Winner Takes All Chapter 1916

Looking at the 10th Golden Guard’s head flying up.

The surrounding mercenaries and the barbarians were all in high spirits and let out a shout at the same time.

Killing the enemy’s supreme commander on the battlefield!

This was enough to decide a battle!

“The general has been killed! The general has been killed!”

“Hahahaha …… Great Snow Dragon Riders, your leader’s head is already separated, why don’t you surrender?”

“If you resist, kill all of them!”


Unlike the excitement of the mercenaries and the barbarians.

As the shouts rang out.

The movements of the Great Snow Dragon Riders were all noticeable.

The bloodstained faces looked in one direction at the same time in disbelief.

Those who were close could clearly see the heads of the 10th Golden Guards falling to the ground.

Those who were far away could not see it, but they understood what had happened!

A successful decapitation on an ordinary battlefield meant that a battle had come to an end.

But now on this side of the battlefield, apart from the 10th Golden Guard, there was …… Chen Dong!

Chen Dong’s face, full of veins and veins, looked towards the place where the Tenth Golden Guard had perished, blood gushing in his eyes.

In the midst of the battlefield freeze frame.

He took a silent step.


The blood wind rose at first.

The majestic and monstrous killing intent instantly moved like a great mountain moving across the battlefield, crashing down onto the place where the Tenth Golden Guard had perished.

“Not good!”

A look of panic suddenly appeared on the weathered face of the Qi powerhouse who had decapitated the Tenth Golden Guard.

He felt the terrifying killing intent that was pressing across him like a mountain like a prison.

That sinister, brutal aura even made his throat tighten.

There was no time to make any judgement.

Almost instinctively, he swung out a blade.


Sparks erupted as metal clashed.

The cold and fierce sword and blade qi instantly clashed together, splitting into countless channels and wreaking havoc in all directions.

There were screams and wails.

One by one, the mercenaries and the barbarians who were too late to retreat were instantly strangled into a bloody mist by the qi.

The terrifying impact instantly caused the ground beneath this Qi powerhouse to cave in.

But with his sword in both hands, Chen Dong did not stop, forcibly pushing the qi strong man backwards.

The overwhelming blood-coloured qi poured into the Qigong practitioner in front of him, clearly gaining the upper hand, and frantically annihilating the Qigong practitioner’s qi.

The Qi strong man tried to break free from Chen Dong’s horizontal push several times, but he found to his horror that not only was there a gap between his Qi energy and his opponent, but even his physical strength was not at all on the same level.

He looked at Chen Dong, who was close at hand, with a face full of horror.

The terrifying sense of oppression even made him unable to utter a sound.

He was pressed back a dozen metres along the way.

Two bloody furrows were left on the ground.

“Pay for your life!”

Chen Dong shouted.

No Blade instantly raged out countless blood-coloured sword Qi.

There was a click!

The battle sword in the Qi Jin powerhouse’s hand directly broke apart.

This sudden change of events caused the Qi Jin strong man’s pupils to tighten.

But he did not wait for any reaction.

A large hand was like a life-seeking ghost hand, instantly breaking through his Qi barrier and strangling his neck.

“On your way!”


There was no hint of nonsense.

Crisp and clean.

Pure crushing.

With a fountain of blood gushing out.

The head of the Qi Jin powerhouse had arrived in Chen Dong’s hands.


The whole room was dead silent.

Everyone was dumbstruck, staring at that figure like a ghost.

What had just happened was just a snap of the fingers.

Even by the time some people reacted, the head of the Qijin strong man was already in Chen Dong’s hands.

A Qigong powerhouse was this weak?

No one had expected that the Qigong powerhouse who had just shown his prowess on the battlefield would have his head separated in the blink of an eye.


In the silence, the headless body of the Qigong warrior fell heavily to the ground.

Immediately, under the eyes of everyone.

Chen Dong slowly turned around, “Great Snow Dragon Riding Army, return to the city!”

After saying this, he turned around once more, “Get lost!”

The shout was like a thunderclap.

This rebuke sent shockwaves through the hearts and minds of all the mercenaries and the barbarians.

The dense crowd almost instinctively moved to the left and right to make way for a wide avenue.

Fear, horror ……

Looking at the figure carrying a human head forward, everyone’s face turned a little pale.

Chen Dong was in front, carrying the head of a Qi Jin powerhouse as he walked forward at a fast pace.

Behind him, the Great Snow Dragon Riders followed closely behind.

None of them dared to stand in the way.

The barbarians were not stupid, and the mercenaries were not stupid either.

The mercenaries were even more pure than the barbarians, and had no other psychological burden.

It was only by relying on the strongest Qi energy that they had managed to kill the Tenth Golden Guard.

But now that their reliance was instantly killed in seconds in front of Chen Dong, they had even less desire to stop them, or rather, they had no guts to stop them at all.

Even Qi Jin powerhouses could be instantly killed.

Even if they were stronger, they would be no different from a chicken or a dog in the face of this god-like man!

The sound of trumpets and drums came from far away.

And they were getting more and more urgent.

They seemed to be urging the mercenaries and the barbarians to continue the interception.


No one moved.

Everyone stood in place like statues, watching the lone figure marching forward, and no one even looked at the vast army of Great Snow Dragons riding behind Chen Dong.

The emotion that lingered in everyone’s heart at this moment was pure, so pure that there was only fear!

Even if the whole army were to resist orders on the battlefield, they would hardly have the heart to fight again.


Chen Dong led the Great Snow Dragon Riders out of this side of the battlefield.

The mercenaries and barbarians from other directions, who had not witnessed the scene, continued to follow the military orders and came after them.

But Chen Dong, without stopping, continued to swing his right hand again and again, just as he had done before.

The only difference from earlier was that in his left hand, there was an additional human head with eyes wide open.

The sword’s aura was invincible.

No matter how many mercenaries and barbarians came in front of him, they were all cut to pieces by Chen Dong, sword after sword.

A naked suppression.

In the midst of ten thousand troops, he was like a man in a field of no man’s land.

The Great Snow Dragon Riders followed closely behind, but with Chen Dong leading the way, the pressure on them was much less.

The distance to Zhenjiang City was getting closer and closer.


Chen Dong returned to Zhenjiang City with the last of the Great Snow Dragon Riders without incident.

“Leave a few men to send the 10th Golden Guard, the rest all board the city!”

Chen Dong indifferently gave his military orders, the blood qi on his body quickly collecting back into his body, the veins and veins on his face also quickly diminishing.

During the process of leading the last Great Snow Dragon Riding Army back to the city, he had already observed the situation within Zhenjiang City.

With the Great Snow Dragon Riders back in Zhenjiang City, the situation inside the city had stabilised and the Great Snow Dragon Riders had regained control of Zhenjiang City, completely limiting the rabbit warriors to a few fixed spots.

The city could still hold on for a while with the Snow Dragons.

His mission was over for the time being.

Looking at the Great Snow Dragon Riders swarming towards the city walls, Chen Dong’s gaze was deep: “Chen Daojun, how long do you want to wait? Is it because you don’t think that enough people have died?”


Meanwhile, inside the temporary city behind the allied army of the Hundred Clans, the chickens were already flying.