Winner Takes All Chapter 1908

With a command.

The rabble of rabble ronin at the top of the city surged towards the northern gate at the same time.

“Brothers, we can’t let them block the gate!”

A Great Snow Dragon Rider waved his sword and slashed over the barbarian rongwu in front of him, shouting at the top of his voice.

On the city top.

The few Great Snow Dragon Riders who were closest to the city gates could not even think about anything else at this point.

A few of them fought their way through the barbarians in front of them and leapt straight down from the city, using the swords in their hands to slow their descent on the walls, and after sliding down some distance, they leapt and landed on the bodies piled up on the ground.

Wounded, they no longer cared!

Death, too, they had already left behind.

After landing on the ground, these few Great Snow Dragon Riders stumbled and crawled out of the pile of corpses, and then rushed towards the city gates in a defiant manner.

“Hold on, we can’t let our brothers go home without a door!”

“You barbarian B*****ds, you won’t be able to block the gates while I’m here!”

“D*mn it, if you want to block the gates of our Zhenjiang City, then take your lives!”


A total of seven Great Snow Dragon Riders, leaning on each other, clutching their battle swords in their hands, hissed hideously.

But outside the cave, they faced an endless sea of people, heads swarming, each rugged face with the ferocity of a beast.

But they, no one, retreated!

“Why do you have to gamble with your lives?”

In the midst of the crowd, a rabble-rouser sN*ggered with a few sneers.

The seven men looked at each other and laughed at the same time.


Very expensive indeed.

But in some matters and choices, it was not enough.

A soldier’s vocation was to guard the frontier.

This was a belief they had followed since the day they joined the army.

“We, foot soldiers, must also guard the frontier.”

A Great Snow Dragon Rider raised his hand and wiped the blood from his face.

“Hahahaha …… If I was really F**king afraid of death, then my family’s ancestral graves would collapse!”

“It’s just seven of us guarding the city gates, the other brothers can’t rush over, we …… have to wait for our brothers to go home!”

The next second.

The seven men burst into a roar at the same time, dragging their frail and broken bodies, raising their battle swords in their hands and rushing towards the rabble rongwu who had already entered the city gate hole.

Shouts and screams echoed through the city gate.

Blood flew and poured onto the walls.

Heads flew up one after another, as well as limbs and broken arms.

It was a good thing that the gatehouse was not as wide as the city head, so even though it looked like a sea of people, only a small number of them might have entered the gatehouse.

This gave the seven Great Snow Dragon riders a chance to stall!

The seven men were working in tandem with each other, wielding their swords wildly time and again, but always guarding the city gate behind them, not leaving too far.

The swords in their hands had long since curled, and the sparks that erupted on the armour of the barbarians were already difficult to break.

But they did not stop. If they could not kill them, they would smash them!

Their voices were already hoarse and they could not even make a sound.

But they still opened their mouths to hiss and roar.

A strong feeling of weakness eroded all their limbs, so much so that every time they raised their hands, every time they lifted their feet, they became as heavy as a thousand pounds.

But they …… did not stop!

In the face of the barbarians pouring into the gatehouse, they held on to the gate.

The bodies piled up higher and higher.

So much so that it was difficult for the blood to flow quickly to other places.

Inside the gatehouse, the blood alone had accumulated to the knee level.

“Be careful!”

In the midst of the chaos, a warning voice suddenly sounded.


In the dimness, a cold light flashed.

Accompanied by a miserable cry, a cold scimitar cut through the chest of one of the Great Snow Dragon Riders.

The slash was so powerful that it even embedded directly into the chest bone.

Immediately afterwards, several more swords came slashing through, instantly reaping the life of this Great Snow Dragon Rider.

“D*mn it! Kill!”

Feeling the hot blood splashed from his comrades, the nearest Great Snow Dragon Rider hissed and slashed down with a blatant slash.

Clang, clang, clang ……

Sparks erupted as metal clashed.

Relying on the heavy and special nature of the Dragon Rider’s sabre, this slash actually severed several of the sabres in front of him.

One comrade perished, and the remaining six had to narrow the battle circle once again.

Slash, defend, contract, support ……

The long training and the signs of the sands made the few of them work well with each other.

Time and again, they beat back the beastly barbarians, and time and again, they narrowly escaped the barbarians’ onslaught.

But there was a time when the men were at the end of their tether, not to mention the fact that they were at the end of their tether.

One by one, their comrades fell.

The pressure on the defences of the gates was rising wildly.

Faced with an endless stream of barbarians, even with the terrain, the situation was deteriorating fast.

Soon, only three of the seven were left.

Once again, the barbarians were forced back.

The three men stood at attention, guarding their horns.

Blood was pouring down their bodies in torrents.

The armour on their bodies was long since torn and tattered.

A bone deep wound, hideous and terrifying.

But they still clutched their swords, even though their tiger mouths were already cracked, and stood with them.

In front of them, the barbarians looked at them with fear and disbelief.

It was this look that made the three men smile at the same time.

One of the Great Snow Dragon Riders glanced back at the city gates.

“I have another idea!”


The remaining two Great Snow Dragon Riders inquired at the same time.

“I’ll be the key for the brothers to open the door!”


Without waiting for the other two Great Snow Dragon Riders to ask further questions.

The barbarians at the gatehouse swarmed again.

These two Great Snow Dragon Riders hissed and charged at the first opportunity.

The Great Snow Dragon Rider who said he had a way out, however, was the opposite of the two and rushed towards the city gates.

“Old Chen, what are you doing?”

A comrade growled in the midst of the chaos of the fight.

“I want to be the key and open the door for the brothers!”

The Great Snow Dragon Rider called Old Chen stumbled behind the city gates and dropped the Dragon Rider war sword in his hand.

The killing behind him did not seem to exist for him at the moment.

He pressed his shoulder against the thick, heavy gate blocker, which was being lifted from its pins with a roar.

And behind him.

The two Great Snow Dragon riders had long been surrounded by the rabble ronin, trapped in a fight.

The rest of the rabbit ronin, however, were charging directly towards Old Chen.

“Ebony wildlings, Great Snow Dragon Riders, never say die!”


With an explosive roar from Lao Chen, the heavy gate blocking wood was pushed to the ground with a bang.

He pulled the gate open to a gap that could accommodate one person, and then stood directly in the middle of the gap.

Just as he was about to turn around and pick up his Dragon Rider war sword.

One by one, as if they were vicious wolves, the rabble ronghorns hissed and shouted and rushed over.

Old Chen hurriedly turned around and grabbed the city gates on both sides with both hands in a deadly grip.

The next second.

The cold light was bitterly cold.

Countless battle swords frantically slashed from behind him, onto his back.


Excruciating pain like torture!

Old Chen couldn’t help but throw back his head and let out a miserable scream.

However, he, still held on to the middle of the gap in the city gate to his death.

“Push the door, close it now!”

The barbarians were hissing.

The thick city gates began to merge under their pushing.

But Old Chen was in the middle of the gap, and as soon as the gates merged, they squeezed, causing bones to click and break all over his body.

He gripped the gates on both sides with both hands, his five fingers embedded in the gates.

Blood kept gushing out of his mouth and nose.

He could even feel his internal organs breaking as the gates closed and squeezed him.

But he, his eyes were bright and determined.

He could see it, a figure was coming this way in the distance, and behind that figure, his comrades!

“Madman, this is a F**king madman, close the door, close the door!”

“It won’t close, the son of a B*tch’s body is blocking the gates from closing!”

The rabble rongwu were completely frantic.

“Hahahaha …… hahahahaha ……”

Old Chen laughed out loud, using his last ounce of strength to laugh uncontrollably and wildly.


There was a sudden loud bang.

Old Chen’s laughter came to a screeching halt, his features distorted in pain on his already miserable face.

His left hand, cut!

After a short moment of intense pain, he forced himself to endure it again.

As he looked at the approaching figure, his consciousness and vision were rapidly blurring.

Behind him were countless rabble-rousers wielding swords.

The flying flesh and blood was bloody.

Old Chen, on the other hand, smiled.

He withdrew his only remaining right hand and slowly and with difficulty made a fist and placed it to the position of his heart.

Looking at the bloody figure.

His lips mumbled and with his last ounce of anger he said, “Big Snow …… Dragon Rider!”