Winner Takes All Chapter 1932


Almost the moment Chen Dong’s words left his mouth, a crisp metal clash sounded out suddenly.

A cluster of sparks also erupted from the broad and thick bladeless heavy sword.

The seemingly faint impact.

Yet it was the moment of collision that caused Chen Dong’s face to change drastically.

He felt a tremendous river-like force pouring into the Bladeless Heavy Sword in a continuous stream, a terrifying force that caught him off guard and caused him to retreat five metres back with his feet pressed against the ground!

A thud!

Chen Dong retreated with one foot, which settled his body, and he said in shock, “What precise power control, completely infused into a single point, if I hadn’t predicted you, I’m afraid that this strike would have crippled me without killing me!”

Even after successfully blocking the blow, Chen Dong was still in a state of palpitation.

If it wasn’t for Master Empty sensing it initially and alerting him, if he hadn’t been unable to search for it just now and deliberately gambled on this one, the result ……


This sword cross block was entirely a deliberate gamble on Chen Dong’s part.

He hadn’t captured that one variable at all, and perhaps even the Empty Master in the sky hadn’t captured it either.

But in the scene just now, if we were talking about a sneak attack and a*sa*sination, hiding amongst the cavalry and striking out of nowhere, there was no better option than to strike!

After all, a few strong men would be enough to catch up with the speed of the cavalry, and a few men, concealed in the vast ocean of cavalry, would never be discovered!

So, he intentionally blocked out the Fengless across, only to actually block it!

“Surprisingly, it was blocked!”

As the Snowy Lion exuded the mighty pressure of the Beast King, the herd of war horses fell to their knees in fear, causing the elite cavalry to tumble, and the figure standing amidst the chaos was revealed to be particularly conspicuous.

Chen Dong followed the sound of the voice and instantly found the person who spoke in the chaos of the crowd of war horses.

But when he looked, he was frowning.

The man was an old man, with crane hair and a white beard that almost reached the ground, and a green daoist robe.

What really stunned Chen Dong was not the aura of the old man, but rather the aura of his body!

The aura of the old man was very strong!

But it was still a cut short of Master Kongkong.

Even Chen Dong asked himself if his own aura was stronger than the old man’s.

In other words, the old man wasn’t as strong as he thought he was, and couldn’t have truly evaded his and Master Khongkong’s capture!

Variables, among others?


The Snowy Lion stood in front of Chen Dong with a mighty breeze, its lion eyes cold and biting.

The natural suppression from the depths of his bloodline caused the war horses on the battlefield to fall to their knees, barely able to stand up, which also brought the chaos of the battlefield to an abrupt halt as if the pause button had been pressed.

At least, this was the case in this part of the battlefield at the northern city gate!

And at this moment, Chen Dong swept past the Snowy Lion and locked eyes with the old man. ,

The old man narrowed his eyes, smiled slightly and nodded his head in greeting, “Young Master Chen, I, Qing Xu Zi, salute you.”

Qing Xu Zi?!

Chen Dong’s brow furrowed, with his current status and identity, he was actually strangely unheard of by this name.


High in the sky.

Master Empty Sky looked down below, and when he saw Qing Xu Zi, his pupils immediately tightened.

“He’s actually alive?”

Even though Master Empty Sky was now so determined, he could not help but raise his tone at this moment.

At the thought of this.

He hurriedly transmitted his voice to Chen Dong.

“Be careful! He is the founding ancestor of the Danqing Mountain Daode Guardian School and has lived for more than five hundred years!”

More than five hundred years old?

Danqing Mountain Daodeikuan?

Chen Dong was shocked in his heart, where did this come from?

However, when he thought of the old ghosts of Yin Mountain and other hermits, who were also unheard of before this, Chen Dong was quickly relieved.

However, the fact that Qing Xu Zi had lived for more than five hundred years made his heart and soul flinch.

A life of a hundred years was a great limit.

There were very few people who could break through the hundred years of life.

And those who could truly break through the limit of human longevity were invariably old monsters among men!

For example, …… Chen Daojun!

And this Qing Xu Zi has lived longer than Master Kong Kong!

In a flash of lightning, Chen Dong hurriedly transmitted his voice to ask: “Master, how is Qing Xu Zi compared to you?”

“The poor monk Hanging Sky Temple still has some fame because in the past, although the poor monk was an ancient Buddha with a green lamp, he always had his face on and pursued the pinnacle of martial arts, that is why the world knows more about the Hanging Sky Temple’s fame.”

“And Danqing Mountain Taoist Temple, since its founding by Qingxu Zi, has not been famous, when the poor monk was young, he also happened to read about it in an ancient book, after the poor monk set foot in the jianghu, he always thought that the old monsters in these books had long since become ancient, that’s why he dared to compete with Chen Daojun, but he never thought that …… Amitabha Buddha!”

At the end of the sentence.

Master Empty Sky’s tone was already a bit low, and his last Buddhist hymn had a bit more of a self-deprecating flavor.

Chen Dong looked grave.

He had heard Chen Daojun talk about the Hidden World a long time ago, but he had never thought that some powerful people would be so hidden to this extent!

And this time, the world had fallen into bets and the battle for the nation’s fate had invited even them out!

Just how much magic does this have over them?

Or is it because of the magic of the Heavenly Wolf Martial Dao Body?

Or perhaps …… because of something else?

Thoughts raced through Chen Dong’s mind.

He looked at Qing Xu Zi, but did not dare to be the slightest bit careless, and even more so, he recalled that sudden strike just now, that strike was enough to pipe in.

“Old Daoist Niubizi, I’m afraid you’re not the only one, right? Hiding until now is long enough to come out.” Chen Dong said bluntly.

When Huo Zhenxiao and the Thirteen Hidden Worlds were killing the world before, but any time this Old Daoist Bullnose had stabbed an underhanded knife in the back, it would have been enough to immediately bring the outcome of that amazing battle to fruition!

By preference, he held back!

Or is …… them?

“Why did Young Master Chen say that?”

Qing Xu Zi laughed, lightly stroking his beard, but tilted his head to look at the empty master high above the sky, a burst of envy: “Some people have worked hard all their lives, transcending the limits of life span, never slacking off, but not as much as someone’s an epiphany, overstep against the heavenly punishment, merit surplice, but to the land Buddha, if not for the limitations of the shackles, can be the golden body of the Buddha! ”


Chen Dong frowned.

Immediately after, Qing Xu Zi spoke again: “There are shackles in, land Buddha also have nap time, such as …… big tripod?”

Great Tripod?!


Chen Dong was struck by lightning and his face suddenly changed drastically.

“Ancient Cang Yue!”

Previously, Chen Dong still had doubts, clearly Qing Xu Zi’s strength was not the strongest, yet he was able to completely avoid his and Master Kong Kong’s capture.

Now that Qing Xu Zi’s words had come to this point, he instantly reacted.

The Great Cauldron …… was a treasure that even Chen Daojun was afraid of and could only dream of!

Only that side of the Great Cauldron shelter could possibly do this!

He had also personally felt how terrifyingly powerful that Great Cauldron really was!

Qing Xu Zi was smiling, but he was calm and aloof, without a murderous aura.

He spoke softly, “Young Master Chen doesn’t need to worry, the Gu Family Master was only helping the old dao to conceal his aura and find the opportunity to sneak attack just now, but unfortunately, Young Master Chen was so talented that he was able to block it.

There was a pause.

He suddenly laughed loudly, “Or …… Lao Dao is here to send death to Young Master Chen!”