Winner Takes All Chapter 1896

The sound of thunder resounded through Zhenjiang City.

The remnants of the Great Snow Dragon Riders were all revitalised.

The shout was like a starburst that instantly ignited the remaining blood in their shells.

“Dragon Head Chen …… has come out, he has finally come out!”

“Hahahaha …… did the brothers hear that? Chen Longtou has led us my charge!”

“We haven’t lost yet, Zhenjiang City isn’t broken, we still have the Dragon Head!”


A shout rang out in a scattering of stars all over the city.

To the remaining Great Snow Dragon Riding Army, this shout from Chen Dong was like lighting up a beam of light for them in the dark night.

The light was not overwhelming, but it gave them hope!

Chen Dong’s military journey in the Great Snow Dragon Riders’ army was a mythical and magnificent battle record that had long been engraved on the heart of every Great Snow Dragon Rider.

His time in the army was short, but his magnificent battle achievements had left the Great Snow Dragon Riders in awe and admiration.

When Huo Zhenxiao removed Bai Qi from his position as head guard and replaced him with Chen Dong, the war record was so convincing that everyone was convinced.

In a sense.

The Great Snow Dragon Riding Army has two leading guards.

And the Army Spirit …… also possessed two!

Uplifting shouts rose and fell, causing the decimated remnants of the Great Snow Dragon Riding Army to ignite a raging anger at this time.

Even the barbarians who had already rushed to the top of the city stopped their attacks in shock and looked at the Great Snow Dragon Riders with disbelief.

They were all wounded, they had swords sticking out of their bodies, and they were about to die, but the expressions of excitement on their faces were like a heavy hammer hitting them in the eyeballs.

Had they all gone mad?

What kind of will to fight was this, that a man’s shout had rekindled the will to fight when it was so clear that the game was already over?

The will to die, the will to fight, these are simply two different manifestations.

Even if these allied soldiers were only stepping stones to forge a mountain of corpses and blood, they had still experienced the sands and could easily distinguish between these two kinds of will.

The will to die is the will to fight to the death in a desperate situation, without hope, or, to put it bluntly, the will to pull the strings.

The will to fight, on the other hand, is the will to hold on to hope and continue to fight in a desperate situation.

The difference between the two is just a glimmer of hope, but the feeling they give is worlds apart.

“Barging into my Zhenjiang City, kill!”

The golden armour on Chen Dong’s body clanged as his blood qi tumbled and rose slowly.

Suddenly, blood shot out of his eyes, his features twisted and hideous as he swung down with his sword in his right hand.

Boom! ……

The blood-coloured sword qi, wrapped in a fearful killing intent, was like a dragon pa*sing through the city, which was almost occupied by the barbarians not far away.

The dozen or so rabble-rousers were standing at the head of the city, holding each other at an angle, holding on to that small area, which, in a siege, would have been the best place to break the city.

If Zhenjiang had been in its prime, this would not have been possible.

But with the remaining Great Snow Dragon Riders in Zhenjiang City now, it would be impossible to destroy this stronghold!

A flash of lightning.

The killing intent was overwhelming.

A biting and domineering sword qi, destroying everything.

With a loud bang, the sword qi swept through the barbarians, a mushroom cloud of blood rose into the air and a lot of limbs and flesh flew into the sky.

The sword qi did not stop there, after engulfing the barbarians, it continued on, flying ten metres into the air outside the city before dissipating in the air.

One sword, one slaughter!

As the smoke and dust dissipated, all that was left was the flesh of a dozen or so rabble-rousers.

This sword is no less fierce!

It was overwhelming and shocking.

After witnessing this sword, the faces of the barbarians on the city top changed drastically, and their guts were shaken.

The remaining Snow Dragon Riders, on the other hand, saw the fervour in their eyes grow stronger and stronger.

One sword had chilled the hearts of the barbarians.

A sword that had also cut the hopes of the Great Snow Dragon Riders!

The next second.

“Leader, mighty!”

A shout suddenly rang out.

Followed closely.

On the city head, one by one, the Great Snow Dragon Riding Army shouted out in support.

“Dragon Leader, mighty!”

“Dragon leader, mighty!”


The shouts rushed to the sky and were deafening.

Almost simultaneously.

One by one, the Great Snow Dragon Riders pounced on the barbarians in front of them like mad beasts.

The fight was once again white hot.

These Yi soldiers were not elite, and after witnessing Chen Dong’s sword, they were even more frightened into silence.

When they were faced with the counter-attack of the remaining Snow Dragon Riders, they were caught off guard and were unable to defend themselves.

There was a lot of wailing and screaming.

One by one, the barbarians who had climbed to the top of the city fell into a pool of blood.

The already precarious city was now in the hands of a rare army of Snow Dragons!

“This is what men should do, blood …… should boil!”

Chen Dong cast a sidelong glance at the Fengless in his hand, the corners of his mouth turned upward, revealing a seeping, sinister smile, and the tip of his tongue gently licked his lips, “This Infernal Hell, it’s time for the devil to be in charge!”

The depressed anger previously held in his chest seemed to have found a vent at this moment.

Negative emotions are the valve of demonic nature.

Killing was the best fuel for the demonic nature.

At this moment, Chen Dong felt that his entire body was exhilarated, and every cell in his body was trembling and boiling.

He was not afraid of death!

From the time he set foot on this path and walked all the way, he had never been afraid of death.

What he was afraid of was …… sitting on his hands and waiting to die!

Master Empty Sky folded his hands and looked at Chen Dong with a helpless look in his eyes.

Buddha and devil confronted each other.

He could feel that the devilishness that was being declared from Chen Dong’s body was climbing wildly.

In his vision, Chen Dong was dressed in golden armour, and the blood-coloured qi that rose around him was emitting a mountain of corpses and a sea of blood like a great insidious terror, as if he was a Shura coming out of prison.

Seeing Chen Dong turn around, ready to kill.

Master Empty Sky cast a sidelong gaze and swept a glance at the gruesome battle on the city head.

He was not stupid.

He knew clearly that if Zhenjiang City did not produce a force of resistance, the city would only be broken in a snap of his fingers if he relied on Qin Ye to manipulate the power of the few “Eight Formations of Gods and Ghosts”.

Once the city was broken, the heavenly rift that was Zhenjiang City would be lost.

The ten thousand miles of mountains and rivers behind them would be a flat river for the allied army of the Hundred Tribes!

“Children, raise your swords, for the sake of your brothers, for the sake of the river and mountain behind you, for the sake of your families in the river and mountain, even if it’s hell, follow me on this journey again!”

Chen Dong’s hoarse roar echoed above the city, and his killing intent was overwhelming with every word.

He was about to take a step.

Behind him suddenly came the voice of Master Kongkong.

“Master Chen, if you are going to strike, please also exercise restraint, there is a greater threat in this battle!”

Chen Dong’s footsteps stopped.

In his blood-coloured eyes, his gaze flickered brightly and darkly twice.

Is it that deep within the Northern Domain, there is still an existence that scares you?

Chen Dong’s mind became clear, and then he smiled playfully, “Master, please also labour to avoid the Buddha-Devil confrontation, I have my own way.”

“Amitabha Buddha!”

Master Empty Sky folded his hands and nodded his head.

Immediately, golden light swirled around him as he took a step and stepped into the air, walking towards the very centre of the golden dome of light.

Chen Dong looked up at Grandmaster Empty who had stepped into the air, and when he withdrew his gaze again, only blood red and endless coldness remained.

He swept across the endless tide of people beneath the city, licked his lips and smiled.

“You have brought hell to earth, and where …… I am next, that will be your hell!”