Winner Takes All Chapter 1936

At these words.

The remaining three dragons of the Jiang family nodded their heads, but with different expressions.

As a member of the Jiang family, many of the ancient materials recorded in the Jiang Family’s Hidden Scripture Building included many supreme secrets that had long been extinct in the outside world.

Looking at Qing Xu Zi and Li Dao Xian, who were killing each other in a fierce battle, Jiang San Zi said in a deep voice, “These old monsters, they are really poor and crazy, desperate enough to take such a big risk.”

“The risks are great and so are the rewards.”

Grand Master Jiang held his hands behind his back, his brows majestic, “For them, the existence of the temptation of seventy-two Heavenly Wolf Martial Bodies at a time like this when the world is falling into bets is enough to make them turn back to the domain.”

There was a pause.

Grand Master Jiang gave a complicated smile, “It’s just that they all underestimated Daogun Chen and didn’t equate him with the seventy-two Heavenly Wolf Martial Dao Bodies.”

A chaotic battlefield.

The killing was gruesome.

But the four dragons of the Jiang family standing in front of the northern city gate seemed to be in another world, out of place in the battlefield before them.

Not even the countless deaths and injuries could draw a frown from them.

All of this was caught in the full view of Master Khongkong high in the sky.

However, he did not alert Chen Dong, but instead, his tightly furrowed brow relaxed upon seeing the four dragons of the Jiang Family.

The six dragons of the Jiang Family were all out!

With them there, there was no worry at all that there would be other variables on this battlefield to follow.

Even if there were any more old monsters from the Hidden World to strike, intending to deplete Chen Dong’s state of strength, there would be the Jiang family members who would step forward to shield Chen Dong from disaster.

As for the rest, it was out of Master Khongkong’s scope of consideration.

Zhenjiang City, the Great Snow Dragon Riding Army …… these if he were to consider, at the beginning he would not have directly stepped into the air and sat down, splashing the Buddha’s light, enveloping Zhenjiang City, but directly with Chen Dong general, walking the frontier, killing.

He also knew that this cruel battlefield would not be worth mentioning in the eyes of the Jiang family.

When the realm arrives, the height is different and so are the things seen.

Those on the mountainside saw clouds and mountains and a leafy view.

Those at the top of the mountain saw a blue sky with white clouds and mountains towering above them.


Chen Dong was cooperating with the Snowy Lion to clear the allied forces of the rabble on the battlefield when he suddenly felt something in his heart and let out a startled eek.

After he slashed out a biting sword qi with his sword, he turned around abruptly to look at the northern city gate.

“The Jiang family?!”

Chen Dong looked at the four dragons of the Jiang Clan and his face sank fiercely.

“Young Master Chen, please continue your mission.”

Grand Master Jiang spread his right hand in an inviting gesture.

“You guys, you’re here early?”

Chen Dong could not help but ask the doubt in his heart.

“Is it necessary to look deeper?”

Grand Master Jiang said calmly, “Since Young Master Chen has decided to save Zhenjiang City from the fire, and my Jiang family also wants to save the tumble of the sky, the purpose is the same, so there is no need to delve into the issue of arriving early or late, right?”

Chen Dong’s brow tightened for a moment, and then it stretched again.

He did not know when the four dragons of the Jiang family had stood at the entrance of the northern city.

But their demeanour already indicated their decision!

Just like Master Khongkong …… had set aside!

Really, in that case, there was indeed no need to dwell on the early or late time they arrived!

Anyway, apart from old hidden monsters like Qing Xu Zi and Li Dao Xian, they would never make a move!

Although he was suffocating in his heart, Chen Dong did not care, turning around and continuing to fight alongside the Snowy Lion.

The vast tide of people in front of him looked imposing and crowded.

But in Chen Dong’s heart, it was far less threatening than those old hidden monsters.

Without the attacks of those old hidden monsters, he and the Snowy Region Lions would be able to defend the Northern City Gate as solid as gold!

After all, whether it was him or the Snowy Lion, they were both sufficient to form a descending strike on this battlefield.

As long as there was another old monster in the event that Gu Cangyue used the Great Cauldron to cover over, the Four Dragons of the Jiang Clan would be able to strike in time!

As Grand Master Jiang looked at Chen Dong, who was wielding sword Qi and attacking and killing all directions, his gaze was bright and dark, but it was incredibly complicated.

For a long time.

He sighed, “After all, the heavens are not attached, the chess game is not good enough, this son’s destiny is too strong, it is his turn to step into the heavens!”

“The qilin isn’t bad either, at least it’s with him.”

Second Master Jiang smiled spontaneously, a sort of comfort.

The words had just fallen.

The four of them raised their heads at the same time, their gazes like torches, locking onto the distant human tide battlefield.

“The Gu Family traitors, they are really relentless, relying on the Great Cauldron and the constant flow of people, and the six of us are standing here, but they still don’t give up.”

The Fourth Master Jiang shook his head helplessly, and with a flip of his sleeve robe, his qi was like a rainbow, leaving a remnant shadow directly in place, rolling with his vast qi, and rushing directly into a battlefield.

“Old man, show yourself for a fight!”

The thunder of his tongue resounded across the battlefield.


An explosion of qi exploded on the battlefield, turning into a mushroom cloud that rose into the air.

The allied forces of the barbarians present perished countless times on the spot.

While the Fourth Master Jiang soared into the sky, there was an old and venerable figure at his side.

“The Fourth Master of the Jiang Clan is really hot-tempered!”

A shrill voice rang out.

Only as soon as the words left his mouth.

In the long sky, the two men fought desperately.

Qi energy exploded and stirred the long sky.

A mushroom cloud-like wave of qi rose to the sky every now and then.

The scene was spectacular, even more so than the battlefield between the Sixth Master and Fifth Master Jiang!

The six dragons of the Jiang family, each at the top.

Anyone who could have one of the giants and powers under the sky would be able to ask for the true upper echelon.

The Jiang family, on the other hand, has six of them!

Six dragons in one family, proud of the world!

Time pa*sed slowly.

For this side of the battlefield, every second was like a year.

Chen Dong and the Snowy Lion cooperated with each other in clearing the battlefield of the allied forces and mercenaries of the razor clans, always making the area with Chen Dong as the centre, a radius of ten metres, an absolute defence.

No matter how bravely the allied elites, allied vanguards and mercenaries pounced on each other, they were never able to break through to this radius!

And yet, in the chaos of the battlefield, from time to time, old hidden monsters appeared.

But with the Jiang family members present, often, just when there was a hint of it, one of the Jiang family seniors would blatantly rush out, directly pulling them out of the chaotic tide of battlefield people, and then forcing them to shift the battlefield to the sky dome.

One after another.

Rather, Chen Dong was stunned by Gu Cangyue’s patience.

“Flies and dogs, only knowing how to do things like stealing chickens and dogs, a member of the Gu family with a big tripod in hand, simply don’t force your face!”

After Chen Dong swung his sword, he looked at Jiang Erji charging the sky to bring up a reclusive old monster, and could not help but use all his Qi to crack a curse.

The curses rolled like thunder.

Master Jiang’s eyes changed and he couldn’t help himself.

In the midst of the chaotic crowd, there was a loud “thud”.

The sound was low, but extremely clear.

Even though the battlefield was chaotic and the sound of shouting and killing was overwhelming.

But to people of Chen Dong’s and Master Jiang’s calibre, this sound was like a thunderclap on a flat lake!

“Grand Master Jiang, there’s the man!”

Chen Dong’s gaze was like a torch, and he immediately shouted.

Grand Master Jiang could not help but shake his head, the hands on his back naturally dropping, before striding towards the direction where the voice came from.

“Gu Cang Yue …… although the scolding is a bit hard to hear, but it is indeed so reasonable, after the Yan Huang, the might of the Great Tripod, by you so badly, thousands of years you are also the only one!”