Winner Takes All Chapter 1921

The sky is dark.

The wind cries and the snow howls.

The vast snowy plains are silent and stern.

The firelight swayed and shone on the silhouettes of men covered in murderous intent.

Their armour is tattered and torn, and their blood is soaked in it that the firelight reveals an ominous scarlet colour.

At their feet were bodies strewn about, their blood staining the ground and melting the snow.

Clearly here, a fight had just taken place.

But compared to the earth-shattering, earthly purgatory of Zhenjiang City, this small battlefield was somewhat unworthy of mention.

As the battlefield was being collected, everyone kept silent in silence.

This made this battlefield, which had just experienced killing, extraordinarily depressing and seeping.

Clap ……

The pig slaughterer shook off his killing knife, and the blood that remained on it immediately flowed all over the ground, revealing the dark red to almost black colour of the knife itself.

He wiped a handful of blood from his face, and habitually wiped the blood from his hand onto his clothes at the belly position.

Then he turned his head to look in the direction of Zhenjiang City.

Under the dim dome of the sky, in that direction, the fires were bright and indefinite.

Even the sound of shouting and killing could be faintly heard.

“Let’s hope we can hold on, it’s a matter of the battle between the national fortunes of the inner and outer domains, we must not slacken off half a bit, I don’t know if those B*****ds of the group have done their best to deliver pork and other resources to Zhenjiang City, if not, I will go back and slaughter them as pigs!”

Lin Shichong, the pig slaughterer, viciously spat a mouthful of spittle mixed with blood on the ground.

This was followed by panting and gasping for breath, exhaustion showing on his indignant face.

The surrounding Great Snow Dragon Riders looked towards him, their cold faces unable to hide their shock and awe.

Three days!

Almost three days since the outbreak of the Great War!

Without the preliminary mutual probing of past wars, the war had gone straight to the white heat as soon as it broke out.

As Rangers, they had been dispatched by Huo Zhenxiao to the outskirts of the city to intercept the allied troops who were trying to cross the frontier line, and they had fought for three days!

Just as Huo Zhenxiao had expected, the small groups of allied troops intending to cross the frontier line were as numerous as the carp on the vast frontier line.

No matter which squad they were, they did not have a half-hearted rest period.

After a battle, they had to rush to another place to patrol, and the only time they rested and ate was on horseback.

The intensity of the fighting aside.

The mere fact of suffering for three days without sleep was in itself an incredibly tiring thing to do.

Not to mention that the pig-killers had long since pa*sed their prime.

In the eyes of the Great Snow Dragon Riders, he was already a late-blooming old man!

Coupled with the high intensity of the killing, even the Great Snow Dragon Riders could not support themselves.

But this old man …… was still holding on!

And in the whole 500 man squad, has been like a pinnacle of the sea!

As the top battle force in the team, every time the search to the allied squad, immediately transformed into a god of killing, holding a short knife, directly wrapped with fearful killing intent and fierce qi, rushed into the allied squad, killing four directions.

Even if …… the opponent is several times more than oneself!

It is not polite to say that it is the pig killers who draw the vast majority of the firepower in every battle, while the great snow dragon riders under their command, only need to listen to their superiors to charge and reap the rewards.

Without the presence of the Pigslayer, this squad would have been depleted to the point where not a single soldier would have been left under such an intensive level of fighting!

“Senior, take a rest.”

The squad commander came over and looked at the pig-killer with worry.

After three days of fierce battles, the entire squad was somewhat overwhelmed.

Being a top battle force, it was all the more important to preserve it, once they lost this top battle force, then the squad’s survival would not last long.

“You look like I’m going to rest?”

Lin Shichong raised his eyebrows, his back straightened and waved the pig-killing knife in his hand, “See the pig-killing knife in the old man’s hand? I am a pig killer, the people I have hacked to death in these three days are not as many as the pigs I have killed in my lifetime, no need to rest, after cleaning up the battlefield, I will immediately run to wander away!”

The pig killer, and this God of Killers in front of him, should obviously be two very different kinds of people.

On the contrary, they were gathered into one kind of person.

This caused this commander to be in a bit of a trance, but for such a strong man, he did not dare to have the slightest word of respect, other than looking up to him.

Immediately, he was nodding, “Our small group, thanks to senior, then my humble servant will immediately order the departure.”

With a call to arms.

The Great Snow Dragon Riders on the small battlefield mounted their horses one after another.

Pig-killer Lin Shichong also walked towards the war horses, when he suddenly looked aghast, stumbled on his feet and almost fell.


The commander kept an eye on Lin Shichong and immediately jumped his horse and rushed over to help him.

“It’s alright, it’s too dark, I slipped on a stone.”

Lin Shichong shook off the commander’s hand: “Don’t worry, don’t look at me as old, I’m not as weak as you think, kid …… I may be a pig killer, but I’m at least a member of the Thief Sect!

“Stealing door?”

The commander looked bewildered.

“Don’t know anymore, do you?”

Lin Shichong laughed and rolled onto his horse, looking down at the bewildered commander from above: “That’s right, if you don’t know, the world hasn’t had the name of the Thief Sect for twenty years, the Thief Sect has been magnificent for a thousand years, once it was an existence that helped the building to fall. Now, we must let the world know the name of the Thief Sect!

As he said this, he waved his pig-killing knife in his hand.

“Get on your horses, let’s move out!”

But no one noticed that when Lin Shichong threw back his head and laughed, crystal tears were flowing from the corners of his eyes.

The corners of his mouth, as he laughed, also quietly dripped a smear of blood.

“Hold on, old guys, one and all! The Thief Sect has been in decline for twenty years, and it has been hard to wait for the return of the Thief Saint, so we must die and leave a name in this battle for the world!”

“Old witch, old carpenter, old stonemason, you walk slowly, wait for my brothers!”

Under the firelight, Lin Shichong urged his horse forward, but his figure was slowly hunched, and the smile on his face became more and more despondent.

In another part of the northern frontier line.

“Come on! Hahahaha …… A bunch of barbarians and barbarians, no way to cross the frontier line!”

In the battlefield, the killing was fierce.

A lofty figure, like an iron tower, carrying a heavy black coffin on his shoulder, rampaged through the barbarians’ army.

A terrifying aura surrounded his body, accompanying him as he rampaged through the field, like a meat grinder, leaving corpses everywhere he pa*sed.

This terrifying way of killing left the barbarians with their guts splitting.

Even though the Great Snow Dragon Riders had witnessed it countless times in the past three days, they were still in shock.

A strength so strong that it made everyone despair, a pure descending blow.

Even more so, with such brutal and overbearing kills, it left everyone in fear.

“Haha …… Laozi has carried coffins all his life, this battle, let’s carry a coffin for ourselves and kill him out of the name of the Thieving Sect!”


The coffin bearer smashed the coffin to the ground with a bang, gravity and qi instantly caused the ground to sink a notch, followed by a terrifying wave of qi rushing across the ground, amidst wailing and screaming, directly clearing a blank area around him with a radius of seven to eight meters.

“With a few of us old guys around, you will not be able to cross this Northern Territory frontier line!”