Winner Takes All Chapter 1937

The words are sharp.

Incredibly harsh.

As Grand Master Jiang stepped forward, he didn’t even hide the contempt and sarcasm on his face.

“To be honest, your Gu family inherited from the Ji surname, one of the eight great surnames of the ancient world, and to receive the Great Cauldron is already a supreme blessing, but for you to do this now, giving the Great Cauldron to a dog, a dog couldn’t even do it!”


There was another low booming sound from the crowd.


Followed closely by Gu Cang Yue’s teeth gnashing voice followed.

“Boss Jiang, you can’t spit out ivory teeth from a dog’s mouth, don’t be ordinary with you, do you really think you’re a plate of vegetables?”

“If you are a dish, you will soon know, join the old monster beside you and fight with me, if you do this chicken and dog thing again, I will cut you alive!”


Grand Master Jiang’s robe bulged and rattled.

His beard waved wildly in the wind, showing all his ruggedness.

The majestic qi energy leaked out from his body, and actually cracked the ground, lifting the ground covered with corpses and blood.

With Grand Master Jiang’s location as the centre, this side of the battlefield was in a frenzy of wind.

The mighty pressure was like a mountain and a prison.

At this moment, Grand Master Jiang’s entire aura changed drastically, no longer as majestic and calm as before, but replaced by a rage like a volcanic eruption.


The next second.

The ground beneath Master Jiang’s feet exploded in response, and with the momentum of a frenzied thunderbolt, he charged directly towards a certain part of the battlefield.

“Give me a rise!”

As Grand Master Jiang let out an explosive roar, his overhead hands slapped together directly towards the battlefield below.

Rumble ……

Qi energy streaked across the sky, shaking the long air.

The dragon’s long roar echoed through heaven and earth.

The majestic qi energy suddenly turned into bright golden light, forming two hands of seven to eight meters of golden light in the air, and slapping them together towards the ground battlefield.

On the battlefield, the vanguard, elites and mercenaries of the allied forces were turned into a mist of blood the moment they were touched by the golden light emanating from the hands, without even being able to let out a scream.

Boom, boom!

Just as the two golden hands were about to close together.

In the layers of blood and mist, there were suddenly two explosions.

Two tornadoes of qi energy rose up to the sky, but among them were two figures.

“Boss Jiang, you are seeking death, do you really think your Jiang family is running rampant, where did you get the strength to stop two with one?”

Gu Cang Yue’s scolding voice rang out at any moment.

“None of your business, if you have the guts, sacrifice the Great Cauldron!”

Grand Master Jiang’s robes bulged, his beard and hair danced wildly, and his majestic qi pushed across the long sky with a mountainous whistle.

“Do you think I’m stupid?”

Gu Cang Yue was holding a long sword, but he was the first to stabilise himself in the air.

Not far away from him was a rugged man, nearly two metres in stature and as lofty as a mountain, holding a long stick of fine iron, on which countless evil spirits and shuras were carved, while the man’s aura was filled with a bloody oppression.

“Python Dragon Mountain Blood Floating Tu, Zhang Du’er, almost a thousand years old ghost head, what are you popping out for now?”

Master Jiang looked at the rugged man, the corners of his eyes narrowed and his veins pulsed twice.

“Since it is for the sake of this chance!”

The rude man spoke slowly, his voice like a drum.

“Then let’s fight!”

Grand Master Jiang didn’t talk nonsense, and immediately rolled up the sky full of Qi energy, directly pouring towards Gu Cangyue and Zhang Du’er.

A loud booming sound shook the heavens and the earth.

The tornadoes of Qi around the three of them were like three long dragons, standing upside down in the sky, colliding with each other and intertwining and twisting.

Countless trains of Qi energy, accompanied by a deafening loud sound, shot out in all directions, and some of them also shot towards the ground, but they caused no less devastation than a bomb on the battlefield.

“Grand Master Jiang is defeating two people with one, and he is not losing at all.”

Chen Dong could not help but smack his lips as he looked at the three-person melee on the vault of the sky.

Although Gu Cang Yue had not sacrificed the Great Cauldron, and that Blood Faust Zhang Du’er had not completely exploded into full strength, but Grand Master Jiang still fought with the two without exploding into full strength, this strength was enough to be seen in the tube!

The sound of the three-person melee was far greater than several other aerial battlefields.

However, it was a pity that Chen Dong did not sacrifice the Great Cauldron, if he did, he and Jiang and the Empty Master in the sky would have been able to cooperate.

If it really did, Chen Daojun’s wish would be fulfilled!

Chen Dong withdrew his gaze and looked at the chaotic battlefield in front of him, but he was a bit stunned.

Just now, he and the Snowy Lion were responsible for the defense of the northern city gate, and as more and more hidden old monsters came out, the six dragons of the Jiang family struck one after another, especially the aftermath of the battle between Grand Master Jiang and Gu Cang Yue and Zhang Du’er, which froze and emptied the surrounding area of the allied army of the hundred tribes.

This was really a fight between the gods and mortals.

Although the two sides did not focus on the ground battlefield, or even intentionally attacked the ground, the Qi clashes between the two sides, and the Qi after-effects that escaped, once they hit the ground, would be a devastating blow to the Hundred Clans’ allied troops.

Whether it was the front line of the allied forces, or the elites of the allied forces, or even some of the martial arts masters among the mercenaries, it would be difficult to resist these escaping after-effects!

With the fallout from these battlefields in the air, the pressure on the battlefield at the Northern City Gate was suddenly reduced.


Chen Dong turned his head to look at the other directions of Zhenjiang City, and as far as he could see, the battle was incomparably tragic.

On the top of the city, the Golden Guards were giving orders and the Great Snow Dragon Riders were charging bravely.

But the army was still overwhelmed!

The disparity in strength was beyond imagination, and even individual strengths were being brought closer together as the elite of the allied forces were unleashed.

In the face of the hundreds of allied armies, there was only Zhenjiang City and only the Great Snow Dragon Riders in the domain!

There was simply too little to fall back on!

Such a war is no longer hellishly difficult!

Rather, it was a complete and utter meat grinder centred on Zhenjiang City, strangling the Hundred Clans Allied Army as well as the Great Snow Dragon Riding Army.

From time to time, there were Golden Guards on the city’s top, exploding with qi energy to save the day and clear the heaviest defensive pressure on the city’s top.

But compared to the defensive pressure on the four walls, the Golden Guards’ outbursts seemed to quench their thirst.

Also quenching his thirst was Qin Ye, who was controlling the Eight Formations of Gods and Ghosts!

Although the beam of golden light that connected the sky and the earth still possessed the power to destroy everything, the speed of its sweeping was getting slower and slower.

It was like a venerable old turtle, sluggishly going back and forth between the four sides of the city walls.

Unlike the previous, which was to plow through the area, this time the golden light can shoulder the same duties as the golden guards, where the pressure of defense becomes heavy and precarious, the golden light will sweep to where.

The only variables ……

Chen Dong raised his head, looked at the empty master sitting in the air and could not help but transmit his voice.

“Grandmaster, can you still stand by and watch indifferently? The Jiang Family’s Six Dragons have all come, so what else in the depths of that northern darkness can you scorn to defend against?”

As long as Grandmaster Khongkong stepped in, even if he wasn’t in peak condition right now, the critical situation in Zhenjiang City could definitely be alleviated.


Above the long sky, Grandmaster Khongkong was silent in response.

Chen Dong pleaded in a piteous voice, “Grandmaster, the Buddha transits all beings, you can see this mountain of corpses and blood, why do you want the Bodhisattva to sit upside down and disregard these countless living beings?”