Winner Takes All Chapter 1939

Rumble ……

A sea of blood rushed in, staining heaven and earth.

The majestic and vast killing intent spread across the battlefield.

It was as if this side of the battlefield had been fixed with Chen Dong’s sword strike.

The allied vanguard, the allied elites and the mercenaries all tilted their heads in fear and dread.

The next second.

The wave of sword qi and blood poured into the tide of allied troops, instantly engulfing them all and continuing to push deeper into the battlefield.

Everywhere they went, the tide of allied troops were drowned in blood before they could even scream.

Further away, the tide of allied troops were scared out of their wits under this mighty sword.

“Run! Run!”

“Heavenly Wolf is above!”

“This is the man that that dead B*tch Shying revered in the first place, Queen Shying, look at it now!”


This sword sword qi, wrapped in a wave of blood, pushed all the way across a hundred meters, before it dissipated into smoke.

The original crowded and crowded battlefield was left with a huge gap of a hundred meters long and more than twenty meters wide, even the ground was obviously pushed down a notch!

This side of the battlefield was silent.

It was as if it was two worlds away from the noise and shouting of the surrounding battlefield.

The tide of the allied troops were silent and fearful to the extreme.

It was not that they had never seen a ghostly scene since the Great War.

But this was the first time that a sword had done so much damage, and it had actually hit them!

Compared to this sword, Qin Ye’s manipulation of The Eight Formation Diagram of Gods and Ghosts’ power to destroy the heavens and earth was, on the contrary, a little more illusory.

In the eyes of these allied troops, where the beam of light pa*sed, it swept away everything!

Subconsciously, that beam of golden light, was invincible!

Chen Dong, on the other hand, had gone from crisscrossing the battlefield at the beginning, as if he was in no man’s land, to now cutting out with a single sword.

A step-by-step manifestation of strength, yet more real!

Those who were even closer, were witnessing with their own eyes how their comrades were torn apart in the blood!

The vault of heaven.

The killing in several battlefields also stopped.

The Six Dragons of the Jiang Clan, Gu Cang Yue and the old monsters of the Hidden World, with different expressions, looked down.

They didn’t care about how much killing power this sword had chopped off.

At the moment, all their attention was on Chen Dong!

That ocean of blood, that aura of corpse bones floating, sinister and brutal, were all like heavy hammers, hitting them hard in the heart.

“Chen Dong …… you stop now!”

Master Jiang Liu let out a shout, like thunder resounding through the heavens.

“Old Six, stop!”

Master Jiang’s face changed and he hurriedly barked, “He is only growing in demonic nature and still has his sanity, for you to stimulate him now is tantamount to a direct provocation, a slight slip and a collapse of sanity would be a direct breakthrough above the heavenly punishment!”

Master Jiang Liu’s figure came to an abrupt halt, looking at Chen Dong, who was enveloped in a sea of blood below, with a complicated expression.

“How did he suddenly become like this?”

“The clay Bodhisattva still has three flames, how can a strong dragon bow down and endure every time?”

Jiang Erzhong said in a deep voice.

At those words.

Several of the Jiang family members all looked helpless.

They, all of them, knew exactly what had happened in Zhenjiang City!

Even from before the Great War, they knew what would happen in Zhenjiang City!

With Chen Dong’s character, after all these things happened in Zhenjiang City, after Huo Zhenxiao lost his battle power, he became the supreme commander of Zhenjiang City, repeatedly holding back, even when he had to walk the battlefield and lead an army of Great Snow Dragon Riders back to the city, he used his reason to forcefully suppress himself from storming out.

But now …… has finally reached its limit!

“Have we …… become the last straw to crush him?”

Master Jiang San laughed to himself with an extremely bitter smile.

The words had just fallen.

On the ground, in the centre of the sea of blood that was overturning, Chen Dong slowly retrieved his Bladeless, and at this moment, it was as if he was an evil ghost that had stepped out from the depths of hell, sweeping the entire field.

It seemed like the God of Death, searching for a target of death!

Rumble ……

The majestic sea of blood was raging and tumbling.

And as far as Chen Dong’s eyes could see, that insidious, brutal aura pressed across the field in a vast manner.

When the allied troops on the battlefield were swept away by his gaze, they were all in a trance, feeling that a sea of blood had risen behind Chen Dong, with waves of blood rolling in and out, with corpses floating and sinking, and thousands of evil spirits crying out.

This feeling was like falling into hell.

There were even those who were not strong-minded, whose bodies were like sieve chaff on the spot, and even their courage collapsed!

“They are forging the Great Wall with their lives, and yet you turn a blind eye to their lives.

An incomparably hoarse voice slowly emitted from Chen Dong’s throat.

Disbelief, resentment, hatred ……

All sorts of negative emotions were bred in his body like a mountainous tsunami.

From before the Great War, to during the Great War, all the way to now, he had been holding back, countless times the thought of striking had been forcibly dispelled by relying on his sanity time and time again under the discouragement of Master Khongkong, Huo Zhenxiao and Qin Ye.

But what about now?

The Great Snow Dragon Riders were killed and wounded countless times.

Huo Zhenxiao was hanging on by his last breath.

Qin Ye had also pressed to the limit.

The remaining Great Snow Dragon Cavalry troops, led by Jin Wei, had even launched death charges within Zhenjiang City time and again.

Really …… has done enough!

In the long history, the five words of the Great Snow Dragon Riding Army are also enough to crown the first!

On the contrary, the six dragons of the Jiang family turned a blind eye to the situation and did not offer help, and Master Kongkong, whose Buddha nature had surged to coalesce the robe of merit and virtue, also turned a blind eye to the situation and looked on coldly.

How ridiculous!

“Those who boast of being for all beings in the world, but are crowned with pomp and circumstance, are still doing things that treat human lives as if they were wastes of gra*s, those who are above the world are always above the world, even if they speak well, what they do is still above the world!”

Chen Dong’s body trembled as he slowly tilted his head, his face full of veins and veins, revealing an incomparably seeping cold smile at this moment.

This side of the battlefield.

As Chen Dong’s aura grew wildly, it was as if it had all fallen into a cave of ice.

That insidious, brutal, corpse mountain and blood sea-like purgatory aura caused everyone to hold their breath.

Just as Master Kongkong, the six dragons of the Jiang family were anxious.

A teasing sneer suddenly rang out.

“Yes! What’s the picture? Which of the Jiang Family’s Six Dragons and that bald a*s sitting up there who is full of talking about universal beings are not capable of sitting in Zhenjiang City? But they don’t even bother to do anything, they don’t even care about this purgatory fight!”

The words were harsh, and every word was heartbreaking.

“Gu Cang Yue!”

Grand Master Jiang’s robe shook as his Qi around him swept out in a violent circle, his voice exploding in anger.

As a member of Jiang’s family, he knew very well what state Chen Dong was in now, which was why he had stopped Master Jiang Liu at the first opportunity.

It was not that Jiang Liuxue was unaware of this, but it was an impulsive move in the heat of the moment.

In Chen Dong’s current state, he simply could not bear the slightest stimulation.

After planting the demon in his own dao heart, he was still able to regain his sanity and put the dao heart demon at his disposal, already the only person to do so for thousands of years.

Now that the demon has been stimulated, his demonic nature has grown and it is up to Chen Dong’s sanity to decide whether he will go mad or become a human being.

If he really goes mad and breaks through the threshold of Heavenly Punishment, and the Heavenly Punishment Thundercloud coalesces, then it will be a real big trouble.

And Gu Cang Yue was now falling on his sword, and every word he said was putting Chen Dong’s heart to death!


Gu Cangyue was full of disdain, arrogantly staring at Grand Master Jiang.

The words had just left his mouth.

On the ground, an incomparably hoarse voice suddenly rang out, but it caused the Jiang Family’s Six Dragons and Master Kongkong to instantly turn their faces white as paper.

“Yes, you’re right!”