Winner Takes All Chapter 1931


The battlefield was in chaos.

The elites of the allied army advanced in one square formation, and after they were a certain distance away from Zhenjiang City, all of them neatly and uniformly raised their swords and shouted at the same time.

The sound was like thunder, deafening.

The majestic killing intent was like a mountain and a prison.

In an instant.

One by one, the orderly advance of the squad launched its charge with a bang.

Ten thousand horses galloped and the earth trembled.

Leaving aside the small number of elite squadrons that were encircling Zhenjiang City in a roundabout way, the vast majority of the elite squadrons were heading directly towards the northern gate of Zhenjiang City.

On the great battlefield, the dense ma*s of mercenaries and vanguard soldiers, as the elite charged forward, quickly broke apart at a strange speed, giving way to a wide avenue that ran straight through the northern gate.

The sound of shouting, the neighing of horses, the roar of horses on the ground ……

At this moment, they came together to create a great momentum of fear and trepidation.

It was as if each roar was like a heavy hammer hitting hard on the heart of man.

It was a spectacular scene.

Each elite formation was transformed into the sharpest of war machines.

From ancient times to the present day, foot and cavalry have been the most basic form of combat.

At this moment, it was the cavalry in each of the formations that launched the charge.

When the speed is increased to a certain level, the horrific killing power of the cavalry can be completely exploded.

One by one, the cavalry squares converged together as if forming a sword of death of the sharpest kind.

If an army existed in front of them at this moment, they would definitely be torn apart by the impact of this sword of death, resulting in countless deaths and injuries.

And now …… there is only one man in front of this sword of death!

Even as the cavalry charged at speed, the mercenaries and vanguard soldiers in front of the northern gates scattered to the left and right while not spreading out towards the rest of the city, and did not continue to attack, but all were attracted by this magnificent scene and watched.

In the chaos and misery of the battlefield, the northern city gate was strangely quiet at the moment.

Chen Dong stopped wielding his sword, and looked at the vast, black press of elite cavalry pushing across and pressing down like mountains, with an indifferent expression.

“Don’t you know that all beings are equal, or do you want to rely on the momentum of the charge to force your way around me and break through the gates of the Northern City Gate?”

Chen Dong murmured softly. ,

Compared to the former possibility, he was more convinced that this ma*sive cavalry charge was for the latter possibility!

Once they broke through one of the gates, to the solid Zhenjiang City, it was tantamount to opening a direct opening that could not be closed.

It would be faster and easier to charge directly into Zhenjiang City than to board the city!

The charge of this vast cavalry was more like a charge to the death.

With the fastest speed and the densest crowd, they rushed against him, buying time for the rest of the cavalry to break open the gates with the death of some of the cavalry.

Rumble ……

Feel the earth tremble.

A strong wind even blew from the front.

But all of this was blocked by the blood-coloured qi that Chen Dong’s body emitted.

He calmly looked at the approaching cavalry, remaining in a standing position, not making the slightest movement.


High up in the sky, Master Kongkong, who was sitting in the air, looked down at the scene below, but at the same time, he folded his hands and chanted sutras.


The faint golden light that originally enveloped Zhenjiang City was rapidly thickening as Master Kongkong chanted the scriptures.

Up until this moment, Grandmaster Empty did not even catch the variation that had just occurred.

Since he had already sensed the movement, the most prudent option was to consolidate the defence of Zhenjiang City.

No matter what the winds are, I will not move.

I will respond to all changes with no change!

In his vision, Chen Dong was facing thousands of horses and armies, but his back looked particularly lonely.

With one man, he was able to block thousands of horses and armies!

Under the heavens, there were very few people who could do this.

“While blocking the cavalry, beware of the killing machines that may appear at any moment!”

Master Empty Sky could not help but transmit a voice to warn.

If that variable was really strong to that extent, then if it really did sneak in secretly, it would be fierce and dangerous even for Chen Dong!

This, he had to warn!

“Who said I was going to block these cavalrymen?”

Chen Dong’s voice followed the transmission, even with a bit of light-hearted banter.


Master Empty Sky froze for a moment.

And at this moment, the vast army of cavalry was already no more than thirty metres away from Chen Dong.

Such a distance, for a cavalry charging at full speed, was just a snap of the fingers!


A sudden change!

Chen Dong, who had been standing still, suddenly raised his hand without a blade.

His blood-coloured qi rolled backwards like a waterfall and shot up into the sky.

His aura was even flatter than the mountains.

It was sinister, brutal, a mountain of corpses and a sea of blood.

As the wind howled, it was like the cry of an evil spirit.

It was as if the blood-coloured qi rising up was transformed into a sea of blood, in which white bones were capped and evil spirits floated and sank.

Almost simultaneously.

Chen Dong’s tongue burst into spring thunder: “Great White!”

Inside Zhenjiang City.

There was a sudden “boom”.

In an instant.

The horses underneath the galloping army of cavalry all hissed in agitation.

The suddenness of the scene caught everyone off guard.

Even the army, which was already charging at full speed, lost its speed as the horses stirred, and the rigid formation became a bit confused.

The cavalrymen cried out in alarm.

It was this confusion that caused the cavalry to cry out in disbelief.

At the northern gate of the city.

A huge figure rose into the air and swept right over the towering city walls before falling towards the ground at breakneck speed.


The ground was smashed into a huge crater as blood and mud flew!

The next second.

“Ow-roar ……”

A lion roar resounded across the battlefield.

After the huge snowy male lion landed on the ground, with the lion roar, it even fiercely threw its head, burning lion eyes, directly sweeping towards the thousands of horses in front of it.

The beast king’s mighty pressure invisibly pressed directly into the war horses.

Almost simultaneously.


Chen Dong let out a shout, his aura of insidiousness and brutality was even released together with the Snowy Region Lion.

The pressure of the Beast King originally originated from the depths of his bloodline, from the natural enemy-like restraint, just like a lamb facing a wolf.

The Snowy Lion is the King of Beasts, and its King of Beasts pressure is a naked dimensional reduction to all beasts!

With this beastly roar.

It was the already manic war horses that let out a terrified hissing sound.

The horses twisted and hissed wildly, their long training making them intent on resisting, but such resistance was null and void in the face of the snowy lions.

The battlefield was in chaos.

Just as the war horses faltered, Chen Dong’s aura followed.

Those cavalrymen who had just reacted, pulling the reins tighter and preparing to take control of the war horses, instantly their bodies shook and a great terror came over them.

It was also this instant.

Rumble ……

One by one, the war horses fell to their knees, trembling with fear.

The cavalry charge, which was originally raging with killing intent, was at this moment, manned and tumbled, in chaos.

Screams, shrieks and neighs of horses ……

The army of cavalry no longer has the same temper as just now.

And as the pressure of the Snowy Lion’s beast king spread, batches of cavalrymen fell one after another like the autumn wind sweeping away the wheat saplings, while those further away were unable to charge because of the chaos ahead.


Chen Dong, however, gripped his Bladeless Heavy Sword tightly and his Qi energy blasted around the Bladeless, directly blocking the door-board wide Bladeless across the front.

“It’s too slow!”