Winner Takes All Chapter 1898

The sound of trumpets and the beating of drums rushed through the sky and cracked the sky.

The earth also rumbled and trembled.

The vast tide of the allied forces broke up and swallowed up Zhenjiang City.

The thunderous pushing of the mountains and the sea carried with it an overwhelming and suffocating feeling.

Chen Dong stood on top of the city, a sea of corpses and blood tumbling behind him, a fierce might.

A terrifying oppression lingered around the surrounding allied soldiers, so much so that they were silenced and did not dare to approach.

“Is it really impossible to top it?”

Chen Dong’s eyebrows knitted together into a “Chuan” and he raised his eyes to look at the figure standing on top of the mountain of corpses in the midst of the vast tide of people, his scarlet eyes glowing with a depressed air.

This city was the work of Huo Zhenxiao’s heart and soul, spending more than twenty years to create a heavenly rift, a myth under heaven.

If the city broke, the myth that a mortal’s body was comparable to a god’s would also be completely shattered.

Chen Dong did not want that to happen!

The only variation was to completely explode into full strength and resist the millions of hordes together with Qin Ye, fighting to delay for more time.


A thought.

As if he had guessed Chen Dong’s mind, Master Kongkong, who was sitting in the air, transmitted a timely voice to Chen Dong’s ears.

“Master Chen, please promise the poor monk that you will think twice before you act!”

The blood energy in Chen Dong’s body surged fiercely and his anger tumbled.

Almost simultaneously.

Buzzing rumble ……

A low and mellow buzzing sound rang out from within Zhenjiang City.

Chen Dong’s heart shook, and he hurriedly turned his head, swept past a terrified rabble of rabble-rousers, and looked inside the city.

The city was in a state of disrepair, with the firelight dancing around it.

As far as the eye could see, the ground was littered with corpses.

In a war of this intensity, there is no longer a difference between the wounded and the wounded, only between the dead and the living.

But just as the humming sounded, a ripple of golden light, visible to the naked eye, suddenly appeared on the ground, then rippled and rose up into the air.

The golden light was gorgeous and dreamy.

“This is ……”

Chen Dong reacted violently and stomped the ground in anger, “Qin Ye, stop!”

The Eight Formation Diagram of Gods and Ghosts encompa*sed the entire Zhenjiang City, and Qin Ye, as the controller of the formation, could only manipulate a very small amount of mighty energy, and the changes within the city now were clearly the result of Qin Ye’s activation of the Eight Formation Diagram of Gods and Ghosts!

Manipulating the mighty energy to sweep across the northern city wall was already a price Qin Ye had paid.

And now, the changes within Zhenjiang City made Chen Dong think of a possibility!

“Brother Dong, it’s not me.”

Qin Ye’s voice came to his ears.


Chen Dong’s face, full of veins and veins, was hideously twisted, “You are my brother, I still don’t know what you want? Your blood and mine is still hot, Master Khongkong’s blood is the one that is cold!”

With every word, he gnashed his teeth.

He and Qin Ye were the same kind of person, which was why they could become brothers in life and death.

At this moment when millions of troops were besieging the city, he thought of blocking at any cost, Qin Ye …… must be doing the same!

In response to Chen Dong, there was silence.

And within Zhenjiang City, the humming was more than clear, interspersed with the charge of millions of armies, but it was extraordinarily clear.

Ripples of golden light were dreamy and gorgeous.

Circle after circle, cascading up towards the air.

At the same time.

Somewhere in the corner of Zhenjiang City, a figure stood in a golden circle of light.

This figure was none other than Qin Ye.

The golden light shone on Qin Ye’s face, which was as pale as paper, and even showed a cracked blood vessel, as if the skin of his face would peel off at any moment like the skin of a wall.

His hands were stretched out in front of him, clearly not grasping anything, but the veins on the back of his hands were as thick as dragons.

Hoo …… Hoo ……

Qin Ye’s breathing sounded heavier and heavier, his eyes were tightly closed, but his eyelashes were trembling, and every now and then his eyebrows were tightly knitted as if he was in pain.

Gradually, his body was also trembling.

And as the golden light beneath his feet became more and more brilliant, the trembling became more and more violent.


Qin Ye’s body suddenly shook as he spurted out a mouthful of fresh blood.

Chen Dong’s voice transmission came once again.

“Beast, you madman, stop it for me!”

The voice was dripping with indescribable urgency, a scolding and an order.

This was the only way for Chen Dong to reach Qin Ye now!

The corners of Qin Ye’s mouth turned up, revealing a disdainful smile, “You know I’m a madman, so you can still listen to you?”

The smile on his face grew brighter and brighter.

Under the golden light seal, as the smile appeared, the pain on his face seemed to be disappearing along with it.

Poof, poof, poof ……

An extremely subtle sound of shattering was heard.

On Qin Ye’s face, the blood vessels that were protruding out were actually cracking and breaking, and drops of crystal blood flowed down all over his face, missing his five senses and his smile, and dripping down towards the ground.

This moment.

What came to Qin Ye’s mind was a scene from his time with Chen Dong.

It was blood, it was brotherhood, it was life and death!

At his most troubled and decadent time, it was Chen Dong who shone into his dark world like a beam of light, pulling him out.

In times of life and death, it was Chen Dong who pulled him back from the gate of ghosts.

He was a patricide!

A brute who had been rejected by his family!

He had once walked in the darkness and had looked around in the darkness, bewildered and frightened and panicked.

It was not until Chen Dong appeared that he finally had a direction in which he could place his back without fear!

Fresh blood, as if breaking the bank, flowed from Qin Ye’s face.

The smile on his face was illuminated by the blood and the golden light, but it was as crazy and terrifying as it could be.

And in the process, his entire body was in a state of rapid aging.

The most obvious thing was the hair, under the golden light seal, but in just these few seconds, it had turned from black hair to snow-white and silver.

Chen Dong’s voice transmission became increasingly dense.

“Crazy man! You F**king stop it!”

“Even if Zhenjiang City fights to the death, it should be me, the head guard, it’s not your kid’s turn!”

“Son of a B*tch! D*mn beast, old man is your big brother, now I order you to stop!”


Finally, Qin Ye opened his eyes, and two balls of golden light swirled around, vaguely presenting two sides of the Taiji Bagua on his eyeballs.

“Yes, it’s brother, you’re my big brother too.”

Qin Ye smiled happily, and this time, instead of being silent, he transmitted his voice to Chen Dong.

“Big brother is too tired, my younger brother wants to help you share the burden.”

“I am a mere patricide, it is only after I met you that I have a real place to belong, Brother Dong …… is grateful to have you and this time with you.”

“For Yu Lan, I must do this!”


The smile on Qin Ye’s face suddenly disappeared and was replaced by a layer of frost like that blowing out from the depths of the Nine Mysteries.

“I give my life in exchange for a city, senior Yao, thanks for giving the way, the Eight Formations of Gods and Ghosts …… has begun!”


Within Zhenjiang City, there was a shocking boom.

The golden light that rose up in layers did not dissipate before, but instead, at this moment, with the loud sound, it suddenly stopped in its respective area of space.

After only a moment’s pause, a circle of golden light ripples were splashed up and down, connecting towards the nearest golden light ripples.

The golden light was dazzling and vast.

It was a spectacular scene, brightening heaven and earth, gorgeous and magnificent.

The golden curtain of light took shape, enveloping the boundless Zhenjiang City, while the golden curtain of light gradually took the form of a huge Taiji Eight Trigrams diagram, like mountains and mountains, spanning the long sky.

A terrifying pressure, like a divine might descending from the heavens, appeared within Zhenjiang City.

At this moment, not only did the faces of Chen Dong and Master Kongkong change greatly, but even the millions of troops surrounding the city were terrified.

The eye of the formation was located.

Qin Ye was bathed in golden light and covered in blood.

He spread his hands, his gaze softer than ever, his expression all doting.

“Girl! I owe you this, what a pity I still can’t drape you in a wedding dress, let you hold flowers in your hands, or call you a …… wife.”