Winner Takes All Chapter 1945

The battlefield, where wind and thunder had gathered, returned to calm the moment Chen Dong uttered a single word, and the thunder and lightning storm clouds fell abruptly silent.

With one word, the words came out!

This sudden change caused millions of people on the battlefield to tremble and tremble, terrified and horrified.

To the old hidden monsters like Gu Cangyue and Zhang Du’er, it was like a heavy hammer that ruthlessly struck them in the heart.

Gu Cangyue’s face turned red and his heart was in huge waves.

Not only that, he could even clearly feel the man-eating gaze cast by Zhang Du’er.

Missed it!

He had really missed it!

Gu Cangyue cried out in his heart in chagrin, but the matter had come to this, and there was no way to undo it.

Although he did not know much about the Heaven and Earth Mind Realm, the impact of Chen Dong’s word to stop the wind, clouds and thunder was enough to make him realise the horror of the Heaven and Earth Mind Realm.

The other Hidden Worlds were also filled with resentment in their hearts at this moment.

The Six Dragons of the Jiang Family, however, were all smiles.

The Heaven and Earth Heart Realm, where the words come out.

This might have been just a glimpse, a once-in-a-lifetime occurrence that could not be found, but it had really happened once.

The presence of this one time was enough to pull Chen Dong and all of them apart by a heavenly chasm-like distance!

High in the sky.

Master Empty Sky had a complicated expression, the golden light in his eyes had already dispersed.

The look in Chen Dong’s eyes was even more bright and uncertain.

He only wanted to stop Chen Dong’s demonic nature from growing madly, he just did not want Chen Dong to enter a state of self-consumption, to stop things from developing towards an incalculable cost, and to seek a glimmer of possibility for what was to come.

However, he did not expect that the act of evoking the Sea of Bitterness would help Chen Dong successfully complete his mental metamorphosis.

Compared to others, Master Khong Khong, as the one who evoked the Sea of Bitterness, was more aware of what Chen Dong had actually experienced in the Sea of Bitterness.

Those four sentences chiselled like thunder were merely words heard from the outside world.

And within the Sea of Bitterness, Chen Dong had made the choice to cut off his obsessions!

Master Empty Sky knew that Chen Dong was a man who valued love and righteousness, and that a man with seven emotions and six desires was a layman.

When a layman has attachments, it is difficult to break through.

Things such as the Buddha’s no-phase and the Taoist’s no-action are telling one what direction one’s mind should take.

There is no phase but there is a phase, and there is no action but there is action.

By preference, very few can achieve this.

Even if Master Kongkong is a Buddhist and knows well the truth that the six roots are pure and all four are empty, it is still difficult to cut off, and he can only achieve one, but cannot use this one to progress to the level of two. Even when he reaches the land Buddha, he is still relying on merit and virtue to urge him on, while his state of mind has not yet reached the realm of heaven and earth.

And Chen Dong, just during that period of time when he was trapped in the Sea of Bitterness, did just that!

In the sea of suffering, he turned his back on his obsessions and stepped out onto another path.

It may seem like an easy process, but the difficulty involved is comparable to ascending to heaven!

“Transcending the sea of suffering, heaven and earth are only the mind, Amitabha Buddha, this creation is unexpected!”

Halfway through the day, Master Kongkong recited a Buddhist hymn and revealed a smile of relief.

When he raised his head once more and looked into the darkness of the deep north, he was no longer as grave as before, but had a little more relaxed banter instead.


“Now, do you still continue?”

Grand Master Jiang looked at Gu Cang Yue and Zhang Du Er provocatively, “If you want to continue, we, the Jiang family, do not mind accompanying you to the end, but …… are you sure that Chen Dong will not have another breakthrough?”

Gu Cang Yue was momentarily speechless.

Zhang Du’er, on the other hand, strained his neck and said, “Hmph, he has already broken through to this level, with the upper celestial rules restricting him, what else is there to break through?”

These words were side evidence of Chen Dong’s current state of strength.

The rest of the old hidden monsters had complicated expressions on their faces.

There were those who were entangled, those who were indignant, and those who looked at Gu Cang Yue with resentful gazes.

They had spent their entire lives, hundreds and hundreds of years of cultivation, but they were no match for Chen Dong’s short tens of years.

Such a discrepancy would be difficult for anyone to accept!

“Then who knows? Perhaps …… there are still details of the breakthrough that you and I don’t know about?”

Grand Master Jiang shrugged and cast a sidelong glance at Chen Dong below, “After all, the potential in him is truly limitless, I don’t mind if you guys want to bet!”

“And what if the city is broken?”

Gu Cangyue gritted her teeth, a cold light flickering in her eyes that were narrowed into slits.

“You guys are free to do as you please.”

Grand Master Jiang looked at Gu Cangyue with a smirk, “Zhang Du’er was right in one sentence, as the heir to the second generation of the Yellow Emperor’s surname, you Gu Cangyue are really no better than a dog!”


Gu Cang Yue’s robe shook as his Qi energy steeply declared out, shaking the air with a rumbling sound.

The next second.

“Seniors, please continue the battle!”

Chen Dong tilted his head and looked towards the six dragons of the Jiang Clan on the dome of the sky, “It will also reduce some of the pressure on Zhenjiang City.”

The tone of his voice was calm and did not carry the slightest bit of resentment.

At this moment, it was as if Chen Dong was a different person from before.

It was more like he had risen in height, overlooking the entire battle situation, erasing some of his personal emotions.

“Then let’s fight!”

Grand Master Jiang let out a shout.

Boom, boom, boom ……

In the sky, trails of qi energy, like pythons turning over the air, ravaged the long sky.

The six dragons of the Jiang Family were however directly and brazenly charging towards the warring Hidden Old Monsters.

In an instant.

There were loud roars and explosions.

On the dimly lit long sky, countless Qi coils stirred the long sky and wreaked havoc in all directions.

Whoops ……

At the same time, the sound of trumpets and drums were heard from the rear of the allied battlefield.

These sounds, on the battlefield, were the military orders to urge the whole army forward!

As the trumpets and drums sounded, the soldiers of the allied army once again rushed towards Chen Dong’s northern city gate with fearful killing intent.

“Da Bai!”

Chen Dong shouted.


The snowy lion let out a lion’s roar that shook the heavens and the earth.

The terrifying pressure of the beast king once again overwhelmed the elite cavalry of the allied army, causing them to tumble.

The horses hissed in fear and fell to the ground, while the elites fell all over the place.

However, having learned from the previous round, the elite cavalrymen were still in disarray, but the casualties were significantly less than before.

The Snowy Lions rushed straight into the crowd and killed everyone in their path.

Chen Dong, who was guarding the northern city gate, wielded his bladeless sword in his hand and once again swung it against the tide of allied troops.

Sword Qi streaked across the city, looking out of the corner of the eye.

Nakedly crushing, nakedly reaping.

It was the same as before.

If one had to say that there was any change, it was Chen Dong’s mindset and expression.


An unprecedented calmness!

His face was so calm that it did not feel like he was on the battlefield, his expression did not change in the slightest from beginning to end, he just casually chopped out sword after sword.

“Brother Dong, the other direction is almost overwhelmed!”

Qin Ye’s breathless reminder sounded in his ears.

Not only could the Great Snow Dragon Riders in the other directions of Zhenjiang City not hold up, even he could not hold up!

However, Chen Dong spoke calmly after cutting out his sword.

“Let nature take its course!”