounded soldier with his head wrapped in gauze and the left corner of his mouth still torn by a slash, drew in a cold breath at this point and wailed.

At these words.

Within the wounded soldiers’ camp, countless gazes were directed towards this commander.

This commander was in charge of the entire wounded soldiers’ camp, and was considered the highest officer in the camp.

Sensing the countless gazes, the commander’s face turned blue and red, but he was like a man on his back.

He hesitated for a moment.

He said in a deep voice, “We can’t contact them anymore, Zhenjiang City has been beaten into a ruined city. Even the Golden Guards are helpless.”

There was a pause.

He added, “The brothers of the communication unit have already gone up to the city with their swords, as well as the brothers of the logistics unit, any living creature in Zhenjiang City who is breathing and can carry a sword and do damage to the Hundred Clans barbarians has gone up to the city!”


Inside the wounded soldiers’ camp, there was dead silence.

All had sad faces and clenched fists.

The great battle had reached this level, and everyone was holding their breath in their hearts.

The Great Snow Dragon Riders were relying on Zhenjiang City to hold on, facing heavy attacks from the allied army of the Hundred Tribes, and heavy reinforcements, while their own side was isolated and unsupported.

To say that they were not angry or unhappy about such a situation was pure bullSh*t!

But the soldiers’ vocation never made them think of slacking off.

In the silence.

A military doctor in a white coat walked up to the commander in chief.

“And us!”

“What are you mad about, you still have to treat the wounded soldiers!” The commander’s tiger eyes glared.

The military doctor shrugged, “Although we doctors hold scalpels, scalpels can also kill the enemy, when it really comes down to the last moment, when we all die together, there will be no need for us to save people, we should have died fighting with all our brothers!”