Winner Takes All Chapter 1912

Chen Dong dragged Fengless backwards and slowly walked down the corpse mountain.

The hidden secrets on Huo Zhenxiao’s body prevented him from touching him at all, let alone the state Huo was in at the moment, nor could there be too many more twists and turns.

His last breath could really only sustain him as he stood there, watching everything.

He was also not worried that someone from the Hundred Clans United Army would rush up the corpse mountain and annihilate Huo Zhenxiao’s last breath.

With Huo Zhenxiao’s current state, but if the Hundred Clans United Army had that in mind, it would have already been over.

The strong …… are respected no matter where they are.

Huo Zhenxiao has been crushing the Hundred Tribes for so many years, it is only right that he should receive such respect.

As he slowly descended the mountain.

The people of the lower part of the country, however, completely exploded.

Each and every one of them trembled, and some even nearly dropped their blades in their hands as they backed away.

An invisible oppression washed over them.

They looked at Chen Dong, who was walking down the mountain of corpses, in horror, and for a moment, they did not know what to do.

All of them were not stupid.

The answer to what Chen Dong was going to do next when he was unable to pick up Huo Zhenxiao and return to the city was obvious.

The remaining three Great Snow Dragon Riding Armies had yet to return to the city!

“What to do? What should we do now? Report to your superiors immediately!”

“If he doesn’t pick up Huo Zhenxiao and return to the city, he’ll definitely go and lead those Great Snow Dragon Riding Armies back to the city next, how else can we block them?”

“Heavenly Wolf is above, descend on a miracle and let this man die on the spot, right?”


This side of the quiet battlefield gradually became noisy.

Chen Dong picked his eyes and swept through the vast sea of people, looking towards the nearest army of Great Snow Dragon riders to him.

Then he walked over towards that side of the battlefield.

The group of Yi Rongwu who were in charge of the encirclement were on the verge of collapse, they had received the military order to encircle, if Chen Dong was only coming for Huo Zhenxiao, they would still have had room to manoeuvre and only encircle but not attack.

But now, Chen Dong was heading for the remaining three Great Snow Dragon Riders!

On the battlefield, military orders are like mountains!

Even if they knew it was a moth to a flame, a mantis to a cart, they still had to go forward!

“D*mn it, let’s fight him!”

“Heavenly Wolf, I’ll be a good man again in 18 years!”

“Let’s all go together, he alone may not be able to wipe out our entire army!”


In the sea of people, an indignant cursing sounded one after another.

The next second.

All the Yi Rongwu summoned up their last ounce of courage, clutching their blades tightly, and rushed towards Chen Dong with feeble steps.

Looking at the vast number of Yi clan soldiers coming.

The fear on the rugged faces fell into Chen Dong’s eyes.

He could not help but feel a little sadness in his heart.

Gnats are like this, as humble as dust!

Given Chen Dong’s current state of strength, how could he not sense what state these barbarians were in?

They had clearly been cowed long ago and had no determination to fight, yet they forced themselves to pounce on him.

They were not trying to encircle him, but to end the battle by going to their deaths, or to encircle him in disguise.

On the battlefield, to die and not to die are sometimes two different concepts.

Like these rabble ruffians, if they didn’t dare to come forward at this moment, if they didn’t dare to die, then in their wake, more people would die as a result!

But Chen Dong merely felt sad and ridiculous.

The human world was following this law of survival, not to mention the bloody and violent battlefield.

We are all on different sides, and we are all fighting for different things!


Chen Dong raised the bladeless blade in his hand, and Qi swept through the blade, a bitter blood-coloured Qi spilling out.

The next second.

Wrapped in a fearful and monstrous killing intent, Chen Dong blatantly charged into the tide of people.

Sword Qi streaked across the room, looking down upon all beings.

Amidst the screams and explosions, Chen Dong wielded his sword qi recklessly, strangling pieces and pieces of the barbarians.

Blood and water mixed with broken flesh poured into the sky, forming a rain of blood that fell down.

Even so, the barbarians around them did not stop.

They met Chen Dong’s bladeless sword qi like moths to a flame, using their own deaths to defend the survival of more lives.

Everywhere Chen Dong pa*sed, sword qi ravaged the ground, cutting a hideous and terrifying wound, leaving corpses and flesh everywhere, and it was hard to find even one intact body.

This time.

This time, Chen Dong did not walk idly as he had done before, but was overbearing, driving straight in and pushing his way across to where the Great Snow Dragon Riders were.

The reinforcements from the four sides did not know when they would arrive.

Chen Daojun’s plans were not forthcoming.

At this juncture, preserving as much of the Great Snow Dragon Riding Army as possible would only do good, not harm, to Zhenjiang City and the entire war.

Time is of the essence!

Both for the domain and for the Hundred Clans!


Chen Dong charged and killed this Great Snow Dragon Cavalry army in the middle of the battlefield, no different from earlier. As he gave the order, followed by the Golden Guard’s order, the Great Snow Dragon Cavalry army then quickly contracted, following Chen Dong and charged towards Zhenjiang City.

With Chen Dong opening the way, the Great Snow Dragon Riders only had to follow, cutting out the barbarians to their left and right and clearing out some of the barbarians who had survived under Chen Dong’s bladeless sword, the rest was just a matter of following closely.

The rest of the battlefield was just a matter of following closely.

With Chen Dong’s entry, the previous stalemate was completely broken.

The barbarians were roaring, cursing and wailing.

But the countless human lives were like a tidal wave, one after another, but they still could not stop Chen Dong and the Great Snow Dragon Riders from returning to the city.

This made every barbarian ronin desperate to the extreme.

Millions of soldiers were left to walk across the land with one man.

This would have been a nightmare in the old days of battle.

Once Chen Dong had led the Great Snow Dragon Cavalry into Zhenjiang City, he once again charged in the direction of where another Great Snow Dragon Cavalry army was.

The sea of blood was vast.

The wind was like the cry of an evil spirit.

Everything was as he had said at the beginning, wherever he was, there was hell!

The second Great Snow Dragon Riders returned to the city without incident, and only the last of the Great Snow Dragon Riders remained on the field.

With the reinforcements, the situation in Zhenjiang City was soon under control and the Great Snow Dragons were rapidly expanding the fruits of their victory.

The five-clawed golden dragon banner of the Great Snow Dragon Riders is now flying again over Zhenjiang City, which was previously filled with faces of the barbarians, and there are more faces belonging to the domain.

The barbarians are being driven out of the city.

Little by little, the Great Snow Dragon Riders are taking back control of Zhenjiang City.

After confirming the situation within Zhenjiang City.

Chen Dong turned around and was about to head to the battlefield of the last Great Snow Dragon Cavalry army.

Not waiting for him to take a step.

On that side of the battlefield, shouts and screams suddenly rose, shaking the heavens and the earth.

Something was wrong!

Chen Dong’s expression was astonished.

His eyes hurriedly looked farther into the battlefield. The killing was still fierce, but the formation and direction of the Great Snow Dragon Riders were clearly in disarray!


Suddenly, Chen Dong’s bloodshot eyes were suddenly wide open.

He could clearly see that on the chaotic battlefield, there was an extremely conspicuous figure.

There was no armour on him, purely everyday wear.

Such a figure should not have appeared on the battlefield at all.

And yet, not only did it appear!

Moreover, that figure was extremely fierce, moving swiftly and striking ruthlessly, and the …… army he was striking at was clearly the Great Snow Dragon Riders!

“Hundred clans for hire?!”

Chen Dong quickly reacted.

Immediately following, more and more figures dressed in everyday clothes appeared in his line of sight.

Without exception, all of them were fierce and fierce, like wolves on the snowy plains pouncing on the approaching Great Snow Dragon Riding Army ……