Winner Takes All Chapter 1923

The lengthy northern frontier line.

Relying on just five small teams of Rangers to patrol and defend to the death.

Chen Dong did not know if the Five Generals of the Thief Gate could succeed, but he knew that even if they failed, it would be after all five Generals of the Thief Gate had fallen.

The world had placed its bets on this battle.

It had reached the point of betting on the fate of the country.

According to Huo Zhenxiao’s plan, all the firepower of the allied army of the Hundred Clans would be suppressed at Zhenjiang City.

No matter how fierce the battle was, Zhenjiang City and the Great Snow Dragon Riders would always be the ultimate bearers.

The Rangers led by the Five Generals of the Thief Gate only needed to intercept the small groups of allied troops crossing the frontier line, preventing the battle from spreading again and creating a blossoming situation everywhere.

As long as they lasted until the end.

Chen Dong is certain that, with this battle, the world will know the Thief Sect!

Back then, Xu Qingfeng had put a personal label on the Thief Sect with his own efforts, making the world default to the fact that the Thief Sect belonged to Xu Qingfeng.

Such an astonishingly talented leader of the Thieves’ Clan was both a benefit and a detriment to the Thieves’ Clan.

The advantage is that when Xu Qingfeng is around, the Thief Sect will be unrivalled in the world and no one will be able to pick up its edge.

The downside is that when Xu Qingfeng was not here, even though only one of the eight generals of the Thief Sect had left, there were still seven generals left, but people still thought that the Thief Sect was in decline.

And now, the Thief Saint has returned and planted his flag in Zhenjiang City.

When the Martial Dao Body was first forged, Xu Qingfeng had already told the remaining generals of the Thief Sect of his choice.

The death of the old carpenter and the death of the witch general were his answers.

The five generals of the Thief Sect also knew it by heart.

After twenty years of silence, they were using this last battle to make it known to the world.

As long as this battle is successful, the world will know that there has never been more than one Thief Saint in the Thief Sect, and there are …… other Thief Sect generals!

The waxen torch has turned to ashes and the tears have dried.

Now the five generals of the Thief Sect were burning their last flames of life to illuminate the world, to prove the Thief Sect to the world.

Chen Dong did not doubt the determination of the five generals in the slightest.

In this world, there were always people who valued their faith more than their lives.

Not to mention, these were the old-timers who had once been crowned with glory and had experienced twenty years of silence!

“Dragon Head Chen!”

A Golden Guard rushed over, pulling Chen Dong out of his tedious thoughts.


Chen Dong frowned at the Fifth Golden Guard in front of him.

“The border gates are in a state of emergency, the reinforcements from the four directions are 100,000 fires and electricity, the way forward is blocked by the Hong Society and the Gu Family, and this is only on the surface, secretly there are many forces blocking the reinforcements in secret!”

The fifth golden guard’s face was full of blood, but at this moment, he was gloomy and gloomy.

The situation was already so urgent.

Zhenjiang City had almost been lost.

But reinforcements from all sides, yet they were blocked from arriving, this was really killing people!

“The Hong Society …… Gu Family ……”

Chen Dong frowned tightly and said in a deep voice: “Since these two forces are already in the open, then before the battle Lord Huo must have had intelligence to know about it and didn’t make a little intervention in advance?”

The heavens fell on the bet.

The scales of victory tipped in favour of the Extra-terrestrial Hundred.

Everyone had gotten on board with this chess game, and the undercurrents were inevitable.

Everyone wants to win, and everyone wants a bite of the cake after the battle.

Anyone who wants to contribute will inevitably block reinforcements from those forces that have landed bets on the extra-territorial realm.

They were already on board, and it would not be enough to simply provide supplies, nor would any of the forces dare to take such a gamble; once the domain eventually won, that would be a score to settle against them.

But, the Hong Society and the Gu Family are floating in the open.

It was common knowledge that everyone was making a move, blocking reinforcements!

So blatantly, with Zhenjiang City’s intelligence agencies, no, even any of the powers’ intelligence agencies, would be able to know in advance.

Yet, Huo Zhenxiao didn’t care!

If the Hong Society and the Gu Family could be targeted before the war, this was an unparalleled opportunity to make an example of them!

Although it wouldn’t be able to completely stop those forces that were betting on the Extra-terrestrial Hundred from making a move, it would at least be able to make them more restrained when they did.

There was no attack on the Hong Society and the Gu Clan, not even the slightest intervention.

It was tantamount to directly releasing a signal to those forces that it was fine even if they made a move!

This was simply fuelling the arrogance of the forces from all sides.

Not to mention this world war, not to mention the fact that it was fought by the world’s number one war god!

This is simply unconscionable!

The Fifth Golden Guard’s face was heavy, likewise revealing his puzzlement: “It was the intelligence from the beginning that knew these two families had made their move, but …… Master Huo unexpectedly ignored it directly, and after the great war broke out, we were also pressured by the pressure of this battlefield to the point where we didn’t care anymore.”

“Digging a hole for yourself?”

Chen Dong’s face was filled with incredulity.

Subconsciously, he looked out towards Huo Zhenxiao on the distant corpse mountain.

What in the world did senior brother …… think?

After taking a deep breath, Chen Dong withdrew his gaze and stared at the Fifth Golden Guard in front of him, “With the current situation within the city, how long can it hold up?”

“All that can fight have been fought out, everyone is filling each other with their lives, if no other variables appear again ……”

The Fifth Golden Guard hesitated for a moment and raised his eyes to look at the dim sky, “Perhaps …… can hold out until dawn!”


Chen Dong was helpless in his heart.

The real elites were about to drive here, and this was the biggest variable in the entire battle!

But the situation now was also insoluble.

It was no longer even possible to go and uproot the Hong Society and the Gu Family, completely trapped here.

One could only pray that reinforcements from all sides would soon be able to cloak themselves in thorns and arrive at the battlefield.

There was no other way but to hang on for dear life ……!

Perhaps he could see Chen Dong’s worry, the fifth Golden Guard said in a deep voice, “There is no need to worry, Dragon Leader, we, the Golden Guards, will lead our brothers to hold on until we die.”

Chen Dong raised his eyebrows and smiled faintly.

The sound of shouting, screaming and hissing ……

filled this heaven and earth.

After the initial barrage of artillery fire, all that could be fought had already been fought out, and in the end, only human lives would be fought.

This battle was even more tragic than any battle Chen Dong had experienced before.

Both sides turned into meat grinders, strangling each other’s human lives.

Even the long hours of fierce battle had made people somewhat numb to the shouts and screams.

As far as the eye could see.

There were blood-soaked figures, faces twisted and grim.

One moment they may have been hissing and charging, the next they were gutted and their heads flying.

At the top of the city, the Snow Dragons and the barbarians were mingling with each other, you with me and I with you.

It was as if killing each other had become the obsession of every Great Snow Dragon Riders and the Yi Rongwu.

“Let’s hope we can hold out.”

Chen Dong murmured softly, as if praying.

He glanced at Master Empty Sky, who was still sitting in the air on the dome of the sky.

Master Empty Space was sitting in the air, proclaiming the Buddhist light enveloping Zhenjiang City.

But it was as if he was in a state of meditation, at odds with the tragic battlefield below, in two worlds.

What exactly was he defending against?

Chen Dong was curious, yet he suppressed this curiosity.

If Master Kongkong did not need to make such preparations, but entered the battlefield directly, with his strength, he would undoubtedly be another needle in the sea for Zhenjiang City.

Instead, he “stayed out of it”.

But since Master Kongkong had chosen to do so, he must have discovered something!

As his Buddha nature had risen to the level of the robe of merit and virtue, his six senses must have far surpa*sed those under the so-called Heavenly Punishment, and it was only natural for him to be able to perceive something unknown to man.

After just one glance, Chen Dong withdrew his gaze.

Only the gloom on his face had intensified.

“If the elite of the Hundred Clans United Army, and the existence of the Empty Master’s defense, unleash them together ……”