Winner Takes All Chapter 1891

“Great Snow Dragon Riders, all draw your swords!”

A single Great Snow Dragon Rider Army smiled as they raised their Dragon Rider battle swords in their hands at the same time.


The shouting and killing sound was deafening.

Chen Dong’s nostrils were sore and his chest was stuffed with stones.

He looked at each and every one of the Great Snow Dragon Riders with open smiles on their faces, and at this moment those smiling faces were as if a red-hot sharp knife was cutting into his heart.


Obviously, they were outnumbered, and in other battlefields, this number of men would have lost all morale.

But they didn’t retreat, they didn’t give up, they were ready to die in battle!

Only because …… the man standing on the hill of corpses in the distance who had not yet fallen was watching!

Only because …… they were called the Great Snow Dragon Riders!

Looking at each and every one of the Great Snow Dragon Riding Army that ran to all parts of the city, Chen Dong’s eyes were scarlet and ripples were faintly shining under the firelight imprint.

Everyone was fighting, everyone was fighting for the ten thousand miles of mountains and rivers behind them, but he, as the leading guard of the Great Snow Dragon Riding Army, was watching from the sidelines.

He wanted to do something!

His purpose in coming to Zhenjiang City was never to be a bystander, watching the edifice tumble!

The Great Snow Dragon Riders who were determinedly running to all parts of the city, they were about to face hundreds of times a thousand times the number of the Allied Army’s Rongwu, but their footsteps, they did not retreat!

Chen Dong clenched his fists, and his breathing could not help but sharpen.


He took a step forward and walked in front of Fengless, his right hand resting on the hilt of his sword.

Buzzing rumble!

The fearful Buddha’s might, like a mountain and a prison, crushed down on Chen Dong’s shoulders with a bang.

Chen Dong’s body shook and his shoulders sank downwards, and his right hand, which had been intended to raise the sword, was so pressed that it did not rise.

He tilted his head, his eyes scarlet, his lips trembling as he hissed, “I am the leading guard of the Great Snow Dragon Cavalry, all of us draw our swords, it is my turn to lead the charge!”

“Amitabha! The Sovereign does not wish you to fight, and the poor monk has returned to take the place of the Master!”

Master Empty Space sat in the air, lofty and unmoving, but his tone was not to be refuted.

“Then what is the point of my coming here?”

Chen Dong’s eyes widened in anger as he hissed indignantly.

“This is all an arrangement by the Daoist Monarch!” Master Empty Sky said.


Chen Dong’s Qi around his body suddenly exploded, a terrifying shockwave instantly raged in all directions, and the floor tiles beneath his feet even instantly turned into pieces, sinking a layer.

“I’ll go for the F**king arrangement! Zhenjiang City is already shaking, the remaining Great Snow Dragon Riding Army is simply not enough to defend the city, he Chen Daojun can treat human lives as dust, you Master Kongkong can do the same, I can’t do it!”

Chen Dong’s eyes were bloodshot as his qi swept through him, roaring and exploding, sending layers of fragmented dust rippling out.

At this moment, his terrifying aura was like a mountain being pulled up from the ground.

Bloody, brutal and hostile ……

The blood was gradually rendered as the qi swept through.

“Master Chen, you’ve caught a glimpse, Amitabha Buddha!”

Not waiting for the sea of blood to tumble up, Master Kong Kong, who was sitting in the air, chanted a Buddhist hymn and pressed his palm down directly towards Chen Dong across the air.

The sound of Buddha’s voice reappeared.

Buddha’s light blossomed.

The swastika Buddha seal on the palm of the palm spun rapidly as it came down towards Chen Dong with a roar.

The wind was bitterly cold.

A roar exploded.

Chen Dong’s Qi around his body gave a violent lurch.

“Master, that’s not enough to stop me!”

Chen Dong let out a shout, his eyes bursting with blood light, and his halting qi, with a roar, rose up into the air and boldly met the golden hand seal that was crushing down.

With an explosive sound, the downward momentum of the golden handprint came to a screeching halt and froze in mid-air.

Almost simultaneously.

“Of course it’s not enough, the Great Space of Self-Realisation is at the discretion of the poor monk!”

Master Empty Sky’s voice rang out once again.


Chen Dong was horrified, unable to make any reaction before the ground suddenly trembled.

The ground that was already sunken by the impact of the qi energy was now cracked with countless cracks, and a beam of brilliant golden light shot out from the cracks.

“This is ……”

Chen Dong’s jaws cracked and he tilted his head in indignation, “Master, you’ve buried this a long time ago and are ready to undermine me?”

“How can a monk speak of yin?”

Buzzing rumble ……

A beam of golden light rose up into the air, trapping Chen Dong in the middle like a cage.

Immediately, a series of golden swastika Buddhist seals emerged from the beams of golden light, intertwining with each other and spinning incessantly.

Looking at the “cage” in front of him, Chen Dong’s expression was cold and stern to the extreme.

The moment the cage took shape, he could clearly feel that his qi was stagnant.

The Buddhist sound faded away.

However, Chen Dong could clearly feel a wave of power rippling around him once again, the same wave of power that Master Kongkong had felt when he had fought against the Heavenly Punishment earlier.

Although it was very light, it was enough to trap him!

At least, as long as he did not fully explode his demonic nature out, he would not be able to break through the current golden light cage at all.

Chen Dong tilted his head, and a hint of ruthlessness emerged in his scarlet eyes.

The golden handprint above his head had disappeared in the air.

The cage around him had already taken shape, and the golden hand was merely a “front” to delay the cage from taking shape.

Chen Dong was not surprised by this.

After gazing at the Empty Master above him for three seconds, the ruthlessness in Chen Dong’s eyes disappeared and the bloodshot colour quickly receded, and even his clenched hands were then loosened.

He was certain that he could break through the cage that Master Kongkong had coalesced into, but once it really came to that, the damage to Master Kongkong would be irreparable!

He might even send Grandmaster Khong Khong directly to his death because of this single thought!

He was indeed angry, but had not yet lost his mind!

“Grandmaster ……”

Chen Dong’s lips trembled as he raised his hand and pointed at the Great Snow Dragon Riders running to various parts of the city, wailing, “My soldiers, ready to die, I am their leading guard, the leading guard under one person and above all others in this Zhenjiang City, with the Master gone, it is my turn to lead them to their deaths in this Zhenjiang City!”


High in the sky, Master Kongkong suddenly spurted out a mouthful of blood and laughed ruefully, looking down at Chen Dong below.

Chen Dong said, “Why do you have to take your life to stop me?”

“Amitabha Buddha!”

Master Empty Sky mouthed a Buddhist hymn and said weakly, “The poor monk did not stand in your way, he only let you stay where you should be, the poor monk has sinned deeply, this is forgiveness!”

Chen Dong was silent, but his chest was swollen with resentment.

Looking at the determined backs, his nasal cavity was sore, and his chest cavity seemed to be stuffed with stones.

How long will …… have to wait?

The sound of shouting and killing, the sky cracked.

The majestic killing intent, like the overthrow of the sky, came tumbling towards Zhenjiang City with the charge of the allied army of the hundred tribes.

On top of the city, the remnants of the Great Snow Dragon Riders were standing in various parts of the city, sparsely scattered and scattered.

Even the city’s artillery was weakened to the point where a single shell blasted out, only to make a “small dent” in the tidal wave of troops.

But each of the blood-soaked Dragon Riders stood tall, their swords held high.

Under the flames, they stood straight and tall, as if they were mountains!

On the battlefield.

A mountain of corpses was piled up, and Huo Zhenxiao stood at the very top of it.

The tide of allied troops from the hundred tribes below did not climb up the corpse mountain to deal him a final blow.

Instead, in a gesture of reverence for the strong, the tide of people automatically diverted and bypa*sed the corpse mountain as they approached it.

Huo Zhenxiao looked back at Zhenjiang City and smiled gratefully, “Thank you so much, Master.”


Somewhere in the battlefield.

The ground was covered in limbs, pools of blood everywhere, and the rich smell of blood was sickening.

The ground was covered with pits and hollows of varying depths, and blood flowed and filled every one of them.


A crash!

In a pool of blood, a large hand stretched out, followed closely by a face covered in blood and tinged with threads of broken flesh and innards floating out.

With a face full of gloom, the old ghost of Yinshan lifted his hand to wipe a handful of stained blood and broken flesh from his face, and said with a palpitating heart, “Just a little bit, just a little bit, leaving the green hills intact is not a worry, hahaha …… the sky will not kill me, I will be able to beat the half son of heaven this time and pluck the one!”