Winner Takes All Chapter 1928





The sound of shouting and killing shook the heavens and the earth and shot up to the sky.

A majestic killing intent like a mountain or a prison pushed across the battlefield.

The army squares illuminated by firelight were raging with killing intent, and the armour reflected a cold light under the firelight.



A division of iron blood!

This was the first impression that came to Chen Dong’s mind when he saw the elite regular army of the Hundred Clans United Army.

Such an army was infinitely stronger than the vanguard troops below, who had been charging the city to their deaths.

The battlefield killing intent that had gathered, every elite must be a man of a hundred battles, otherwise it would be impossible to gather killing intent to such an extent!

Even Chen Dong could not help but feel the invisible killing intent that was pushing across the mountains and seas, and his heart palpitated.

Such an army was already infinitely close to the Great Snow Dragon Riders of old!

Of course, it is only infinitely close to the former Great Snow Dragon Riding Army. If a portion of the Great Snow Dragon Riding Army can survive after this battle, this army will move to another level, and everyone will be …… King of Soldiers!

But with the situation in front of us, anyone would think that this possibility no longer exists!

“Is this the real elite of the allied army and one of the bottom cards that you have been pinching and refusing to let out?”

Chen Dong’s brows were locked as he murmured softly in a gruff voice.

If this was the army that had whipped south at the beginning of the war, the intensity of the war would continue to climb several dimensions for Zhenjiang City and the Great Snow Dragon Riders.

If the previous strategy of dispersing the Great Snow Dragon Riders out of the city was followed, it was likely that a few of the Great Snow Dragon Riders would have been slaughtered!

However, this is just a hypothesis.

At this moment, seeing this ace allied army, Chen Dong also had a rough outline of the strategic plan of the Hundred Clans Allied Army in his mind.

“What a masterstroke!”

Chen Dong couldn’t help but sigh with emotion, “Millions of vanguards, mere pawns, used to wear out Zhenjiang City and the Great Snow Dragon Cavalry, and then using human lives to build a mountain of blood straight to the city walls, all of it is paving the way for this ace allied army, the purpose is also to reduce the casualties of this ace allied army as much as possible, only that you have underestimated Zhenjiang City and the Great Snow Dragon Cavalry, and now you have no choice but to send out, right?”

As he spoke.

Chen Dong took a step forward and drew up the Bladeless.

Then he took another step forward and stood on top of the battlements.


A strong wind swept up from beneath his feet, forming a spiral that rushed up to the sky.

He raised the bladeless blade in his hand.

In an instant.

His entire aura soared wildly as if he was pulling up mountains from the ground, and the Qi that swept out was rapidly rendering into a blood colour.

A sinister, brutal, mountain of corpses and a sea of blood ……

The invisible terror was released from his body and pushed out in all directions.

“Children, guard Zhenjiang City, this general is with you!”

A hoarse, hoarse roar, urged by qi energy, resounded through Zhenjiang City.

On the top of the city, the Great Snow Dragon Riders, who had long been exhausted and pressed to the limit, had their eyes brightened up at this moment.

When they saw the millions of elites of the allied army, they all felt weak, as if they had fallen into an abyss of despair.

The Great Snow Dragon Riders were originally the elite soldiers selected from all sides of the army.

Even the most basic foot soldiers were experienced in many battles.

They were also able to detect at a glance the extraordinary nature of the elite of the allied forces.

However, Chen Dong now roared with his sword drawn.

In the midst of their despair, they suddenly saw a flame of fire.

The light was weak, but it was enough!

In an instant.

One by one, the Great Snow Dragon Riders raised their swords.


The sound was like a flood of bells, resounding through Zhenjiang City.

At this moment, every Great Snow Dragon Riders were all the same, from the Golden Guards down to the foot soldiers, as if they had become one.

The killing intent, the determination, the will, seemed to coalesce into substance.

The surrounding allied soldiers and mercenaries who had boarded the city were also shocked.

They had never seen such a strong and determined force!

For the allied soldiers, it was true.

To the mercenaries, it was an even greater shock.

These mercenaries were strong individually, but they lacked battlefield experience, and had always respected the truth that a dead man is a poor man.

The Snow Dragons in front of them had completely refreshed their perceptions, as if a heavy hammer had hit them hard.

They were in a trance.

There is no shortage of mercenaries who have an extremely absurd thought floating in their minds.

That thought was …… can this city really be breached?


The sound of shouting and killing once again resounded through Zhenjiang City.

Although the shouts were somewhat faint compared to the elites of the allied army on the distant battlefield, they were even more determined and resolute.

Almost simultaneously.

The Golden Guards and the Great Snow Dragon Riders pounced on the surrounding troops with the utmost determination.

In the blink of an eye, a large void was cleared from the crowded city.

“Brother Dong, there’s still me!”

Qin Ye’s voice came into Chen Dong’s ears, “Let’s stand shoulder to shoulder, back to back!”

“Hahahaha ……”

Chen Dong laughed, his face full of veins and veins, as his smile pulled, it became even more horrifying and oozing.

Two beams of blood erupted from his eyes, “Then we two brothers, for this city, we will fight to the death!”

“No retreat!”

Qin Ye’s voice rang out at the same time.

Both of them sounded firm and determined.

Almost simultaneously.

High above the sky.

Master Empty Sky was however looking down towards Chen Dong.

Buddha and Devil confronted each other.

The confrontation had always ceased under the intentional containment of the two.

But just as Chen Dong spoke these words, Master Empty Sky looked down at them.

The raging blood around Chen Dong gave a noticeable lurch, and his gaze could not help but awe.

“Master does not need to block me!”

“Is it true that you no longer have the greater good in mind?”

“The greater good?”

Chen Dong smiled and glanced at the Great Snow Dragon Riders fighting bravely on the city head, “What is the greater good? My brothers are still fighting for their lives, and I’m looking on as if I’m not doing anything about it, is that the greater good? Millions of barbarians are about to break through Zhenjiang City, waving their whips south, slaughtering the people and trampling on the mountains and rivers, and I stand by and do nothing?”

The series of questions were sharp and incomparable.

But they left Master Kongkong in silence.

“Preserving what is in front of us is the big picture!”

Chen Dong dropped a cold sentence and waved his hand without a blade.


Qi energy rushed to the sky like a python dragon soaring into the air.

There was a loud explosion under Chen Dong’s feet, and his entire body rolled with Qi energy, leaping deep, like a cannonball, and smashing down outside the northern gate of Zhenjiang City.

Smoke and dust rolled.

The dust and dirt were a din.

The surrounding allied troops were so frightened by the sudden explosion that they stopped dead in their tracks and their faces changed dramatically.

Countless pairs of fearful eyes gazed at the faintly visible figure in the smoke and dust.

As the smoke and dust gradually cleared.

The colour of blood rolled out.

The figure, slightly hunched over and holding a huge sword the width of a doorway, stood in front of the city gate like a tarzan.

The rolling blood colour rendered the lofty city gates crimson.

Instead, Chen Dong shouted sternly.

“This hell, you come to fight!”

The sound was like a great thunder, which shot straight to the sky.