Winner Takes All Chapter 1926

A gift of grace?

Zheng Junlin froze for a moment, looking at the four big words on the wooden box, his brain was a bit down.

For a long time.

He finally came back to his senses and subconsciously looked at the remains of Feng Bo ancient city again.

Immediately, he smiled to himself.

How could he see an existence that not even Jiang Qilin and Zhao Broke-Ru could find?

Zheng Junlin got up and patted the sand from his body, and the burden in his heart disappeared.

He leaned down to move the wooden box, and to his surprise, it was so heavy that he was caught off guard and failed to move it the first time.

“What the hell is in here?”

Zheng Junlin was a little puzzled, and after surveying the wooden box there was nothing special about it, so it could only be that the contents of the wooden box were heavy.

However, since it was written on the top that it was a gift for Youn, he wasn’t curious enough to just open the wooden box and find out what it was.

“If there hadn’t been this great battle, little Youn would have been able to take the glory of the world in one place.”

Zheng Junlin rubbed his nose and gave a teasing laugh.


The Land of the Far North.

The wind cries and the snow howls.

Black Prison, inside the central control room.

Chen Daojun was like a statue, sitting on a chair, motionless, always staring at a monitoring screen, and even while maintaining this action, he didn’t even blink for a long time.

The old man in the tuxedo walked in.

“Master, the elite regular army of the Hundred Clans United Army has already departed and pressed on to Zhenjiang City.”

There was finally a change on Chen Daogun’s indifferent face.

He raised an eyebrow and smiled teasingly, “To send out the regular army elites so quickly, this is somewhat unexpected.”

“My lord, so what now?”

The tuxedoed old man bowed and asked.

“Continue to wait.”

Chen Daojun rubbed his face and then stretched, “The most important thing in chess is not to be impatient, the more calm you are, the more you can control the game.”

“But Zhenjiang City and the Great Snow Dragon Riding Army ……”

The tuxedoed old man hesitated for a moment, but still said, “Zhenjiang City has already almost broken once, the Great Snow Dragon Riding Army is dead and wounded, Master Huo only has one breath left, and Master Khongkong is only defending across the sky, during which it was Young Master Chen and Qin Ye who saved the day, I’m afraid that if we wait any longer …… ”

Not waiting for the tuxedoed old man to finish.

Chen Daojun suddenly surprised: “Zhen Xiao is actually strong to such a degree? To think that he could still leave a breath behind?”


The tuxedoed old man jerked his head up and stared at Chen Daojun in shock and bewilderment.

He could never have imagined that these words would come out of Chen Daogun’s mouth.

Huo Zhenxiao was his closed-door disciple!

“Master, Master Huo was not lightly injured and was in critical condition, and it was only because Master Kongkong had used the robe of merit to help him block the heavenly tribulation, forcing him to stay alive.” The tuxedoed old man quickly calmed down and bowed his head to explain. ,

“No wonder.”

Chen Daojun smiled spontaneously, then murmured in an odd tone, “After Empty’s Buddha nature surged, he has finally become enlightened, he was able to help Zhenxiao block a tribulation and strongly retain a breath of Zhenxiao, so I guess he has finally understood.”

There was some doubt in the tuxedoed old man’s eyes.

But that was all.

As a servant, being curious and talking too much was a big no-no.

What’s more, their clan had been slaves to Chen Daogun for generations, and Chen Daogun had long been like a god in their hearts, so there was no need to ask more questions, and even if they did, Chen Daogun would have said so, but they might not understand.

Even if they did ask, Chen Daojun would have said so, but they might not understand. “Gods” play chess, can mortals understand?

“Stand down, I still have to watch the surveillance.”

Chen Daojun waved his hand: “The hundred clans’ allied army is so quick to send out elites to press the city, the commander is a bit weak.”


The rear of the Hundred Clans United Army.

Inside the temporary city.


Queen Xixing’s face changed drastically, after exclaiming in shock, but her face was as cold as frost: “What was Kui Gang thinking? How could he send out his elite regular army ahead of time, how could he not follow the strategy that was set at the beginning?”

A series of questions, each word carried a raging anger.

Ye Linglong was beside himself, keeping silent.

The black-robed Heavenly Wolf in front of the desk, however, said in a deep voice, “It’s not a big deal to send it out, millions of front troops have been unable to barricade a mountain of corpses and blood, even when they were close to breaking the city, they were suppressed back, we all underestimated the defensive power of Zhenjiang City and the will to fight of the Great Snow Dragon Riding Army, sending it out now would be able to speed up the process of the Great War.”

“What? You also think that Kui Gang is right?”

The initial plan was to wait until millions of troops had built up a mountain of blood or broken the city before the elites of the regular army pressed into the territory, but by doing so, Kui Gang is tantamount to letting the elites do the attacking, stirring them into the vortex of death and greatly increasing the level of elite losses. If you want to stampede the domain, there are still many great battles to be fought down the road!”

“The millions of stepping stones of the front army died, these elites are our real card to sweep the domain, their loss is too much, will we rely on the front army of those miscellaneous, or mercenaries, or the ordinary people of the hundred tribes in the future?”

The more he spoke, the more agitated he became, and the anger in his eyes seemed to spurt out as if it was going to turn into substance.

Kui Gang did not follow his initial plan and order the army’s elite to depart in advance.

This seemed to be a normal operation on the battlefield, but in fact, in Xie Xing’s eyes, it was a bad move!

She even felt that it would have been better than this move to order the army to press on until reinforcements from the domain arrived.

Millions of vanguard troops had never been cared for in terms of life or death.

Once the battle plan had been decided, these millions of men had become the price to be paid.

The stepping stones should have been put to good use as stepping stones.

This price was set when the battle was first decided.

Whether it was to be used to attack the city, or to wear out the Great Snow Dragon Riders.

Including the mercenaries would serve the same purpose.

The more the elites of the domain were depleted, the better it would be for the subsequent elites of the Hundred Clans United Army, the better it would be to preserve the elites of the Hundred Clans United Army.

This is because they all know clearly that they will have to rely on the regular army elites to sweep the domain and cleanse the four directions.

The vanguard mongrels could not be relied upon, nor could the mercenaries!

Now, before the city is broken, Kui Gang has launched the elites of the allied forces in advance, which is tantamount to involving the elites of the regular army in this war that is already a “meat grinder”.

The regular army has already entered attrition mode before the arrival of reinforcements from within the domain.

When the reinforcements arrive, the attrition of the regular army will be exacerbated!

“Of course I know this, but the situation on the battlefield is changing rapidly, so it makes sense for Lord Commander Kui Gang to give such an order, plans are plans, but plans cannot catch up with changes, and on the battlefield, it is even more important not to follow the book!”

The black-robed Heavenly Wolf argued with Xixing in a rare instance, “It is true that the early entry of the regular army’s elites into the battlefield will increase casualties, but in war, there is no such thing as no one dying. Millions of vanguard troops can’t even push Zhenjiang City, so it would be a good thing if the elites could push through Zhenjiang City before the arrival of the domain’s reinforcements.”

Xixing’s beautiful eyes were wide open, full of incredulity.

“You were the one who came up with this plan in the first place. Don’t you think it’s a wrong move to launch the elites early before the millions of stepping stones are used up? Why do I feel like you’re a different person?”