Winner Takes All Chapter 1913

With this sudden appearance of the Hundred Clans for hire.

The Great Snow Dragon Riders, who had been able to resist the fight in an orderly manner, were in complete disarray.

As the sky fell into bets.

Both the domain and the Hundred Clans have been hiring from all over the world.

And now, the power of this hiring was truly revealed.

Even as he watched what was happening on the battlefield, Chen Dong could not help but frown and grip his heart for a moment.


These people had been hired for a generous reward, unlike these barbarians and soldiers.

To hire the world is to stir up the world into a situation.

Who in the world does not know how fierce this battle will be?

Anyone who dares to enlist in the war is either extremely confident in their own strength or is a desperate man who dares to take risks.

In other words, they are stronger than these rabble warriors!

The martial arts world is full of hidden dragons and crouching tigers.

Although there are only a handful of people above Qi Jin, no one can really count the number of people below Qi Jin.

And there are many levels below Qi Jin.

Although the individual strength of the Great Snow Dragon Riders is strong, there are not many of them who are truly at the top of the ranks below Qi Jin!

The Great Xixing Vigour opened up to the world the highest secrets guarded by the Huns for generations.

With the help of the Heavenly Wolf Martial Dao Body, the strength of the Allied Rongwu was boosted. Although Chen Dong and Huo Zhenxiao soon got the Zodiac Martial Dao Body supplied to the Great Snow Dragon Riding Army for enlightenment, it was undeniable that the single strength of both sides had indeed been brought closer by some distance.

And now, these mercenaries that the world had converged on.

To put it bluntly, putting aside personal heart and war experience, there is no shortage of individual combatants whose strength is far superior to that of the Great Snow Dragon Riders!

At this point, these mercenaries would be far more deadly to the Great Snow Dragon Riders than the barbarians!

They were not forced to fight unlike the barbarians, who fought purely for the sake of a generous reward or the lure of the Heavenly Wolf Martial Dao body.

The purpose of the battle was different, and the mindset was decidedly different!

Chen Dong stood still, his gaze sweeping past the rabble-rousers and looking at that side of the battlefield.

The mercenary figures dressed in everyday clothes were like tigers and wolves that had entered the Great Snow Dragon Riders’ army, and they pounced on them almost without defence, killing them with the most severe and vicious means.

Even though the Great Snow Dragon Riders were well-trained and were the most powerful army in the world, they could not face such an extremely strong army.

Even though they were the best trained and the most powerful army in the world, they were in disarray when faced with such a fierce mercenary army.

On the battlefield, formation is especially important.

But these mercenaries were all fighting on their own, without any rules, like ghosts roaming around the Great Snow Dragon Riders, harvesting at will, which, to some extent, also disrupted the formation of the Great Snow Dragon Riders.

After all, no one who is well-trained would be able to change their position instantly after being tangled up with the barbarians for so long and then suddenly being attacked by such a team.

But in just a minute’s time.

In just a minute, Chen Dong had seen nearly ten of the Great Snow Dragon Riders beheaded by the mercenaries.

Such a speed of death and injury was mind-blowing!

“Contract the formation! Contract the formation!”

The Tenth Golden Guard hissed and roared.

At the first sign of the mercenaries’ appearance, he had already barked such an order.

But in the face of this sudden attack, it was difficult for the Great Snow Dragon Riders to contract for a while.

Although these mercenaries were inexperienced in warfare, they were by no means inexperienced in combat, and while they roamed to kill the Great Snow Dragon Riders, they were relying on their great individual strength to deliberately pull each other and divide the Great Snow Dragon Riders with the other mercenaries!

The Tenth Golden Guardian was furious, he wanted to gather his army, but some of these mercenaries were too strong.

From his experience, he could see that some of the mercenaries were only one step away from Qi Power, just short of breaking the shackles!

Although he was a Qi master, he could still crush those mercenaries, but in such a chaotic battle, he was the only Qi master, and it was difficult to beat them with two fists!

Just as the 10th Golden Guard was distracted from his command.

Suddenly, a warning sounded.

“Golden Guard, be careful!”

In a flash of lightning, the Tenth Golden Guard’s expression sank, and a feeling of palpitations arose. ,

His strong combat instincts made him instantly lock on to the direction, and in the twinkling of an eye, he saw a long sword with a flickering cold light breaking through the air in the dimness.

“Get lost!”

The tenth golden guard was filled with rage and his tongue burst into thunder.

Bang Teen!

The fierce qi instantly broke through his body and impacted the longsword with a bang.

With a muffled grunt, the mercenary with the sword flew backwards in the air, and the sword in his hand trembled and chanted.

“The curse of the curse of the curse!”

The Tenth Golden Guard shouted and immediately spurred his horse to chase after the mercenary, and in his hand, a large sword made from the material of the Dragon Rider’s war sword was rampant with Qi.

Not waiting for the mercenary to hit the ground.

The Tenth Golden Guard had already urged his horse to catch up with him, and with both hands holding his sword, the horse-slashing sword whistled with qi and slashed at the mercenary’s waist with the force of a tarzan.

“Not good!”

The mercenary let out a cry of alarm, his face instantly paling a little.

The difference in strength between the two sides was just one layer of Qi energy.

But at their level of martial arts, they knew that a single layer of Qi energy would widen the distance between them to a distance of heaven and earth.

It was a close call.

A violent blast of wind blew out.

The mercenary didn’t even think about resisting, and with the Qi energy, the result of resisting would be death by the waist.

Seeing the vertical slash of the sword, the mercenary had an instant decision in his eyes, and with the paralysis in his right tiger’s mouth, he met the sword with a bolt.


Sparks erupted.

The terrifying impact of the sword eroded directly into the mercenary’s body.

He let out a muffled grunt and blood escaped from the corner of his mouth.

But he also used the momentum to flip in the air and plummet towards the ground, his already cracked longsword swirling on the ground, splashing a large amount of blood and mud, then using the force of the sword to roll across the air a few times, narrowly missing the sabre.

After landing on the ground, the mercenary immediately rolled again and closed the distance between him and the 10th Golden Guard.

“What a handsome body, a bunch of traitors!”

The Tenth Golden Guard towered above the warhorse and looked at the mercenary with contempt.

The mercenary snorted and gave a sidelong glance at the longsword in his hand, and with a flick of the sword in his right hand, the already crumbling longsword instantly shook off into countless pieces.

And this mercenary again unhurriedly picked up a war sword from a corpse on the side.

“What’s the point of selling out the country or not, we all have different positions and different pursuits.”

“However, I have heard that the Great Snow Dragon Riding Army is the best in the world, and that the ten Golden Guards under Huo Zhenxiao’s command have unparalleled battle prowess, today I have really learned about it.”


The mercenary raised his sword and pointed it straight at the Tenth Golden Guard, smiling coldly: “But today, you and this Great Snow Dragon Riding Army will both be buried here!”

“Hmph! That depends on whether you have the strength to do so!”

The Tenth Golden Guard’s eyes shot up with a cold aura and he was about to push his horse forward.

Suddenly, several screams rang out behind him.

Subconsciously, he glanced back and narrowed his eyes, and the corners of his eyes jumped wildly.

In his sight.

A few more of the Great Snow Dragon riders were picked off by the mercenaries.

And those mercenaries who had struck were no less terrifying than the mercenary in front of him!