Winner Takes All Chapter 1944


The sound of gla*s shattering echoed above the battlefield at the same time.

The sound was soft.

But to the silent battlefield, it was unmistakable.

In an instant.

Millions of people’s bodies shook at the same time, and their faces looked terrified.

This crunching sound, as if in an instant, stirred the nerves of millions of people at the same time.

And the Jiang family members and Gu Cang Yue, the old monsters of the Hidden World, were looking different!

“Cracked, cracked open? The Sea of Bitterness …… Sea of Bitterness has actually cracked?!”

“The empty old vulture has already condensed the robe of merit and virtue and become a land Buddha, the Sea of Bitterness can even be conjured up, and it can still be broken?”

“Heaven and earth mind realm, heaven and earth mind realm …… this kind of mind realm, I’m afraid that the old man will not be able to reach the level even if he lives another three thousand years!”


“Ancient Cang Yue!”

Zhang Du’er rude face, all ruthless and hideous, at this time he looked at Gu Cang Yue’s eyes, hate to eat each other: “You pig teammate, you look, you quickly look ah, a good opportunity, froze by your hesitation to make Chen Dong’s chance, heaven and earth heart realm, after this, he is almost a complete person!”

“I ……”

Gu Cang Yue face red, dumbfounded.

Based on the fact that the sea of bitterness was now crumbling, he also surmised the terrifying extent of the Heaven and Earth Heart Realm.

For a moment, a tide of remorse surged.

If he wasn’t in the middle of a battlefield at the moment, he would have wanted to slap himself twice!

Click …… click …… click ……

The crunching sound of the sea of bitterness breaking apart became increasingly dense.

The sea of bitterness, which had previously been tumbling with layers of waves, seemed to have been frozen at this moment, windless and waveless.

It was as if it was a giant ball of earthy yellow gla*s, and with the cracking sound, a crack visible to the naked eye protruded from it.

In the blink of an eye.

Above the Sea of Bitterness, cracks were already everywhere like spider webs.

“The variables in him are always so endless, the heaven and earth state of mind, impeccable, only the heart is natural, now even the last stigma in his heart has dissipated.”

Grand Master Jiang’s gaze burned as he looked at the Sea of Bitterness that was already littered with cracks, clenching his fists in excitement, “A natural state of mind, when there is no fear, nothing to do but something to do, such a change of mind is unparalleled in a thousand ages, Chen Daojun your long term vision is truly frightening!”

As he murmured.

Grand Master Jiang was looking up at the changing winds and clouds, lightning and thunder on the dim sky dome.

His mind was transformed to reach the heavens!

This wind and cloud thunder vision was the best proof of Chen Dong’s state of mind.

A perfect state of mind that is unparalleled in a thousand ages, even the heavens would be scornful and jealous.

One must know that for martial artists, strength is the best thing to improve.

Fighting skills, physique, combat awareness ……

Martial artist strength, is a combination of all aspects, in other words, want to improve, training alone to strengthen one of them, can also achieve the purpose of strength enhancement.

Only the state of mind!

But the strengthening cannot be easily accomplished by training!




The transformation of the mind is only related to these three things.

Sufficient experience is like a whetstone, polishing away the dross of the mind, and then enlightenment is enough to bring about an epiphany, and only then is there a transformation of the mind.

You can’t have one without the other!

Without experience, even the strongest enlightenment is just a pavilion in the air, a flower in a mirror, a moon in water.

With experience, without enlightenment, more experience is just more suffering.

It’s not like the strength to improve, or even the ability to rely on quantitative change to cause qualitative change at some point.

Those who have lived long enough and experienced enough, but in the end, it is difficult for them to achieve a metamorphosis of their state of mind.

What they lack is enlightenment!

Not the enlightenment to improve their strength, but the enlightenment to face all kinds of experiences.

It is not the enlightenment to improve one’s strength, but the enlightenment to face all kinds of experiences, all kinds of choices, choosing the right one again and again, and then accepting this choice with a clear mind again and again, and finally building up, in order to reach the metamorphosis of the state of mind, but one wrong choice, or one closed mind, and the metamorphosis of the state of mind will come to an abrupt end.

The opportunity is a mysterious and mysterious existence.

Chen Dong, on the other hand, grew up with a dark childhood, an arranged life, suffering and sorrow, but he still gritted his teeth and forged ahead, and his childhood experience was something that most people may not even experience in their lifetime.

He carried it through and was enlightened enough to make a choice from one experience to the next, and with a clear mind chose to accept that choice, which led to this metamorphosis.

He had love and righteousness, but it was also love and righteousness that became his final restraint.

This was clear to Grand Master Jiang, as it was to the rest of the Jiang family, and even to many others.

Parents, wife and children, friends and brothers.

Chen Dong had been desperately guarding these, but little by little they were being lost from him.

This was his obsession, the idea of death!

From the beginning of the Great War, Chen Dong’s choice was proof enough.

All thoughts were ashes, his heart was like death.

Chen Daojun knelt and apologised, bowed and begged to come out of the mountain, the perishing of his subordinate brothers in the army of the Great Snow Dragon Riders, and eventually he came out.

But, his obsession is still there!

It was also a shackle that held his mind in deadly check.

After witnessing the tragedy of Zhenjiang City, his heart ebbed and flowed, and eventually the demonic nature of the Daoist heart grew wild again.

But Master Kongkong’s bitter sea of suppression had curbed his demonic nature to an extremely fine balance, and it was at this juncture that the shackle around Chen Dong’s neck broke open!

At this very moment, the shackle around Chen Dong’s neck was broken!

In Grand Master Jiang’s opinion, Chen Dong had already surpa*sed their Jiang Qilin in all aspects, and had almost no shortcomings in all aspects, making him the most suitable candidate to tread the Heavenly Path, while his state of mind might be the only shortcoming, but it could not be forced.

By chance, Chen Dong has done it!

In the midst of an ill-fated life, by himself, he managed to complete a metamorphosis of his mind state!

It was also when the sea of bitterness was littered with dense cracks like a spider’s web.

A calm voice suddenly sounded out.


The voice was soft and calm in tone.

Yet it was like a thunderclap on a flat ground, extraordinarily ear-shattering, and it even caused one’s heart to tremble violently.


The sea of bitterness, which was already full of cracks, exploded in response to the sound in this instant.

Countless earthy-yellow rays of light, like glittering fire, rose into the air and finally disappeared like fireworks.

Chen Dong was still standing there, in the same posture as before he was swallowed by the sea of bitterness.

But at this moment, his body was glowing with a golden light, crystal-bright and glittering.

It was as if the moment he broke through the Sea of Bitterness and reappeared before everyone’s eyes, he became the only one in this heaven and earth.

“The thoughts are clear.”

Grand Master Jiang smiled in relief.

The previous Chen Dong, no matter what state he was in, could clearly feel that his body carried a sense of resentment and hostility.

This kind of feeling might not be felt by ordinary people, but for Grand Master Jiang and the others, it was felt incredibly clearly.

And now, Chen Dong could no longer feel that resentment and hostility on his body.

It was as if he was a piece of supreme jade, polishing away the last dross on it, revealing only the brilliance of jade.

Under the attention of all the people.

Chen Dong finally moved.

He slowly turned around, his deep eyes sweeping over the whole room.

He was still in a state of madness, his face was still covered in veins and veins, and a huge sea of blood was still escaping behind him.

But his eyes were deep and dark, no more blood.

Rumble ……

Lightning and thunder roared.

Chen Dong, however, raised his head, pondered for a second, and his lips and teeth lightly opened.


A soft word, but it was like the holy sound of the nine heavens.

With one word, the wind stopped, the clouds stopped, and the thunder and lightning dissipated!