Winner Takes All Chapter 1894

“Chen Dong, stop!”

In a flash of lightning, Master Kongkong’s face changed drastically and he could no longer remain calm.

As he chided, a ripple of golden light could not help but shake out around him.

“Master, don’t worry!”

Chen Dong was filled with a fierce smile, and while grabbing the two golden light Swastika Buddha Seal chains, his body slowly stood up in a bizarre stance.

The blood qi around him kept rolling and raging, holding up his knees as they slowly lifted up from the ground, and then his hunched figure slowly stood up as well.


Eventually, in the midst of the blood qi envelope, Chen Dong grasped the two golden swastika Buddha seal chains and stood up completely.

From beginning to end, the burgeoning demonic nature actually did not rub against the Buddha nature of the Great Space of Self-Realization, and the two always maintained a certain distance!

“This ……”

Master Empty Sky was dumbfounded.

At this moment, even though his Buddha nature had skyrocketed and he had already touched that line of the heavens and his mind had metamorphosed.

But he was still shocked at the scene that was happening in front of him!

Everything in front of him was proof that the momentary sensation he had just had was not an illusion.

Chen Dong’s demonic nature was skyrocketing!

From the moment he had sensed it just now, it had been continuously soaring!

Buddha and devil confronting each other.

With Master Kongkong’s current Buddha nature, suppressing Chen Dong’s demonic nature should have been easy, but fighting against the two heavenly punishment thunder clouds before had depleted too much of his vitality.

And in his current state, suppressing Chen Dong, but any desperate attempt by Chen Dong would be able to break open the Great Space of Self-Realisation.

And the price he would have to bear would be …… rounding up!

But he still did it, and he had to do it for the sake of Chen Daojun’s scheming arrangements.

He was gambling!

Betting on whether Chen Dong would throw in the towel or not!

Just now, Chen Dong’s restrained suppression time and again proved that he had indeed bet right as well.

But how could Master Khongkong not have expected that Chen Dong, while his own demonic nature was surging, could actually isolate himself from his Buddha nature without triggering a Buddha-devil confrontation in the slightest!

How on earth did he …… manage to do that?

Even Master Kongkong was puzzled.

Previously, when he was fighting against the two clouds of heavenly punishment thunderclouds, he was able to use the Great Space of Self-Reliance to separate Chen Dong and control his Buddha nature from confronting Chen Dong’s demonic nature, that was because his Buddha nature had soared, he had condensed the robe of merit and virtue, touched the first line of the upper heavens, and underwent metamorphosis in all aspects.

In other words, it was a complete crushing of strength!

Now that Chen Dong’s demonic nature had surged, he did feel it very clearly, but other than the demonic nature, nothing else had changed.

What was even more crucial was that Chen Dong was now operating in a much more refined manner than he had before, seemingly as simple as keeping the magical nature and the great space of freedom at a palm’s length at all times, but to control this distance …… of a palm’s length was as difficult as ascending to heaven!

It is not polite to say that Chen Dong’s current operation is just like a gazelle hanging from the corner of the corner of the delicate to the top!

Once the fineness of the control deviates during the process, allowing the magic to collide with the golden curtain of light of the self-contained great space, then it will be heavenly thunder that will stir up the fire of the earth, and it will be uncontrollable!

Buzz …… buzz ……

The blood qi surged and hummed.

Chen Dong’s armour clashed against each other, emitting a low humming sound.

He grasped two beams of golden swastika Buddha seals with both hands, his back slightly hunched, his hair whipping about, his eyes bloodshot and biting, staring directly at Master Khongkong, who had long been dazed high in the sky.

“Master …… Buddha doesn’t cross people, so let the devil do it!”

The words had not yet fallen.

Chen Dong’s arms shook fiercely, a piece of graved muscles instantly squeezed each other, pa*sing towards the wrists, along with driving layers of blood qi to surge towards the wrists.

Zizi ……

The blood gas touched the golden light swastika Buddha seal chains and immediately rose up in thick smoke.

The two golden light swastika Buddha seal chains, at this time, also sensed the encroaching demonic blood qi and vibrated violently.

Layers and layers of golden light poured out towards Chen Dong’s wrists, fighting against the demonic blood qi.

At the same time.

A bell suddenly rang out in the entire Self-realisation Space, sending out a ring of golden light, and all the golden swastika Buddha seal chains trembled.

The sound of the Buddha’s voice resonated.

However, it was only confined to the Great Space of Self-Realisation and did not spread out.

The next second.

With a loud cry, Chen Dong sank his waist and stood on his horse, grabbing and pulling the two golden light swastika Buddha seal chains with both hands and flinging them around, actually wrapping them around his arms.

The moment the golden light touched the blood energy, black smoke rose up.

The golden armor on Chen Dong’s arms quickly stained with scorched black and even deformed at a speed visible to the naked eye.

Crunch ……

In the confrontation between the Buddha and the devil, the golden armor, which is exclusive to the ten golden guards, was weak, and only after a few moments of stalemate, it let out a sound that was too heavy to bear.

But Chen Dong, did not stop!

On his face, which was full of veins and veins, a painful look was evident, and a sound of sucking in cold air backwards came out of his mouth and nose.

However, the blood colour in his eyes grew more and more intense, his arms still did not stop flinging the golden swastika Buddha seal chains, and the churning demonic blood aura grew more and more dense, directly overpowering the golden light on the golden swastika Buddha seal chains.

“He’s ……”

High up in the sky, Master Kongkong’s face changed drastically.

With a snap of his fingers, it was as if he had thought of something, and with a flash of determination in his golden eyes, he violently released his joined hands and stood upside down in the air, diving down towards Chen Dong below.

Golden light rolled backwards.

Master Empty Sky swooped down, and in the blink of an eye, he stood outside the Great Space of Self-Realisation.

“Chen Dong, stop! If you continue, both of your arms may be ruined!”

In his desperation, Master Kongkong even called out Chen Dong’s name.

He did not know how on earth Chen Dong had managed to hold the balance between the devilish and Buddhist natures so well in such a short period of time.

But looking at what was before him, he knew what Chen Dong wanted to do, and that the price for doing so would most likely be Chen Dong’s two arms as the price!

The golden light was biting.

Chen Dong, who was at ease within the large space, was smiling wickedly.

“The Grandmaster was able to risk his life to defend Zhenjiang City, so what is wrong with me, Chen Dong, as the leader, risking both of my arms for the sake of the brothers under my command?”

As he spoke, Chen Dong’s body sank once more, wrapping both golden swastika Buddha seal chains around his arms, before his arms shook once more.


The raging demonic blood qi once again surged up and rolled backwards in the air, instantly submerging the two golden light Swastika Buddha Seal chains on his arms.

Boom, boom, boom ……

The two golden light swastika Buddha seal chains that were wrapped up in the confrontation between Buddha and devil immediately struggled violently, unrestrainedly declaring the golden light and impacting the surrounding demonic blood qi.

In the clash, the terrifyingly high temperatures eroded Chen Dong’s arms like bones into marrow.

The already deformed golden armour of his arms even softened to the naked eye in the heat, clinging to Chen Dong’s arms.

The burning pain was so intense that Chen Dong’s arms felt as if they were in lava.

But he did not stop, staring at Master Khongkong from outside, frantically venting the demonic blood energy in his body.

Within the Great Space of Self-Realisation, the woozy Buddhist sound grew louder and louder, and the golden swastika Buddha seal chains around him trembled even harder.

“Chen Dong, stop quickly, even if you have the balance between Buddha and Devil well in hand, you are now engaging in a Buddha-Devil confrontation!”

Master Empyrean subconsciously raised his hand and pressed it against the golden curtain of light of the Great Space of Self-Realisation.

Not waiting for him to stop it.

Chen Dong then scolded in a stern voice, “You have your way, I have mine, we all go our own way! Master shields Zhenjiang City, Chen Dong is grateful, but my soldiers are out there fighting in blood, they need me as the head guard to go out, now I have used my way to break your Great Space of Freedom to preserve Master, if Master obstructs again, don’t blame Chen Dong for using the Great Snow Dragon Rider Army’s military law to deal with them!”

“The Great Snow Dragon Cavalry Army’s iron law, those who disrupt the army …… kill without amnesty!”

The words were resounding and fearful like thunder.

Almost at the same time.

Chen Dong’s blood energy around his body shook fiercely, forcing himself to endure the severe pain of burning arms, directly kneeling on the ground, his hands plunged into the ground, as if tearing cloth, a muffled grunt from his mouth and nose, accompanied by rolling smoke, tore a gaping hole in the golden curtain of light of the Great Space of Self-Reliance on the ground!