Winner Takes All Chapter 1902

With the sound of trumpets and war drums.

The lamb-like Allied Rongwu finally began to rebel.

Having lost the might of the Eight Formation Diagram of Gods and Ghosts, they also lost their confinement.

The great battlefield was filled with a sea of people, but clearly divided into two battlefields.

On one side was the allied military army that continued to attack the city, while on the other side was the vast army that surrounded and killed the two Great Snow Dragon Cavalry armies, with a clear and distinct blank zone clearly dispersed between the two.

The killings were bloody to the extreme.

When the Allied Rongwu began to resist, the strangling speed of the two Great Snow Dragon Cavalry armies suddenly slowed down and, like a quagmire, continued to advance another hundred metres before being completely frozen in place by the Allied Rongwu.

“Charge, charge me!”

“Charge into Zhenjiang City at any cost!”

“The brothers in the city are still waiting for us, charge up one by one!”

The Third Golden Guard sat on his warhorse, his Dragon Rider swords reaping the heads of the barbarians in front of him, hissing in blood.

As a Golden Guard, and the Third Golden Guard at that.

His battlefield experience was already immense.

The battle before him was clear to him, even if the authorities were confused.

This was no longer several times or tens of times against the enemy, but hundreds of times!

In the face of this tide of people, even if he were to step over their corpses and charge into Zhenjiang City, it would not be an easy task, not to mention killing them.

But even so, he had to do it!

Even if only one man ended up inside Zhenjiang City, then Zhenjiang City would still have one more man to defend it!

In other words, Zhenjiang City was the real nightmare threat to the allied army of the Hundred Clans.

As long as Zhenjiang City remains unbroken, the Hundred Clans’ allied army will never dare to swing south even if they have the advantage. Once they do so, it will mean that the Great Snow Dragon Riders inside Zhenjiang City will form a siege around them as the Rongwu in the domain rush in.

Even if they all died in the end, or even if they killed a million men with this strength, it would not help the situation.

Compared to the millions of men in the Hundred Clans’ allied army and the obvious sea of men, the most magnificent battle on the field will not determine the final outcome of the battle.

What the Hundred Clans United Army was most unafraid of was death!

This was evident from the very beginning of the attack on the city, when they did not hesitate to forge a mountain of corpses and blood.

Because there were so many of them, one group died and another group remained, human lives were like gra*s.

But once Zhenjiang City was broken, for the allied army of the Hundred Tribes, what would greet them would be a thousand miles of fertile fields in the domain, a flat river!

Even if reinforcements from the domain arrived, the last advantage of the domain would be lost in one fell swoop!

“Seventh Army, charge with me!”

On the other side, the Seventh Golden Guard also hissed with a grim face, leading the remaining troops in a desperate charge.

As the same Golden Guards, their control of the situation on the battlefield was very different.

What the Third Golden Guard understood, he also understood!

The only way to ultimately win was to charge into Zhenjiang City and rely on its lofty walls to delay the millions of troops to buy time.


Faced with a sea of millions of people, even though the two armies, led by the Third and Seventh Golden Guards, had completely given up their lives and charged forward regardless, they were still stranded in place by the endless tide of people.

The greatest advantage of the cavalry is that they charge in clusters, and when this advantage disappears, their combat power is naturally greatly diminished.

The two armies drew closer to each other as they moved towards Zhenjiang City.

But under the endless siege of the allied army, every time they moved a distance forward, they were pushed back into position by the incoming tide of people.

To rush back and forth, to be pushed back again and again, was a torture in itself.

But neither the Golden Guards nor the Rongwu under their command ever gave up their charge.

They roared and wielded their swords like the fiercest of beasts, fighting the most brutal of the barbarians in front of them.

Blood, mutilated limbs, broken flesh ……

Everything was flying on the battlefield.

Shouts, screams, curses, and cries of rage rushed to the sky and cracked the air.

Bodies were piled up layer after layer on the ground, and blood had long since stained the earth, converging into pools of blood towards the lowlands, while the ground was churned into mud by the blood, and when one foot stepped on it, not only the mud but also the broken flesh and limbs tumbled!

“Hold on, brothers! The reinforcements are here, there is still hope!”

“Cheer up, as long as you’re not dead, charge with your swords!”

“Our brothers are back, we have to defend our home for them!”

One by one, the Great Snow Dragon Riders, who had long since reached their limit, were now high up on the wall, wielding their battle swords and fighting with the rongwu of the allied troops who had boarded the city.

The terrifying will to fight made every one of them tremble in fear.

In their perception, those with broken limbs and even huge wounds across their chests should have lost their ability to fight, even if they were not dead, but what they saw before them was completely beyond their perception.

The faces covered in wounds and blood were so hideous that they were more terrifying than evil spirits, but the eyes that had been bloodied were as bright as stars.

The battle spirit that pounced on them was as vast as a mountain.

Even though the scales of victory were already tilted heavily, the few Great Snow Dragon Riders on the city top were holding the scales against them with their lives, preventing them from finally falling!

A stream of sword qi roared across the city.

Chen Dong was surrounded by a terrifying blood aura, carrying with him the insidious and violent aura of a mountain of corpses and blood, like a god of death, roaming among the troops of the allied army that had ascended the city.

He didn’t pause for a moment to kill the crowd of allied soldiers in one place, and then he rushed on to another.

Because he knew that he was the only top fighter in the city!

As long as he killed enough of them, it would be less stressful for the rest of the Great Snow Dragon Riders.

That was as far as he could go without completely exposing himself!


At this point it became extremely important.

But time, at this point, was also becoming extremely long.

For Zhenjiang City, every second was as long as a year!

Under Zhenjiang City, Qin Ye was still controlling the golden light of the Eight Formation Diagram of Gods and Ghosts, roaming the city walls and dealing devastating blows to the allied soldiers.

Wherever the golden light went, it was invincible, and the allied soldiers were all turned into a mist of blood.

But after the previous episode, Qin Ye was also badly damaged, and although the golden light continued to wreak havoc, its speed was significantly slower than before he had exerted his full strength.

The pressure from the four walls of the city made Chen Dong and Qin Ye, the two warring forces, look weaker as the allied Rongwu closed in on Zhenjiang City.

More and more Yi Rongwu poured onto the city, wielding their swords and lashing out at the Snow Dragon Riders.

Amidst the screams and explosions, one after another, the Yixue Long Riders fell under the swords of the Yixue Rongwu.

Gradually, more and more faces of the rabble ronghu appeared under the illumination of the fire at the top of the city, so much so that the faces of the people of the domain could barely be seen.

And in the distance.

A shout of murder resounded once more.

“Great Snow Dragon Riding Army, Second Golden Guard, eliminate the enemy and return to Zhenjiang City!”

Almost back and forth, another shout of killing came from another direction.

“Great Snow Dragon Cavalry, Sixth Golden Guard, lead the troops back to reinforce them, sons and daughters, target Zhenjiang City, charge!”