Winner Takes All Chapter 1935


The Snowy Lion let out a lion’s roar, as if sensing something too, and looked fiercely in one direction, its huge lion pupils plummeting to the extreme.


A sword roar rang out at the same time.

A cyclone suddenly appeared in the air where there had been nothing, as if something had torn the air apart.


Seeing that it was too late to stop it.

Chen Dong threw the Bladeless in his hand out in the air.

Almost simultaneously.

The Snowy Lion also turned around violently and leapt forward.

Bang Teeny!

The terrifying Qi energy instantly slashed out in the direction of the flipped blade, blasting a gaping hole in the ground of more than ten metres long.

The blade also flew backwards into Chen Dong’s hand.

The green longsword was knocked out of the way by the Blade, but the sword qi still swept towards the Snowy Lion.


The Snowy Lion let out a roar of pain.

Even though it had leapt ahead of time, it was still too big and a little too slow, and the sword qi swept past its hindquarters, leaving a terrifying wound even though it was not fatal.

“A three-foot green snake?!”

High in the sky, Master Kongkong’s face sank, “Li Daoxian? The books record that once, five hundred years ago, a sword split the mountain and then went into hiding, and he’s actually still around!”


Chen Dong was holding his bladeless sword in his hand, and his brow was furrowed into a “Chuan”.

Although he had saved the Snowy Lion, the recoil from the Blade’s return to his hand just now had caused a sharp pain like a tear in his tiger’s mouth.

This alone made him not dare to underestimate this man in the shadows!

“A great coincidence, a good sword!”

A teasing laugh came from the crowd.

Chen Dong followed the sound and saw an old man dressed in a black robe, with sword brows and starry eyes, slowly walking towards him.

Every time he took a step, he took a bizarre step, and a ripple of qi rippled under his feet, actually walking directly in the air.

It seemed slow, but his speed was not slow at all!


When the Snowy Lion saw the incoming person, it gave an indignant roar.

“Great White!”

Chen Dong hurriedly stopped it, “Go and do what you need to do.”

“A beast is a beast.”

Li Daoxian scolded, and with a flick of his right hand, the three-foot long Green Snake Sword shot and flew back into his hand.

“You were also sent by the Ancient Cang Yue cover-up?”

Chen Dong’s brows knitted together as he looked at Li Daoxian scornfully, the latter giving him a stronger feeling than Qing Xu Zi: “What the hell is he doing by doing this?”

“The little old man has come to deliver death to Young Master Chen.”

Li Daoxian smiled faintly and spontaneously waved the three-foot green snake in his hand, “Young Master Chen, take the move!”

There was no unnecessary nonsense.

No procrastination.

Almost as soon as the words were spoken, Li Daoxian wielded his sword and swung his body, wrapping it with a monstrous sword intent, like a great mountain, directly towards Chen Dong.

Chen Dong was about to make his move.


Suddenly, something changed.

“Dragon Capture Hand!”

An explosive cry was heard from the vault of the sky.


With a loud boom, a faint dragon whistle resounded.

A huge hand of golden light, five metres in size, fell from the sky dome out of nowhere and grabbed Li Daoxian brazenly.

“The Jiang family?”

Li Daoxian let out a startled cry, his body suddenly stopping as the three-foot green snake in his hand swooped upwards with a sword.

Bang Teen!

Sword Qi streaked across the room, actually directly stirring up the great hand of golden light.

And at this moment, a figure was already standing in front of Chen Dong.

“You are ……”

Chen Dong looked at the old man in front of him, although he was somewhat unfamiliar, his appearance was somewhat similar to that of Jiang Sixth Master and Jiang Qilin, but it was clear in his mind.

“Jiang family old fifth!”

The fifth master of the Jiang family said without looking back, then stepped directly towards Li Daoxian: “Three feet green snake Li Daoxian, after a sword split the mountain and then disappeared, old monster, now also can’t resist to take a walk on this earth?”

“Hahahaha …… the old fifth of the Jiang family, no wonder.”

Li Daoxian looked at the oncoming Jiang fifth master and smiled spontaneously, “It can’t be helped, this time the world has fallen into bets, the lure of the seventy-two Heavenly Wolf Martial Dao Bodies is too great, everyone wants to fight for this one chance, and it’s not just the little old man.”

“Then let’s fight!”

Master Jiang Wu said very little, but he said directly, “I want to see if a group of you old monsters are enough for the six of my Jiang family to fight!”


The fifth master of Jiang’s body exploded with qi energy, and in an instant, wrapped in a fierce wind, he directly crashed into Li Daoxian.

Li Daoxian was also prepared, and the two instantly fought into a ball, wrapped in a monstrous killing intent, directly sweeping their qi into the sky.

“Master Jiang Wu is more ruthless than Master Six.”

Chen Dong rubbed his nose and smiled gently, “Two of the Jiang Family’s Six Dragons have come, and the other four should have arrived as well.”

On the other side.

The Snowy Lion continued to kill in all directions, the sound of the lion’s roar echoing across the battlefield.

Chen Dong also quickly withdrew his mind and waved his Bladeless, cutting out a sword qi to ease the pressure on the Snow Domain Lion.

At the same time, he was also careful to watch out for another hidden world that might appear in the shadows.

According to Qing Xu Zi and Li Dao Xian, there could never be just the two of them, and their group of Hidden Worlds were even stronger than the old ghosts of Yin Mountain before them.

One by one, they lurked close under the cover of the Great Cauldron used by Gu Cangyue, seeking to be able to kill him in one move, and if they were unsuccessful, then they would send their deaths to wear him out.

These Hidden Worlds, they were all coming for him!

And all willing to die.

There was no way that the Heavenly Wolf Martial Dao Body could have such a great charm!

This, Chen Dong was incomparably certain of.

He had enlightened the Heavenly Wolf Martial Dao Body, and knew that the martial heritage behind the Heavenly Wolf Martial Dao Body might have a great energy that was unknown to others.

But for these hermits to be willing to die, there were definitely other additional conditions besides the Heavenly Wolf Martial Dao Body.

It was also when Chen Dong was swinging and slashing, clearing the army.

Behind him, that is, outside the Northern City Gate, at some point, were four more figures.

“Boss, they really want to fold Chen Dong’s state, this is a really damaging move, or you thought of it.”

One of the old men laughed gently, but his gaze was slanted towards the figure half a step ahead.

Although the four were side by side, the three of them, however, were clearly half a step behind that man.

Grand Master Jiang smiled gently, “The world’s great power is all added to Chen Dong’s body, even though Qilin’er is heavenly and has the Jiang family’s heritage, but the great power is such that it should be followed, before Chen Daojun makes his move, Chen Dong’s state must not weaken, otherwise the hundred clans’ side will eat up all the great advantages!”

“With all four of us standing out, they should be scrupulous and not make a move, right?”

Another Jiang family elder said in a deep voice.

Grand Master Jiang shook his head, “The Heavenly Wolf Martial Dao Body is a huge temptation, but if these old monsters really had that enlightenment of Taitian, they would not have been like this long ago, they are clearly using their final death to seek a Taitian treatment for the future!”

“Boss, what does that mean?”

The three old men looked at Grand Master Jiang at the same time.

Grand Master Jiang said calmly, “As a member of the Jiang family, we all know what it’s like after stepping into the sky, once the person on the other side succeeds in stepping into the sky and breaks through the path and comes back, it’s enough to bring people back from the dead, they can still come back down the road as long as they win this time, but coming back from resurrection again with their enlightenment, it’s much easier to step into the sky again with the path in place.”