Winner Takes All Chapter 1942


Both knees hit the ground heavily, and the ground cracked inch by inch.

While Chen Dong, the blood in his eyes was flickering brightly and darkly.

The sound of the Buddha’s voice grew louder and louder.

It gathered from all directions and poured into Chen Dong’s ears.

The blood aura around him was also rapidly weakening and darkening.

Above his head, the boundless sea of bitterness roared and rapidly poured down.

The earthy yellow colour rendered this side of the vault of heaven like a prison, pouring down and sealing all sides of Chen Dong, while like a large hand, it quickly squeezed and gathered the blood-colored qi from Chen Dong’s body.

“Little fool …… Youn ……”

Chen Dong knelt on the ground, trembling all over, while his blood qi was rapidly darkening, his mind was instead conjuring up Gu Qingying and little Youen, as well as his parents ……

It was as if the moment the sea of bitterness enveloped him, all of a sudden it pulled him to another space.

This space.

It was a vast ocean, only the water was an earthy yellow.

The waves were surging, one after another.

Chen Dong was standing in the centre of this earthy-yellow ocean, and when he looked in all directions, as far as he could see, apart from the earthy-yellow ocean, only endless blackness remained.

In the darkness.

A familiar figure, trampling on the earthy yellow ocean, slowly came.

“Big Fool ……”


“Daddy …… hug, hug ……”

One by one, familiar figures came quickly.

Chen Dong stood on top of the sea of suffering, his face full of tangled pain.

He was clear that this was an illusion!

Thought about resisting this illusion too!

But looking at his parents, Gu Qingying and You En who were running away, all thoughts of resistance quickly disappeared.

At the same time.

A crash ……

The waves of the sea rang out.

The sound of the Buddha’s voice carried through heaven and earth.

Chen Dong seemed to feel something and turned his head to look, but he found a flat boat coming fast above the bitter sea.

His parents, wife and You En, who had originally come running towards him, were all on the other side of the boat, all looking at him with smiling faces.

“Amitabha Buddha! The sea of bitterness is boundless, turning back is the shore!”

Master Empty Sky’s ethereal and majestic voice rang out at the same time.

Chen Dong looked at the flat boat sailing to his feet and fell into contemplation.

“Is it really …… necessary to put it down?”

“But if we put it down, what about Zhenjiang City and the Great Snow Dragon Riding Army?”

“Can I only watch the city break down and people die, then what is the point of me, the leading guard of the Great Snow Dragon Riding Army, running into battle?”

“They have already done enough, there is really no more fighting, and I …… still have the power to fight, I am not willing to sit and wait for death, I am not willing to stand by and watch indifferently.”

“I came to this battlefield, I came as a leading guard, he Chen Daojun knelt down and begged me to come.”

“Zhenjiang City is practicing the meaning of its existence, the Great Snow Dragon Riding Army is also practicing its mission, and I ……”

A single thought surfaced in Chen Dong’s mind.

He raised his eyes to look at his parents, his wife and You En in the distance.

They were all smiling, smiling sweetly, smiling happily.

And such a smile, once Chen Dong had asked for countless times, but of course …… it was just that, a luxury!

“My home is gone, but they …… still have a home!”

Chen Dong suddenly laughed, reckless and spontaneous, as if he was relieved all of a sudden.

He tilted his head to the dark sky, the sound of waves churning in the bitter sea echoing in his ears, the smile on his face incomparably relieved.

“When a man stands in the world, he should have the world at heart.”

As soon as the words were spoken.

Chen Dong took a step forward and brazenly stamped his foot on the flat boat.

Buzzing rumble!

The flat boat, which was originally swaying in the bitter sea, was splitting apart with this foot and quickly sinking down into the bitter sea.

And the parents, his wife and Youn on the opposite side, all smiles disappeared at the same time.

“Daddy ……”

Chen Youen’s big eyes filled with tears, a face of aggression.

But Chen Dong smiled more and more relieved.

He turned around expansively, on top of the sea of suffering, with his back to his parents, wife and You En.

“To establish a heart for heaven and earth, to establish a life for the living people, to succeed the sages of the past, and to open up peace for all generations!”

Every word, resounding like thunder.

In an instant.

The sound of thunder rolled.

The waves of the bitter sea came to an abrupt halt.

Chen Dong’s voice echoed in this space for a long time, and it grew louder and louder.

It even …… overshadowed the woeful Buddhist sound!

He raised his feet, took a step, and walked towards the darkness in the distance.

One step, after another, his footsteps did not stop.

But the aura on his body was changing drastically.

There were no more entanglements, only determination, unrelenting!

“I have come from the sea of suffering, I am also in the sea of suffering, where is there ever a head to return to?”

“Where I am, where is the sea of bitterness, where is there a head to turn back to, Master …… do you say yes or no?”

“They are guarding their homes behind them with their lives, guarding their beloved relatives and friends, guarding millions of miles of rivers and mountains, and I …… should guard them too!”


Chen Dong took another step, only this time, when the step landed, heaven and earth shook!

Chen Dong tilted his head, his gaze was biting and radiant.

At this moment, his aura was soaring like a sheathed sword, as sharp as a sword!

“Dare I ask Master, do you know how to establish a heart for heaven and earth, to establish a brightness for the people, to succeed the sages and to open up peace for all ages?”

“Again, Master, is the so-called sea of suffering boundless and turning back to the shore weak or strong compared to this?”

“Thirdly, Master, as a land Buddha, can you do all this?”

Boom, boom, boom ……

Three questions were asked in quick succession, but they caused the bitter sea to raise huge waves.

Waves hundreds of metres high churned the Bitter Sea into an upheaval.

And the whole space, at this moment, was rolling with thunder and roaring loudly, even the space trembled with a magnitude visible to the naked eye.

The wavering Buddhist sound disappeared.

Chen Dong, however, was spontaneous and determined, moving forward, his feet striding above the sea of suffering, turning his back on his parents, his wife and You En, and heading towards the darkness in the distance.

Compared to the darkness, his figure was as small as dust, but as he stepped towards it, his figure was rapidly growing.

Ten metres, a hundred metres, a thousand metres ……

In the end, Chen Dong’s figure was as tall as the darkness above his head and the bitter sea below his feet, as tall as the heaven and earth in this space!

Rumble ……

The sea of bitterness shook and the waves did not stop.

As for Chen Dong, his footsteps did not stop and his figure grew.

“To establish a heart for heaven and earth, to establish a life for the living people, to succeed the sages of the past, and to open up peace for all ages!”

These four lines, constantly repeated in this side of space, completely replaced the decadent Buddhist sound.

And in the outside world.

Above the battlefield, these four sentences, uttered in a determined tone by Chen Dong, also echoed, spreading extremely fast towards the distance.

Rumble ……

Above the dimly lit vault of the sky, the wind and clouds changed, wind and thunder gathered together, and lightning flashed.

The light and darkness of the sky made this side of the real world, ghostly and unusual, as if a god had descended from the world.

All sides of the battlefield came to an abrupt halt.

Everyone stared in horror at the changing heaven and earth.

Even the Jiang family members and Gu Cangyue and Zhang Du’er stopped fighting.

Only compared to the attention of millions of people, they were looking at the boundless sea of suffering in unison.

Shocked, terrified, dismayed, in a trance ……

Everyone’s face was different from each other.

“This, this, this is ……”

Grand Master Jiang’s sturdy body trembled tremendously, his tiger eyes were wide open, and he couldn’t even speak the words of shock.

At the same time.

The Extreme North Black Prison.

The towering and lofty walls of the Black Prison.

Chen Daojun stood tall in spite of the cold wind and biting snow.

With his hands behind his back, he looked out to the south.

And at this moment, an unprecedented smile appeared on his cold face.

“Has this step …… Dong’er finally taken?”