Winner Takes All Chapter 1900

The sky and the earth were dim.

Only around Zhenjiang City was a majestic golden light, dazzling and glorious.

The golden light spinning around the city was as spectacular as a miracle.

A mountainous and hellish pressure swept down, overwhelming and overwhelming, forcing millions of barbarians and soldiers to fall to their knees like the autumn wind sweeping away the wheat saplings.

Qin Ye was bathed in golden light, his hands on his back, his feet on the eight trigrams of Taiji, soaring through the air.

At this moment, he became the sole focus of this heaven and earth.

After his shock, Master Empty Sky hastily gazed deep into the Northern Domain, “Still not moving?”

Compared to Master Empty Sky’s composure.

At this moment, Chen Dong was like an ant on a hot pot, anxious and violent.

A sinister, brutal, blood-coloured Qi was released from his body, like a waterfall rolling backwards into the heavens.

The terrifying pressure, however, isolated all the pressure of the Eight Formation Diagram of Gods and Ghosts.

As he watched Qin Ye soar above the sky like a god, a scene with Qin Ye came to his mind, like a sharp knife lingering on his body.

In his vision, Qin Ye, bathed in golden light and immortal, looked subdued, but the state of his body was ageing rapidly at a rate visible to the naked eye.

This time, Qin Ye was completely squeezing the life out of himself!

Just to give Zhenjiang City another chance to catch its breath.

The next second.

The blood-coloured Qi that was tumbling around Chen Dong’s body suddenly gave a lurch.


Without warning, the ground beneath his feet exploded in response to the sound.

In an instant, all the Qi around Chen Dong’s body surged wildly and crashed into the ground, and with the force of the recoil, he shot up like an arrow from the string.

“Master Chen!”

“Brother Dong ……”

Master Empty Sky and Qin Ye were startled at the same time.

In their line of sight, Chen Dong rolled with the sky full of blood, like a demon god soaring into the air, and was rapidly approaching Qin Ye!

The speed was as fast as lightning.

In the blink of an eye, however, he had already caught up with Qin Ye.

“Brother Dong, don’t block me!”

Qin Ye looked at Chen Dong weakly.

In this short period of time, he had already aged beyond recognition, his stance had not changed, but his face was already like that of a venerable old man, his wrinkled facial skin drooping and overlapping together, a blood vessel ruptured and then flowing all over his face.

Chen Dong controlled his Qi energy while maintaining a height flush with Qin Ye.

The terrifying face, full of veins and veins, was instead frozen with a cold frost.

He and Qin Ye stared at each other, the corners of his mouth turning upwards, revealing a sinister and brutal smile.

This smile caused Qin Ye’s expression to flinch.

Following closely, Chen Dong’s lips and teeth opened lightly, letting out an incomparably hoarse voice.

“Either you stop, or I will ask you to stop!”

The voice was soft, but every word was filled with a determination that would not allow disobedience.

“This is what I should do, after receiving Elder Yao’s inheritance, I knew this day would come, you have more important things on your shoulders, besides …… you can’t stop the current me!”

Qin Ye returned to his senses, his voice was weak, but every word was as incomparably resolute as Chen Dong’s.



The words had just fallen.


The majestic blood colour around Chen Dong’s body rolled back with a bang, instantly rendering half of the sky red with blood, separating it from the golden light emanating from Qin Ye.

In this instant, the Buddha’s light that Master Kongkong splashed out and sheltered Zhenjiang City, however, appeared dim.

Just as the blood colour swept across the heavens.

Under Qin Ye’s gaze, Chen Dong in the tide of blood, holding the hilt of his bladeless sword with both hands, slowly raised it above his head.

Boom, boom, boom ……

The wind whistled.

A stream of blood-coloured Qi came crashing towards Qin Ye, only as it touched the edge of the golden light, the golden light immediately rippled out in a circle, blocking all the blood-coloured Qi.

“Why bother?”

Qin Ye looked indifferent as he gently shook his head.

The blood-coloured Qi energy was filled with a biting wind and Qi energy.

Chen Dong held his bladeless blade aloft, the veins on his face twisted and trembled like a demon god on the verge of the world.

The killing intent was majestic.

It was sinister and brutal.

At this moment, it was as if a mountain of corpses and a sea of blood had truly risen up behind him.

“Because we, are brothers!”


A sword chopped down.

Time and space seemed to freeze at this moment.

The majestic blood colour, as if a hundred rivers were returning to the sea, surged towards Fengless, and as the sword fell, it turned into a majestic giant blood-coloured sword qi that cut down brazenly on the golden light.

Rumble ……

The golden light withstood the sword qi, as if it was boiling, tumbling and raging.

The golden light and the blood colour, at the same time, swept out in all directions.

“Senior Yao ……”

In the golden light, Qin Ye, still with his hands behind his back, looked at the shockingly decisive sword in front of him, his eyebrows slightly wrinkled as he spoke softly.


A strong wind violently drummed up Qin Ye’s robe.

A humanoid shadow, along with the strong wind, burrowed out of Qin Ye’s body and rapidly grew larger.

This humanoid figure was Yao Guangxiao!

As soon as Yao Guangxiao’s remnant soul appeared, his two palms immediately overlapped together and brazenly pushed towards the location where the sword Qi had chopped down.

There was a bang!

There was no earth-shattering explosion.

Instead, Chen Dong’s face changed greatly, revealing a look of horror.

The moment Yao Guangxiao pushed his hands against the sword qi, he clearly felt a monstrous tsunami-like force rushing towards him.

Caught off guard.

Chen Dong let out a hiss and was sent flying backwards with a bang by this huge force.

And the sword qi that cut down on the golden light also collapsed in the air!

“This is ……”

Chen Dong’s hideous and terrifying face was covered with a layer of shock as his bloodshot eyes stared at the dozen-meter tall Yao Guangxiao’s shadow above Qin Ye’s head.

“A remnant soul protecting the body …… Is this the one?”

Almost at the same time, the onlooker Master Kongkong’s face changed, and then he said in a sullen voice, “Master Chen, you can’t break this golden light with such a great opportunity protecting the body of Master Qin!”

“Can’t break it?”

Chen Dong raised his sword eyebrows and looked askance at Qin Ye, who was calm and composed in the golden light.

Qin Ye nodded gently, “This is the inheritance of Yao Guangxiao’s dao, and it was only through his gift that I was able to glimpse the true dao.

Chen Dong did not respond, but manipulated his blood-coloured Qi energy, still maintaining the same speed as Qin Ye’s vacating, but lowering his head in contemplation.

Qin Ye laughed gently, no longer paying attention to Chen Dong, and flew towards the sky on his own.

Rumble ……

The side of the square Taiji Bagua, hovering in the golden light, rumbled at this moment.

Under the monstrous pressure that was like a mountain like a prison, it directly pressed the pause button for the battlefield.

The golden light that enveloped Zhenjiang City, however, was rapidly solidifying, and the taiji eight trigrams even seemed to be turning into substance.

Qin Ye looked at the vault of the sky, and a smile of relief appeared on his pale old face.

“With this one shelter, these millions of rabble rongwu will not be able to step into Zhenjiang City, then there is still a chance!”

“Who said it couldn’t be broken?”

An incomparably hoarse voice suddenly came out.


On the long sky, Qin Ye and Master Kongkong were startled at the same time.

Both of them looked towards Chen Dong in unison.

Chen Dong slowly raised his head and smiled teasingly, “At this stage of yours and mine, the world’s threshold is already known to us, so if it cannot be broken under the Heavenly Punishment, how about above it?”


Qin Ye and Master Kongkong were horrified.

“Master Chen, are you crazy?”

“Brother Dong, I am trying to shelter Zhenjiang City and fight for a glimmer of opportunity for Zhenjiang City, by doing so, you are tantamount to letting my life go in vain, why is it so much internal conflict?”

The two men scolded in unison.

Chen Dong shrugged, “Then you might as well stop?”

“I ……”

Qin Ye was at a loss for words.

How could he have not expected that Chen Dong would actually use such a subterfuge as pushing backwards?

Just at this moment.

In a distant direction, rolling waves of snow suddenly rolled up.

The earth roared and trembled.

There was a faint sound of war horses neighing.

Chen Dong, Qin Ye and Master Kongkong looked at the sound at the same time.

A huge banner was the first to catch the eyes of the three …… Great Snow Dragon Riding Army!

At almost the same time, a voice containing endless killing intent exploded like thunder.

“The Third Golden Guard of the Great Snow Dragon Riding Army, with its army, has destroyed 500,000 troops of the barbarians’ rebellious army and is returning to Zhenjiang City!”