Winner Takes All Chapter 1915

The battlefield was in chaos.

Chen Dong made his way as if he was in no man’s land.

With a swing of his sword, a dozen metres of blood-coloured sword qi destroyed the rabble-ridden army on the front road.

He also finally entered the battle circle that the Great Snow Dragon Riders were in.

Even though he had expected it, even though he had rushed here fast enough, the scene before him still left him a little dazed.

Everywhere he looked, there were determined Snow Dragons with faces full of determination.

There was a constant stream of Great Snow Dragon riders being hacked and slashed to pieces.

Faced with the encirclement of the barbarians and the attacks by the mercenaries, this army had already been so disorganised that they could no longer even talk about fighting together.

According to Chen Dong’s battlefield experience, the battle damage ratio between the two sides was already close to one to one!

Such a battle loss ratio would never have appeared to the Great Snow Dragon Riding Army in the past.


In the distance, there was a loud roar.

Chen Dong’s gaze flinched as he followed the sound and saw the 10th Golden Guard in golden armour, dripping with qi, wielding a chopper in his hand and tangling with a dozen mercenaries.

“That’s smart, not being able to capture the king, but still knowing to delay him.”

Chen Dong frowned tightly as he gazed at the place where the 10th Golden Guard was.

The dozen mercenaries were all peak experts under Qi Jin, and the gap between them and Qi Jin powerhouses was just a layer of shackles.

Combat awareness, bodywork, martial arts ……

They were all of the highest quality.

The difference between them and the 10th Golden Guard is clear. It seems that both sides are killing each other fiercely, but in fact a dozen mercenary experts are simply roaming around, relying purely on their numerical advantage to entangle and confine the 10th Golden Guard.

Even the fierceness of the attack was enough to contain the Tenth Golden Guard from delegating military orders and commanding the entire army!

This was the most damaging part!

On the battlefield, the head of an army is the proper leader, and all military orders are issued from the top down.

In the Great Snow Dragon Riders, the ten Golden Guards are all capable of leading their own army.

But now, in the midst of a fierce battle, the leader of an army is so trapped that he cannot even delegate his orders, which is fatal to an army!

Without someone to take control of the whole army, the whole army would become headless!

Chen Dong took a deep breath and took a step forward, his blood-coloured qi swept through his body, kicking up a fierce wind.

Behind him, the barbarians felt a great swath of blood pa*s before their eyes, and Chen Dong had already disappeared into thin air.

When he reappeared, he was already in the midst of the battlefield with his hand on his blade.


Every time he waved the Bladeless Heavy Sword, even without the support of qi, the huge sword stirred up a strong wind.

Bang Teen!

With one swing of the sword, the two mercenaries in front of him directly exploded on the spot, splattering blood and mist.

“Chen, Dragon Head Chen?!”

One of the Great Snow Dragon Riders next to him was filled with surprise.

Just a foot before, he was surrounded by two mercenaries and was so close to death that he was even ready to take one with him before he died.

And on the second foot, Chen Dong appeared in front of him and broke through his crisis with a single sword!

“Follow me, back to the city!”

Chen Dong said calmly, “Blow the trumpet and beat the drum!”

“As ordered!”

This Great Snow Dragon Riding Army was heartened and immediately turned around and rushed into the sea of people.


The sound of trumpets and the beating of drums sounded at the same time.

On the chaotic battlefield, one by one, the Great Snow Dragon Riding Army heard the trumpets and the beating drums and first froze in shock, then immediately noticed the splashes of blood that were always rushing to the sky, and all of them immediately perked up.

“Dragon Head Chen is coming!”

“Dragon Head Chen has come to receive us!”

“Brothers, cut down these barbarians fiercely for me!”


A rousing and exuberant roar rang out from every corner of the battlefield.

“Chen Longtou?”

The Tenth Golden Guard forced back three mercenaries with a single slash, and excitedly turned his head to look at the battlefield where the Great Snow Dragon Riders were.

Without his leadership, the troops had long been cut up and confused.

The sudden blowing of trumpets and drums at this moment must mean that someone was cleaning up the mess!

And the only one he could think of was Chen Dong!

At this glance, the Tenth Golden Guard saw the blood-covered figure in the distance, holding a sword in one hand, but in the other hand, he had taken the Five-Clawed Golden Dragon Banner from a Great Snow Dragon Rider!

Immediately following.

A hoarse, low voice sounded like thunder.

“Great Snow Dragon Riders return to the city, all of you retreat!”

Above the battlefield, such words and shouts were simply overbearing and out of sight.

With this bellowing order.

Chen Dong’s right hand swung down with a brazen sword.

A dozen metres of blood-coloured sword Qi tore through the air, strangling dozens of people in front of him into a bloody mist.

No matter if they were mercenaries, or barbarians or soldiers, with this sword, all beings were equal!

“Hahahaha …… The Dragon Head is mighty!”

The tenth golden guard couldn’t help but laugh out loud.

Almost at the same time.

A dozen mercenaries but all swarmed.

The wind was bitterly cold.

The Tenth Golden Guard was not afraid, his Qi surged around him, and his Chopping Horse Blade was full of Qi.

With an explosive roar.

He went straight for the dozen mercenaries.

The light of the sword was bitterly cold.

Sword qi raged.

One clash after another, accompanied by explosions.

The Tenth Golden Guard was so strong that he could only pa*sively defend himself against the dozen mercenaries.

Even so, the blades of a dozen mercenaries were shattered under the terrifying sword qi.

However, what made the Tenth Golden Guard a little dismayed was that.

This time, the dozen mercenaries changed their fighting style from earlier and no longer surrounded and tangled, but instead, they faced each other directly and hard.

“Is it because they know that Chen Longtou is coming and can no longer be stopped?”

This was the thought in the 10th Golden Guard’s mind.

During the fight just now, it was not that he did not know what these dozen mercenaries wanted, but that he knew but could not change it.

Even if these mercenaries were strong, they would be nothing more than a sword in the face of the Chen leader.

To attack to the death was more like a desperate fight!


The Tenth Golden Guard let out an explosive roar and took a direct step forward, his horse-slashing sword curled with a domineering sword Qi, and slashed at a mercenary.

There was a flash of lightning.

The mercenary’s face changed dramatically, but he did not dodge, but directly met the sword with the broken blade in his hand.

On the left and right, two mercenaries were swinging their swords at the Tenth Golden Guard at the same time.

However, with the protection of his qi, the 10th Golden Guard did not care about these mercenaries’ attacks.

If they could have broken the defence, they would have done so already!

Bang Teen!

The sword’s qi cloaked the mercenary in front of him, instantly decapitating him.

The earth shook as the chopping blade slammed into the ground, cracking countless cracks.

At the same time.

The two mercenaries on the left and right had also swung their swords at the 10th Golden Guard’s Qi barrier.


A loud drum-like sound was heard at the same time.

The Tenth Golden Guard’s rugged face suddenly revealed a look of shock.

“Why don’t you remember exactly how many mercenaries surrounded you?”

A teasing mocking voice sounded in his ears.

The tenth gold guard’s pupils suddenly tightened to the extreme.

Out of the corner of his eye, he saw that the Qi barrier on his right side had been cut open and the battle sword was coming towards him with a roll of sword Qi.

The speed was as fast as lightning.


Blood splattered.

The sword qi instantly cut through the armour.

The Tenth Golden Guard’s head flew up into the air with his eyes wide open, and his face was filled with horror and disbelief even to his death.