Winner Takes All Chapter 1909

“Great Snow …… Dragon Riders!”

The voice, which was weak to the point of weakness, fell clearly into the ears of Chen Dong and the Great Snow Dragon Riders, like a thunderclap.

“Stand at attention!”

Chen Dong’s footsteps forward finally came to a halt.


Behind them, the Great Snow Dragon Riders simultaneously halted their horses.

At this moment, it was as if the vast army on the battlefield around them did not exist.


Chen Dong and the Great Snow Dragon Riders raised their right hands at the same time, clenching their fists and placing them at their hearts.

It was neat and unified and shocking.

This was the military salute that every man had to learn on his first day in the Great Snow Dragon Riding Army, and it was also the highest salute in the Great Snow Dragon Riding Army.

The next second.

“Send off your comrades!”

Chen Dong and the Great Snow Dragon Riding Army spoke in unison, shouting in unison.

Chen Dong stood in place, looking at the figure that was almost squeezed and deformed by the city gate, the pair of eyes that, until the last moment, still emitted a firm light.

That was …… the retreat he had left for his brothers!

Chen Dong’s nasal cavity was sore, and it was as if a volcano had built up in his chest, desperately wanting to explode out.

Hoo ……

The fishy wind whistled, biting like a knife.

Under the attention of all the people.

Chen Dong’s figure was slightly hunched as he slowly lifted the backwards dragging Fengless.


Holding the sword in both hands, he raised it high above his head.

“Thank you for leaving a retreat for the brothers! I am offended!”

Murmurs, drowned in the gale.

Boom, boom ……

The blood-coloured qi surrounding Chen Dong’s body now rippled out in a circle visible to the naked eye, spreading out in all directions.

The wind was bitterly cold.

A roar exploded.

Chen Dong’s aura, however, was rapidly rising in resentment and anger.

A mountain of fearful killing intent poured out towards the city gates.

Without warning.

A terrifying crack exploded beneath Chen Dong’s feet, crumbling in all directions.


A bloodshot aura burst out of Chen Dong’s eyes as his tongue burst into thunder.

He took a direct step and blatantly slashed his sword across the air towards the unsealed city gate.


A sword slashed out, sword Qi spreading across the city.

The blood-coloured Qi instantly followed the direction of Fengless’s cut, turning into a giant sword Qi more than ten metres long and rushing towards the city gate.

Along the way, it ploughed through the ground, cutting a terrifying gap in the ground.

The moment the sword qi reached the city gate, the gate, which should have been solid and sturdy, shattered with an explosion.

The sword qi didn’t stop there, it ravaged the city gate and went straight into the cave.

In a wave of wailing and screaming, it strangled all the barbarians gathered inside the gate hole into pieces before fading away.

Smoke and dust rolled.

Flesh flew everywhere.

The gatehouse, which had been piled high with corpses, was now a vast void.

The solid walls were riddled with gaping holes.

This sword not only cut open the city gate, but also split the liver and guts of the barbarians who had managed to survive behind the gate.


The Second Golden Guard raised their Dragon Rider swords and took the lead.

With this call.

The Great Snow Dragon Riders behind him roared and spurred their horses to charge straight into the city.

As the Second Golden Guard charged, he ordered the army to split into two groups, one to reinforce the city walls and the other to hold the gates.

The scene was chaotic.

The fight was on the verge of breaking out.

Chen Dong, however, stopped where he was, his aura gathered a little.

With the first Great Snow Dragon Riders back in support, the crisis in Zhenjiang City could be eased for a while.

He slowly turned around and looked at the vast sea of people, and the dense sense of oppression made him frown.

Skimming over the heavy sea of people, his eyes swept over one battlefield after another.

One by one, the Great Snow Dragon Riders led by the Golden Guards were still charging towards Zhenjiang City, desperate to return to the city for support.

The Second Golden Guards led by the Great Snow Dragon Riders managed to enter the city, but they were only able to defend their last line of defence!

If they were to hold Zhenjiang City, they would need more Great Snow Dragon Riders to return to the city.

With this in mind.

Chen Dong was about to ask a question when Qin Ye’s voice came to his ears.

“Brother Dong, I can still hold out!”

The voice was very soft, and even weakness could be clearly heard.

However, Qin Ye’s words gave Chen Dong a pill of rea*surance.

Only one army of Great Snow Dragon riders had managed to return to the city, and the Rongwu led by the Second Golden Guard was merely stalemating the Rongwu of the Yi clan in the face of the tide of Yi clansmen who had already boarded the city.

Zhenjiang City still had to rely on Qin Ye’s control of the Eight Divine Ghost Formations to clear out most of the Rongwu who wanted to enter the city!

Only in this way could the crisis in Zhenjiang City be resolved in a short period of time.

“Then I will go and fetch them back to the city!”

Chen Dong murmured softly before he took a step forward.

The blood-coloured wind swept up from beneath his feet, but with this step, Chen Dong was like lightning, charging towards the battle circle where the other Great Snow Dragon Riders were.



A slaughter!

In the melee, even though Chen Dong had deliberately curbed his strength, he was still able to strike a descending blow against these barbarians.

All the way to the centre of the battle circle, he dashed and killed.

“Head of Chen Dong!”

The Fifth Golden Guard was ecstatic to see Chen Dong.

Chen Dong did not respond, but turned around expansively under the Fifth Golden Guard’s gaze.

The Fifth Golden Guard instantly understood and raised the Dragon Rider’s battle sword in his hand.

“Sons and daughters, follow in the footsteps of the Dragon Leader and charge back to the city!”


The Great Snow Dragon Riders, who had long since become red with murder, shouted in unison.

The originally somewhat scattered formation quickly gathered even with the shout.

Chen Dong didn’t care if the Great Snow Dragon Riders behind him could keep up, if they couldn’t even keep up with him on the battlefield, then they wouldn’t be called Great Snow Dragon Riders!

The blood-coloured aura around his body was a bitter wind.

A violent and insidious aura, wrapped in a fearful killing intent, overwhelmed the entire field.

The bladeless sword in his hand quickly waved out an overwhelming sword qi, killing all the enemies in front of him.

But having learned from the previous battle, the barbarians overcame their fear and surged towards Chen Dong like mad with the sound of trumpets from the rear.

Even though they knew it was a moth to a flame, none of them stopped!

It was a very different situation from the one that had just led the Second Golden Guard’s army back to the city!

Even the barbarians who pounced on the Great Snow Dragon Riders were even more fierce than earlier.

This also caused Chen Dong and the Great Snow Dragon Riders to slow down their speed back to the city!

However, Chen Dong had expected such a change.

On the battlefield, even fathers and sons could draw their swords against each other.

With the greater good of the world at stake, the upper echelons of the Hundred Clans United Army could not really be so foolish as to watch him lead a Great Snow Dragon Riding Army back into Zhenjiang City.

“All beings are equal under the Heavenly Punishment, the Sea of People is no longer sufficient.”

A bloodshot look surged in Chen Dong’s eyes, and a disdainful smile spread across his face that was filled with veins and veins.

Under the complete and total descending strike, any more people would seem insignificant.

The moths of the rabbit rongwu flocked over, only to delay the advance of the Great Snow Dragon Riding Army, and he slowed down simply because he had to lead it.

It was true that the pace had slowed down, but it still did not stop him from leading the Great Snow Dragons back to the city!