Winner Takes All Chapter 1920

The facts were just as Chen Dong had expected.

When a battle report from the front line converged in the main commander’s camp.

Kui Gang had already been on the edge of his seat.

Looking at the battle reports that flew in like snow, Kui Gang’s rugged and rigid face was sulking with anger.

“It’s the third day! It’s only one city, even if the vanguard troops can’t capture it, they haven’t even succeeded in building a bloody road of corpses.

Every word was gritted with teeth.

The temperature inside the camp plummeted to the freezing point.

The deputy marshals and commanders present were silent, not daring to make a sound.

At this point in the battle, the situation had completely deviated from their initial projections.

According to the initial plan, the allied army of the Hundred Clans would have taken the world by storm and pushed across Zhenjiang City.

Using the vanguard troops as stepping stones, they would directly build a mountain of corpses and a sea of blood to offset the tall walls of Zhenjiang City, then with the help of mercenaries and elite regular troops, they would directly trample on the mountain of corpses and blood to charge into Zhenjiang City and then complete the dumping.

The seemingly simple deployment was in fact a myriad of details and incredibly complex.

But after the collective projection of these battlefield commanders and wise men, the chances of success were high.

Moreover, in this battle, the world fell betting.

From the very beginning, there were even more bets placed on the extra-territorial world by the various forces of the world.

After the bets were placed, all the powers were even more openly and covertly giving all their help, because it was clear to everyone that the moment the bets were placed, everyone was tied to the same rope, one would prosper and one would lose.

The obvious advantages and disadvantages of the situation, the obvious tilt of the scales of victory.

But it was stopped by a single city, by a mere 300,000 men of the Great Snow Dragon Riders!

One city and the shoulders of 300,000 men resisted the downward pressure of the scales of victory.

Millions of forward troops failed to accomplish the expected strategic objectives, and even after the mercenaries were deployed, they still left the battle in a scorched state, unable to advance successfully.

It was the third day!

This should be the day that crushes Zhenjiang City into ruins, and now, it was still a stalemate!

“Pa*s the order!”

Kui Gang suddenly said in a stern voice.


The dozens of generals and marshals present rose up at the same time and waited respectfully.

“Immediately mobilize the regular army and swing the whip south!”


The dozens of generals and marshals were shocked at the same time.

Immediately, someone clasped his fist and reported, “Lord Commander, think twice, now that the plan is not advancing as we expected, allowing the regular army to move south immediately at this time will cause the regular army to suffer extremely heavy casualties!”

“Lord Commander, the last general thought, the storm clouds above the battlefield are changing, it is not too late to mobilise the regular army, with mercenaries and millions of forward troops, I believe we will soon be able to complete our strategic objectives.”

“The regular army is the real elite troops that our hundred clans have gathered, stepping on Zhenjiang City is only our first strategic goal in the early stage, the later stage of the horse treading within the domain, still need to fight fiercely for a long time, these are the need for the regular army to step in, too many deaths and injuries in the first stage will have quite a big impact on our strategic goals in the later stage!”


The silent camp was suddenly noisy.

Most of them were dissuading Kui Gang, while the voices of the few generals who agreed with Kui Gang were drowned out in the noise.


Kui Gang slapped his palm on the desk.

The noisy camp was suddenly silenced.

Kui Gang swept his tiger eyes across the room and said in a deep voice, “It’s been three days! According to the plan, our camp should now be located on the ruins of Zhenjiang City, and it has not moved an inch! It’s true that the risk of damage is too great to move the regular army now, but think about this: if we continue to let Zhenjiang City and the Great Snow Dragon Riders pincer our allied forces, what will happen to our allied forces once the rest of the domain’s support arrives?”

The crowd looked at each other with stony faces.

They were all the leading generals of the Hundred Clans who had gathered their elites here for the purpose of waving the whip south this time.

How could they not know what would happen to the allied forces once other support from the domain arrived?

One general said angrily with a clenched fist, “If only the rest of our army could break through to the rest of the Northern Territory, the D*mned Inner Rangers have sealed off the vast Northern Territory frontier.”

At the start of the Great War, it wasn’t that the Hundred Clans Allied Army hadn’t set aside other options.

Millions of troops were pointed at Zhenjiang City, which was a clear-cut move.

But secretly, they had already sent a group of soldiers to cross the frontier line and go around to the back of Zhenjiang City to surround it, or even to carry out other strategic plans.

In short, as long as the crossing was successful, the initiative would still be in their hands, at least until reinforcements arrived from within the domain.

At that time, a small force would be sufficient to set fire to the northern domain and disrupt the pattern within Zhenjiang City.

Zhenjiang City is ultimately the centre of attention in the world.

This also meant that a very large part of the army had to be placed in Zhenjiang City, and the troops scattered out could only be small groups, on the one hand to cross lightly, and on the other to cover their ears.

But three whole days!

Not one of the small groups of troops sent out to cross the Northern Frontier Line had succeeded in doing so!

The Northern Frontier Line is so wide that it’s astonishing that they can’t even cross it!

“Who doesn’t want to cross?”

Another deputy marshal said in a deep voice, with the same resentment in his eyes, “But the situation doesn’t allow for too large of a team to cross, and the information from the front line is scarce, but all the information that comes back, without exception, mentions that one of the Inner Rangers is so powerful that the two sides are not even on the same level of strength.”

There was a pause.

The deputy marshal’s eyebrows knitted together, and in his low voice, there was a hint of disbelief: “You know, these crossing teams are not vanguard teams, but proper elite regular troops, and there are even some recruited mercenaries!”


There was a dead silence.

Everyone’s face was as ugly as it could be.

The regular army and the mercenaries were, to put it politely, already close to the Great Snow Dragon Riders in every aspect except for their cooperation.

Yet, they were still blocked to death by the Rangers sent out by the Great Snow Dragon Riders!

It was hard to even get a single unit to send back complete information!

This is what really boggles the mind!

“Let’s discuss this later, there are always demons when things go wrong, crossing the frontier line is only one of our plans, the real priority is Zhenjiang City!”

Kui Gang spoke up and brought the topic back to Zhenjiang City.

With the attention of the crowd, he rose and pressed his hands on the table, leaning forward slightly, an extremely aggressive gesture.

He swept over the crowd.

“Without levelling the heavenly chasm that is Zhenjiang City, we will never dare to move south with impunity, and if we do not remove this nail before the arrival of reinforcements from the domain, it will be even more dangerous for our allied forces.”

“The benefits and risks, you should all understand, time is not on our side, we have to fight when we have to, if we don’t let go now, once the reinforcements arrive, it will only be a great threat to us!”

“I order the elite regular army to move out, target: Zhenjiang City!”