Winner Takes All Chapter 1899

Above Zhenjiang City.

The golden light was majestic and dazzling.

Layers of golden light from The Eight Formation Diagram of Gods and Ghosts poured down, forming a huge golden curtain of light that completely enveloped Zhenjiang City.

At this moment, the golden light of Buddha Dharma emanating from Grandmaster Khongkong even dimmed to nothingness.

A square of Taiji Eight Trigrams hovered over the golden curtain of light in a spectacular manner, as if it were a divine miracle.

The terrifying and terrifying pressure swept across Zhenjiang City, as if a great mountain was pressing down across every living being.

“What is this ……? Can we still fight this battle?”

“D*mn it! This one Zhenjiang City, it’s already broken like this, how come there are still so many tactics?”

“Is this still war? These tactics, are they something that can be performed in war?”


One by one, the rabble rongwu were completely frantic, bathed in golden light, looking up with fear at the dazzling golden light in the vault of the sky, and the Taiji Bagua that was spinning from side to side.

Feeling the fearful pressure that descended from the sky like a prison, each and every one of them was silenced and their hearts were beating wildly.

It was as if the pressure came from the depths of their bloodline and could not be restrained by reason alone.

“Amitabha Buddha!”

In the golden light, Master Kongkong sat in the air, his ethereal eyes sweeping a glance at the Taiji Bagua spinning around him and smiled in relief.

“Beast …… stop it!”

Chen Dong’s face was full of depression, his face full of veins and veins was hideously twisted as he urged his Qi energy to let out a hiss of anger.


As he hissed, the blood-coloured Qi around him shook violently.

“Chen Dong!”

High in the sky, Master Khongkong let out a shout of rebuke.

“Master, please enlighten me!”

Chen Dong leaned his head back, two beams of blood bursting out of his eyes like substance.

At this moment, his aura climbed wildly.

The wind howled.

The wind was bitterly cold.

It was violent and brutal ……

The terrifying aura was like a mountain being pulled up from the ground, and the blood-coloured aura was carrying this aura with it, wreaking havoc in all directions.

The wind was like a sword.

The surrounding barbarians, who were immersed in the fearful pressure of the Eight Formations of Gods and Ghosts, were torn to pieces by the blood-coloured wind before they could even scream.

Blood splattered and corpses flew about.

Feeling Chen Dong’s Qi grow wildly, Master Kongkong looked aghast.

There was a flash of lightning.

Master Empty Sky raised his eyes and glanced deeply into the distant skies of the Northern Domain before a flash of determination finally pa*sed through his eyes that emitted a faint golden light.

“Master Chen, I’m sorry, Amitabha Buddha!”


A pale bell rang out with it.

The sound of the Buddha’s voice reverberated once again.

The golden light around Grandmaster Empty Sky’s body fiercely radiantly rose, and his robe danced.

Buddha’s light enveloped him.

His hands were folded, his back straightened, and his precious face was solemn.

In the midst of the rhythmic Buddhist sound, he chanted Buddhist sutras, slowly opened his folded hands and flipped his right palm in the air.


A golden swastika Buddha seal swooshed out from his palm, spinning and rapidly growing to five metres in diameter.

The Buddha’s light shone brilliantly.

The huge golden swastika Buddha seal loomed like a mountain as it spun and pressed down towards Chen Dong below.

“Master, do you even want your life to stop me?”

Chen Dong’s face was fierce, his blood energy surging, as he gritted his teeth.

Given Master Khongkong’s current state, if he fought him any longer, he would only end up rounding up!

But Master Kongkong did it anyway!

Seeing the golden swastika Buddha seal suppressing down.

The blood-coloured Qi on Chen Dong’s body swept upwards and fought against the golden swastika Buddha’s seal across the air.

Buddha and devil confrontation!

But at this moment, it erupted.

Boom, boom, boom ……

In the void, with a roar, a thick black smoke tumbled out.

Just as Chen Dong was about to raise his sword to meet the swastika golden Buddha seal.


A loud, ear-splitting sound.

At the slant, a flash of golden light erupted, blinding people so much that they could hardly open their eyes.

A Taiji Eight Trigrams spun and came across the sky, right in the middle of Chen Dong and the suppressing Swastika Golden Buddha Seal.

The next second.

A layer of golden light emanated from the Taiji Bagua, like a large hand, and it was thrust upwards, shaking hard against the swastika golden Buddha’s seal.

There was no explosion as expected.

Instead, the two merely pressed against each other, sending out a circle of golden light.

After two seconds of stalemate, both the Taiji Bagua and the Swastika Golden Light Buddha Seal collapsed like a bubble in the air.


“Master Qin!”

Chen Dong and Master Kongkong were startled at the same time.

Almost simultaneously, Qin Ye’s voice came from one place.

“Brother Dong, Grandmaster, all for the sake of Zhenjiang City, there is no need to kill each other to lose battle power, my will has been decided.”

The words were resolute and could not be refuted.

There was a pause.

Qin Ye’s voice came again, but it was much softer than just now.

“Brother Dong …… whether Yu Lan and I can come back or not, it all depends on you.”

Chen Dong’s body shook, and in an instant, his heart was overflowing with tides and mixed feelings.

Not waiting for him to respond.

A beam of golden light suddenly rose up from a corner within Zhenjiang City.

Like a dragon, the golden light rose from the ground and shot straight up to the clouds.

In the vast golden light, it was still dazzling and clear.

This moment.

The sound of the Buddha’s voice echoing in the sky and the earth gave a lurch.

The fearful pressure rose rapidly.

It descended from the sky like a mountain or a prison, pressing down across everyone’s body.

Rumble ……

In an instant, millions of Yi clansmen were unable to withstand this terrifying pressure, as if the autumn wind was sweeping away the wheat saplings, with Zhenjiang City as the centre, from near to far, waves of Yi clansmen fell to their knees one after another, and spread rapidly further away.

All voices were silent.

Under the pressure, the barbarians could not even scream in fear, only the sound of knees slamming to the ground remained.

The scene was incomparably shocking.

The mere pressure of the mighty sky had completely crushed the entire battlefield.

The tide of people surged and spread in a distant swell.

And within Zhenjiang City.

A square of Taiji Eight Trigrams spun rapidly.

Amidst the vast and dazzling golden light, the golden pillar of light that rose from a corner of the city was even more dazzling.

“Rise the Dao!”

With a shout from Qin Ye.

In the golden light, Qin Ye’s figure quickly soared up.

He was bathed in golden light, his hands on his back, his back straight, his snow-white hair swaying in the golden light, and under his feet was a side of the Taiji Bagua.

This scene made Chen Dong and Master Kongkong’s pupils shrink at the same time.

Immortal style and daoist bones!

A word came to the two men’s minds almost simultaneously, and it could not be more appropriate to describe Qin Ye at this moment.

As they watched, Qin Ye soared towards the heavens in this posture, stepping on the Taiji Eight Trigrams and bathed in golden light.

It was as if the heavens and the earth had become his accompaniment at this moment!

Everything was rapidly being faded away as he was in the process of this ascension.

“This is not the power of the earth!”

Master Empty Sky still maintained his posture of sitting with his hands folded in the air, but his face was no longer calm and peaceful as before, but was replaced by a dense shock.

“This is not the power of the beast, he cannot possibly be enlightened to this extent!”

Chen Dong also blurted out at the same time.

It was not that he had not felt the Eight Formation Diagram of Gods and Ghosts profoundly, nor was he unaware of Qin Ye’s level of mastery of the Eight Formation Diagram of Gods and Ghosts.

With his relationship with Qin Ye, they already knew each other from the ground up.

But what Qin Ye had displayed before him, even at the cost of his life as a medium, could never be so fierce as this!

In the golden light.

Qin Ye slowly opened his eyes and revealed a smile, “Senior Yao, thank you for helping me, now …… I understand what it means to hear the Tao in the morning and die in the evening.”