Winner Takes All Chapter 1903

“Great Snow Dragon Cavalry, the Fifth Golden Guard, lead the army back to the city, all of you bandits will be killed!”

A majestic shout of murderous intent rang out one after another from all over the north.

Starry flames lit up from the darkness.

The banners of the Great Snow Dragon Riders flying in the wind lifted the hearts and minds of the Great Snow Dragon Riders inside Zhenjiang City.

One by one, the Golden Guards led what remained of their respective armies, their horses galloping wildly, their momentum unabated, and with shouts of murder, they charged into the great tide of people with unstoppable force.


The charge!

Bloody inferno!

Each army took advantage of the charge to complete a perfect initial round of strangulation of the allied troops.

The cavalry charge was performed to perfection by the Great Snow Dragon Cavalry.

But like the two armies led by the 3rd and 7th Golden Guards before them, after the initial charge and strangulation, the Great Snow Dragon Riders were soon caught up in the tide of the Allied troops, and were unable to move an inch in the mire.

The huge disparity in numbers completely made up for the difference in strength between the two sides.

The Great Snow Dragons wielded their swords in a frenzy, reaping the heads of the Allied troops with abandon, spilling blood and shattering bodies everywhere.

But every time they advanced a distance, they were quickly compressed back into their previous positions by the endless numbers of allied soldiers.

This advance was a little weak in the face of the sea of men.

However, as more and more troops of the Great Snow Dragon Riders rushed into the tide of the Allied Ranks, the benefits gradually became apparent.

Although the Allied Ranks relied on the sea of men to keep the Great Snow Dragon Riders at bay, one army of Great Snow Dragon Riders was pulling the Allied Ranks to split up and surround them again and again.

This, in turn, eased the pressure on each of the Great Snow Dragon Riders, and from the initial difficulty in moving forward, they were gradually able to advance slowly towards Zhenjiang City at turtle speed.

The pace was slow, but it gave a renewed sense of hope!

Boom, boom, boom ……

Time and again, Chen Dong waved the Dragon Rider’s sword in his hand, like a god of death in the darkness, wrapped in a monstrous killing intent, reaping the barbarians in front of him with reckless abandon.

With each swing of his sword, blood-coloured Qi roared out, overwhelming.

The barbarians in front of him fell in pieces, and it was difficult to save even a single intact corpse.

The absolute crushing of strength made even the tactics of the sea of men unbearable.

Not far away, Qin Ye urged the Eight Formation Diagram of Gods and Ghosts to emit terrifying might, destroying everything in its path with golden light.

The golden light and the colour of blood, intermingled.

Yet it was forged as the last line of defence for Zhenjiang City.

The remaining Great Snow Dragon Riders, relying purely on the terrifying will to fight that they had cultivated over time, struggled against the barbarians at the top of the city.

On all sides of the battlefield below, the Great Snow Dragon Riders who were advancing towards Zhenjiang City were their last hope!

At this point in the battle, they no longer even hoped that they would survive.

Instead, they were hoping that they could use their own corpses to hold off the barbarians from stepping into Zhenjiang City until their brothers arrived!

In the white-hot battlefield, only one person remained aloof.

High in the sky.

Master Empty Sky is a monk in meditation, sitting with his hands folded in the air.

A faint golden light poured out around him, enveloping the entire Zhenjiang City.

This state never stopped, even when Qin Ye was urging the Eight Formation Diagram of Gods and Ghosts just now.

The killing below, he simply did not care.

This was perverse in itself.

When the Great War had first broken out, it was because of his compa*sionate heart that Master Kongkong had stepped out of Zhenjiang City, measuring the bloody purgatory-like earth step by step and chanting sutras to overtake the dead souls on the battlefield.

It was also because of this that his Buddha nature was able to soar and break through the ultimate shackles.

But now, the intensity of the war has far surpa*sed that of the beginning of the Great War.

But Master Khong Khong’s heart was as cold as ice, indifferent to all that was happening below.

A cold wind, laden with blood, blew in.

His eyelids fluttered twice, and he slowly opened his eyes.

A layer of gloom once again clung to his ethereal complexion.

His eyes faintly glittered with golden light, but he was once again looking out into the deep north.

“What are you …… waiting for?”

A murmur escaped Master Empty’s lips and teeth.

It was only the tone of his voice that was filled with incomprehension.

Just now, when Qin Ye had activated the Divine Ghost Eight Formation Diagram, it was the best time to break through Zhenjiang City, and although the Divine Ghost Eight Formation Diagram was solid as gold, it also meant that Zhenjiang City’s last means of defence had already been exercised.

On the contrary, only Chen Dong was using the backwards method to stop Qin Ye.

As for the Hundred Clans United Army, it was only this vast sea of people who were filling Zhenjiang City with human lives at the cost of their lives.

When things go wrong, there must be a demon!

Grandmaster Empty Sky did not believe that the other side was stupid.

But subconsciously, he looked down at the tragic battlefield below and sighed somewhat helplessly.

“If Zhenjiang City didn’t still need this last line of defence from the poor monk, the poor monk would really like to step into the depths of that north and find out what’s going on!”


Deep in the Northern Domain.

In the darkness, a makeshift forged city resembled a giant beast, lying quietly on top of the vast snowy plains.

The walls of this city were entirely made of temporary fortifications of wood and boulders, and although they were not grand enough, the continuous walls spread far and wide to the left and right.

On the walls, a bonfire hangs, waving its light, making the wall look like a dragon of fire from high above.

Inside the city, however, a high observation platform has been built.

The platform was tens of metres high and lit up by fire.

Three figures stood on it, collectively facing south.

Xixing was dressed in a phoenix robe and wearing a crown, her beauty was unparalleled.

At this moment, her face was as cold as frost, and she was staring at the south in the distance with an aura of coolness.

At this distance, even if the battle viewing platform was cast high, it would be impossible to observe the battlefield of Zhenjiang City with one’s eyes.

Yet, one could see the endless oppressive darkness in the direction of Zhenjiang City.

The cold wind blowing in from the south was also laced with a thick blood smell.

“What a thick blood smell.”

The Heavenly Wolf, who was behind Xie Xing, stuck out his tongue and licked his lips, “To be able to spread for hundreds of miles and transmit the smell of blood over here, it can be seen to what extent the killing in Zhenjiang City has been tragic.”


Xixing laughed lightly and turned his head to look at Ye Linglong next to him, “Do you think, who will win this battle?”

“I don’t know.”

Ye Linglong shook her head dryly.

Xixing took a step towards Ye Linglong, then raised her right hand and picked up Ye Linglong’s chin, with a teasing smile, she said in a soft voice.

“Then ask it another way, who do you want to win?”

Ye Linglong’s willow brows furrowed and she wanted to dodge, but her gaze flickered for a moment and then she held back.

Thinking for a moment, she said, “You!”


Xixing’s smile was a little strange.

Ye Linglong said calmly, “One glory, one loss, the Hong Society has been tied to your ship, and we have no choice.”

“Hahahaha ……”

Xixing laughed brightly and waved his sleeve robe, “This battle won’t be that easy, the first wave of attack, Zhenjiang City will definitely be able to defend against it.”

“But that’s an army of millions of people!”

Ye Linglong agreed with some consternation, “I’m afraid there is no other country under the heavens that can wage a war of this intensity, and it would take human lives to fill up Zhenjiang City.”

“That’s true by definition, but …… the group of lunatics Huo Zhenxiao is leading aren’t afraid to fill it with lives either, if they can’t even defend themselves from this first round, then it would be a disgrace for the Hundred Tribes to attack all these years!”

After saying that, Xie Xing turned his head to Tian Wolf and said, “Go and make arrangements, the big show has been sung, it always has to go on round after round.”